Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Standard school fundraisers send kids door-to-door to sell wrapping paper and chocolate bars to everyone they know. As an alternative, crowdfunding offers an effective way to raise funds without having to go this route or dole out half of your donations to an outside company. Moreover, you needn’t worry that a significant percentage of your online donations will be taken; YouCaring does not charge any fees to raise money, ensuring that the most money possible goes toward your school’s important cause.

Free and Easy

With YouCaring, creating an online fundraiser makes it fast and simple for you to spread the word via email, Facebook and Twitter with the click of a button. You can quickly and easily launch a free fundraiser to raise donations for your school’s academic needs and programs, and also teach children about compassion by encouraging them to help others in need.

  • Students will learn leadership skills by taking charge to raise money for an important cause or worthy educational program.

  • Working with other students to start and effectively run a campaign will give them valuable team-building skills.

  • Practicing acts of kindness daily will plant the seeds of compassion and set the precedent for a lifetime of doing good.

Six Best-in-Class Ideas for School Fundraisers

  1. Enrichment Programs

    Field trips, summer learning programs abroad and educational enrichment programs are oftentimes very costly. To help save money for the school and for your students and their families, these types of programs are a fantastic idea for an online fundraiser. You can fundraise as a group effort for your classroom, and all of the students will be able to get involved by helping to promote your campaign and share it on social media outlets. Adding a group video talking about your specific trip or educational program would be a great way to engage with potential donors.

  2. Sports Booster Clubs

    A large majority of school kids are involved in some type of sports team or athletic club nowadays. Booster clubs are formed to help coordinate sports events and to help raise money for equipment or athletic supplies students may need for their teams. A great way to raise funds for your sports booster club would be to have the parents in charge of organizing the club coordinate with each other to determine the specific equipment needs and cost. They can then create an online fundraiser outlining these needs and spread the word.

  3. Prom and Student Activities

    Proms and student activities always seem to come with a price tag. Decorations, food, giveaways and raffles are the general costs associated with these types of events. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra help for your students and your school in general? You can coordinate with the admin and students in charge of planning the proms or school activities and have them come up with a creative online fundraiser to supplement their needs. This will give students the ability to really make these events as special and fun as possible without cutting in to the school’s budget so much.

  4. Computers or Tablets for Education

    Many classrooms use electronics such as laptops and tablets for educational purposes, including reading textbooks online, using the internet and homework assignments. Using computers and tablets is truly the wave of the future for most schools nowadays, so if your school wants to get onboard, starting a fundraiser would be a an effective way to raise funds that often aren’t available through the school system. Talk with the person in charge of making purchases for the school to determine the cost, then set a realistic goal for your fundraiser.

  5. Causes Close to Students' Hearts

    Finding a humanitarian or important cause to support is not only educational for your students, it will teach them about compassion and the true value of helping others. Take a poll to find out what causes your students are passionate about or interested in, then educate them on the importance of standing up for humanitarian causes and start an online fundraiser. There are many wonderful causes you can get involved in and support, such as fundraising for an endangered species, helping a community member or school member in need, feeding the homeless, and raising money for children with cancer or other illnesses.

  6. Memorial Fund/Scholarship Fund

    If you know of a teacher, student or other community member who recently passed away and was important to your school or to your students, it would be very special to honor them by starting a memorial fundraiser in their name (with the permission of this person’s family, of course). Your school can come up with ideas on how they can use the funds raised by your campaign, such as creating a scholarship to be awarded to one student at the end of the year, dispersing the donations to a group of students for summer camp, or earmarking the money for a special school event. This is a great way for your students to be involved in something important and show the community that they care.

Best Practices for Success

Aside from tips like enlisting the help of parents and PTA members to spread the word about your campaign and encourage donations, keep the following tips in mind.

  • Assign a team of students to create flyers or cards that list your fundraiser URL and a brief campaign description, and hand them out.

  • Get a group of students to make a video talking about your campaign. We suggest a short video, as these are most effective.

  • Add your fundraiser on to your school’s website with the YouCaring widget to help maximize traffic to your campaign.

Get Your School Campaign Off the Ground

No need to waste time trying to figure out how to raise funds for that important school event, class trip or worthy cause. YouCaring is here to provide you with the best crowdfunding platform and unique fundraising ideas to help and support you and your school along the way. If you haven't already launched your school fundraiser, create one today! (Note: To register for a YouCaring account, you must be at least 18 years old and by registering you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years old.)