How to Raise Money For a Charity For Free

Getting funding for your favorite charity just got a lot easier.

It’s Free
Unlike other sites that take 5% to 10% of your donations, YouCaring does not charge any fees
It’s Fast & Simple
Create your fundraiser page in a flash with easy-to-use set-up tools
It's Far-Reaching
By utilizing the power of social media through our sharing tools, can take your fundraiser to new heights
Start raising money on behalf of your favorite charity today

Start Your Free Charity Fundraiser
Make a difference for a charity you believe in by launching a free YouCaring fundraiser. Studies have shown that giving is contagious, as it often inspires others to be generous, so get the momentum going for your favorite charity. YouCaring makes it easy to get your campaign off the ground, and since we don't charge any fees to fundraise, you can rest assured knowing that all of the funds donated will go directly to the cause. YouCaring is devoted to supporting humanitarian causes—let us fuel your philanthropic nature.

Our Charity Fundraisers Have Been Featured In:

  • New York Times
  • AARP
  • Chicago Sun-Times
  • Chicago Tribune
  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • ESPN
  • Forbes
  • Fox News
  • Men’s Health
  • NPR News
  • People
  • Sky News

Why choose youcaring for charity fundraising?

We’re the leader in free online fundraising. We focus on compassionate crowdfunding, providing free fundraising and support for humanitarian causes.

  • $1 Billion raised
  • 250,000 fundraisers
  • 8 Million supporters
  • $0 YouCaring fees

The most effective platform to support a charity

Charity Fundraising - Tip 1

The Power of Compassionate Crowdfunding

We provide free online fundraising for humanitarian causes so more money reaches beneficiaries through the generosity of people around the world. By reflecting the mission of the charity and why you have decided to help this specific cause, you connect with like-minded, potential donors.

Charity Fundraising - Tip 2

The Importance of a Vibrant Campaign

YouCaring provides the tools you need to create an eye-catching fundraiser. Utilize the power of photos, videos and a compelling story to attract attention and drive donations.

Charity Fundraising - Tip 3

The Ease of Free Fundraising

Generate buzz for your favorite charity and its mission through a platform that does not charge anything to fundraise. With YouCaring, all of the money donated to your campaign will be given to the charity. 

What do people say about raising money for a charity?

Charity Fundraiser - Testimonial 1 - Justin Tobin
Once again, thanks to everyone for all the love and support. Every donation is greatly appreciated and without it I wouldn’t be able to live. Even though my chemo is finished in February recovery takes about a year, so every penny counts and I’m grateful for all you’ve done.
Justin Tobin
Charity Fundraiser - Testimonial 2 - David Baldwin
Our friends (old and new), family, colleagues and local community have shown us unwavering support through this two year roller coaster. Without that, we would not have this opportunity to travel to the other side of the world for David to receive treatment.
David Baldwin
Charity Fundraiser - Testimonial 3 - Olivia Mae Boyce
I'm also so grateful for everything so many of YOU have done! I know I sound like a broken record, but we're just so grateful for all the kindness people have shown us. To be surrounded by this much love is truly the best feeling. It never ceases to amaze me how kind people are! Thank you all so very much!
Olivia Mae Boyce

What Makes YouCaring the Best Place to Fundraise?

YouCaring’s goal is to help more people raise money through 100% free online fundraising, meaning more money finds its way to more people than any other crowdfunding platform. YouCaring provides templates, simple tools and great ideas, while maximizing the power of social networks to amplify your reach and help make your fundraiser for charity a true success story.

  • 100% FREE online fundraising—all the money raised goes straight to your account
  • Unlike other fundraising sites, YouCaring has no deadlines, goal requirements or penalties
  • It’s completely safe
  • Vibrant, creative page template makes it quick and easy to tell your unique story
  • Your crowdfunding campaign is optimized for mobile, so from a cell phone, your page remains super attractive
  • With intuitive tools, it’s simple to broadcast your campaign and boost donations for your fundraiser