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Target 3 - Renovations  (Rudozem Street Dog Rescue)
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The Story

Rudozem Street Dog Rescue (RSDR) is a non-profit foundation that rescues Street Dogs in Bulgaria and finds loving homes for them.

RSDR Registered Foundation No: 175647065
email: [email protected] 

Earlier this year (February 2013) we were advised by a Rudozem municipality representative that if the shelter was not up to EU standard soon, RSDR would close, and our Founder would be charged. (radio interview with founder Diane Rowles).

It is now July 2013, and no action has been taken against RSDR by the municipality, however we still need to be vigilant in fundraising towards renovations and make sure each of our target goals have been met. We know that the overall goal of renovation of the "whole shelter" will be long term and could take years, however the builder has said he will work with us in stages as and when we raise the funds and work can be done.

We hope that by seeing progress of the renovations on the shelter will help appease the municipality and hold off any action.

It has taken to July for us to get quotations, due to sorting out paperwork and guidelines with the municipality, and checking if an architects plans were required. We have now received quotations and have target goals set. 

PLEASE DONATE- We appeal for your help in making a donation towards our third goal of fundraising which is for closing os the open plan of the front of the building. To read more about RSDR and what we hope to accomplish, please go to our About Uspage. To view photoprogress of our shelter please go to our shelter photo album

TARGET 3  -  8,490.80 levs (4360.13) - UNDERGOING RENOVATIONS

Plastering of walls, treating the wood, and installing door upstairs (7,112.84 Levs)
(Copy of quotation)
Plus difference of revised quote on Target 1 - see below (1,377.96 Levs)

Total 8,490.80 Levs (4360.31 Euros)

Update:  - Third Target Goal Fundraiser has been met as at 10 November 2013.
(the goal has gone over 436.69 euros which will be rolled over to Target 4)

Link to Fundraiser now closed 

TARGET 2  -  6296.40 levs ( 3219.34 euros) - COMPLETED

Electrics & Lights for throughout the shelter.
Copy of quotation

UPDATE -  Second Target Goal Fundraiser has been met as at 5 September 2013 
(Thank you to Funds for Furries Auction for donating to RSDR -  the builder is to start renovations on the first target goal on the 7 September 2013, then will do the electricity & lights afterwards.

Link to Fundraiser now closed 

TARGET 1  -  17,785.15 levs ( 9093.54 euros) - COMPLETED

The first target is for putting windows throughout the whole building, windows in the upstairs section the builder added for storage when he did the roof, a staircase and upstairs flooring. He will then see what materials he has left before giving another quote for putting ceilings in the middle and end part of the building. 

Copy of quotation

Link to Fundraiser now closed 

UPDATE -  First Target Goal fundraiser has been met as at 4 September 2013 -  Builder to start renovations on the 7 September 2013. 


There was some confusion with the translation on the first quote as we originally thought it was for putting windows throughout the whole building.  The quote actually only includes putting windows in the first shed of the building, and does not include the middle and end shed so this would need to be quoted for later.  The quote does include as we had thought previously the staircase and upstairs flooring and windows.  

We were surprised however that the builder had installed doors and closed off the Open Front plan of the building (which had been our current Target 3 fundraiser).  After discussion with the builder, we found that this was included in our Target 1 quote.  So I have revised Target 3 with our latest quote. 

Photo One- Old photo of Open end of building.   New photo -  Of finish product.

The builder advised us that quote 1 went over the costs he quoted, so he gave us a revised copy and told us the difference we have to pay which is 1,377.96 Levs.   This amount will go on as part of our Target 3 fundraiser.

Copy of Revised Quotation - Target 1.


Renovation for shelter requirements will include the following:

  • Purchase of Building & Land  COMPLETED
  • Roof – Removal of old slate roof, new timbers and new aluminum panels   COMPLETED
  • Exercise Yards  COMPLETED
  • Security Cameras  COMPLETED
  • Convert Toilet Area -Shower/Bath & Laundry facilities COMPLETED
  • Boiler with Hot Water COMPLETED
  • Ceilings – Ventilation requirements (Refer Art 104 – 2) 
  • Flooring – Impermeable and non-hygroscopic material (Refer: Art 104 – 1) 
    * Upstairs Flooring - COMPLETED
    * Downstairs Flooring - 
  • Windows – Impermeable and non-hygroscopic material and well insulated (Refer Art 104 – 1) Construction to include ventilation. (Refer Art 104 – 2) 
    *Upstairs - COMPLETED
    *First Shed - COMPLETED
    *Middle Shed -
    *End Shed -
  • Walls  – Impermeable and non-hygroscopic material and well insulated (Refer Art 104 – 1) Construction to include ventilation. (Refer Art 104 – 2)
  • Doors – Construction – Impermeable and non-hygroscopic materials and well insulated.  (Refer Art 104 – 1), Ventilation (104-2), Security
    *Upstairs -
    *Open Front of Building - COMPLETED
    *First Shed -
    *Middle Shed -
    *End Shed -
  • Drainage
  • Plumbing
  • Heating - Boilder in Staffroom COMPLETED
  • Electricity & Lights COMPLETED
  • Restructure of Building (splitting rooms, building walls)
    *Room for Laundry  COMPLETED
    *Room for Shower/Bathroom COMPLETED
  • Room for visitors (Refer Art 101-1)
  • Room for first aid / examinations (Refer Art 101-1)
  • Isolation/Quarantine area (Refer Art 101-1)
  • Food preparation area (Refer Art 101-1)
  • Room with low temperature – Freezer (Refer 101-1) 
  • Construction of Individual pens according to type, size & needs (Refer Art 101-1)

Read more about RSDR and the current situation on our shelter renovations here
View the progress of the shelter on our shelter photo album

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Target 3 - Renovations

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