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Trending fundraisers

Ben and Shelby 2015
Ben and Shelby 2015
Caledonia, MI
***Click on the Updates Tab for the most recent information regarding Shelby and Ben*** 2014 was a challenging year, full of ever-changing obstacles for Ben, Shelby, and all...
of $250,000 goal
126 days left
82% Complete
Brendon's "Collect Moments, Not Things" Campaign
Brendon's "Collect Moments, Not...
San Francisco, CA
Hi there! Welcome to my “Collect Moments, Not Things” campaign! What you will find below is a small glimpse into my crazy, awesome, beautiful life. The objective of sharing my...
of $25,000 goal
119 days left
94% Complete
Coach Kyle Kirst Memorial Fund
Coach Kyle Kirst Memorial Fund
Bernardsville, NJ
We lost one of the most beloved Human Beings, Teacher, Coach, Dad, Son, Friend, Husband, and Colleague anyone could ask for today. Coach Kyle Kirst's passionate and caring...
of $500,000 goal
107 days left
75% Complete
CONNORSTRONG - Help Connor Kick Cancer
CONNORSTRONG - Help Connor Kick Cancer
Connor is a 5 year old boy who has been kicking cancer since he was 18 months old when he was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma cancer in February 2012. He was diagnosed days...
of $5,000 goal
164 days left
62% Complete
Dale Thompson Memorial Fund
Dale Thompson Memorial Fund
Morinville, AB, Canada
In Loving Memory of Dale Thompson Thank you for visiting our page in Memory of Dale Thompson. We hope to support his fiancé Sawyer Bowman, who is awaiting the arrival of their...
of $100,000 goal
149 days left
41% Complete
Fighting ALS
Fighting ALS
Centennial, CO
July 1st, 2015 marks one year since receiving my ALS diagnosis. I would say that half of that year was spent in denial that this was truly happening. I’m sure I took the typical...
of $80,000 goal
123 days left
31% Complete
Help Deda Heal! #HelpDedaHeal
Help Deda Heal! #HelpDedaHeal
Los Angeles, CA
Who: A 3 lb., 6 year old Long Haired Chihuahua named Deda who had a temporary lapse in spacial relations. What: Leg surgery #2 after she broke her femur in the spring. Where: Los...
of $1,650 goal
113 days left
100% Complete
HELP SAVE CHAYLA'S EYESIGHT Fixing Those Pretty Green Eyes
Tacoma, WA
I’d like to introduce you to my daughter, Chayla. There is a strong chance that she may go partially blind. Chayla was diagnosed with Amblyopia (lazy eye) and immediately started...
of $20,000 goal
124 days left
79% Complete
In Memory of Baby Sabi
In Memory of Baby Sabi
Miami, FL
Our fellow Peak family members Erik and Natalie Pizarro have experienced a devastating loss. Their almost 2 year old baby Sabrina passed away Tuesday afternoon. It was a sudden...
of $50,000 goal
143 days left
100% Complete
In Memory of Jonah Mosaphir
In Memory of Jonah Mosaphir
Miramar, FL
With tremendous sorrow and the heaviest of hearts we announce the passing of Jonah Mosaphir and his sweetheart, Gabrielle Camps. Jonah and Gabby, both 19, passed away on Monday...
of $10,000 goal
149 days left
100% Complete
In Memory of McKaylee Grampp
In Memory of McKaylee Grampp
Burbank, CA
In Loving Memory of McKaylee Belle Grampp Tragically, on August 12, 2015, the world lost a little angel when McKaylee, age 3, passed away in a heartbreaking accident. Her...
of $100,000 goal
123 days left
52% Complete
Jayson Pollard Memorial Fund
Jayson Pollard Memorial Fund
Leesburg, VA
In memory of a loving husband, father, son, brother, and friend we are celebrating Jayson's legacy and remembering all the ideals that he held so dearly in his life. All...
of $100,000 goal
168 days left
100% Complete
Millie's Fight Against Breast Cancer-Round 2
Millie's Fight Against Breast...
This past year has been challenging to say the least, the return of my breast cancer in June 2014 was a shock, at 8 1/2 years cancer free, I thought for sure i had this cancer...
of $10,000 goal
123 days left
75% Complete
Ruben Lenten - You Have Cancer
Ruben Lenten - You Have Cancer
San Francisco, CA
Ruben Lenten, you have CANCER. Those words instantly turned Ruben's world upside down like no megaloop has ever done before. And it puts us, his friends, into overdrive to help...
of $100,000 goal
178 days left
86% Complete
Ruffino Family Adopts All 4 of Elizabeth Diamond's Daughters
Ruffino Family Adopts All 4 of...
Buffalo, NY
In April 2015, at age 40, Elizabeth Diamond passed away after battling cancer. Elizabeth was an author, motivational speaker, artist, and single mom who left behind 4 young...
of $150,000 goal
140 days left
76% Complete

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