Free Fundraising Ideas

Effective crowdfunding starts with simple strategies and free fundraising ideas to raise awareness, draw donations and sustain your campaign’s momentum.

The Essentials

  • Get started / Fundraiser Setup

    (story, images, & video)
  • Raise Awareness / Build Support

    (social media, Facebook page, & blog)
  • Campaign Promotion

    (local press, Facebook, & bloggers)
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Best Fundraising Ideas by Category

Fundraising Ideas Are Key to Success

The best, most profitable crowdfunding campaigns incorporate unique and creative ideas to grab the attention of potential donors, drive traffic to your fundraiser and compel people to donate.

Creating a moving campaign page that tells your story through words, photos and videos is the first step. Then it’s all about utilizing the best techniques to rally support for your cause, from social network sharing and pitching your story to the press, to supplementing your online campaign with off-line events to further boost donations to your cause, personally involve your community and raise awareness. Developing and maintaining an effective ideas strategy will quickly put you on the path toward hitting your fundraising goal.

Four Must-Haves for Successful Fundraisers

  1. A story that comes from the heart and inspires compassion

  2. Several high-quality images and at least one well-orchestrated video

  3. A regular social media-sharing schedule that encourages others to share as well

  4. Several campaign updates, including the addition of new photos


Four Nice-To-Haves for Successful Fundraisers

  1. A Facebook page or blog dedicated to your cause

  2. Media outreach

  3. Off-line fundraising events and strategies

  4. Thank you updates, emails or cards for supporters

Our Best Fundraising Ideas

Helpful techniques, best practices, creative events and other strategies to make your campaign shine.