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Desmond Barnes, Student Victim of Great Mills HS Shooting
Desmond Barnes, Student Victim of...
Great Mills, MD
On March 20, 2018, two students were shot at Great Mills High School. Desmond Barnes, one of the shooting victims, was shot in the leg. He is doing well now but the long term...
of $20,000 goal.
Raised by 479 donors
84% Complete
Draylen Mason Memorial Fund
Draylen Mason Memorial Fund
Austin, TX
Memorial Fund for Draylen Mason: Draylen Mason, a disciple of Christ, musician, aspiring neurosurgeon, and black belt martial artist ascended to his Heavenly Father at the age of...
of $25,000 goal.
Raised by 3049 donors
100% Complete
Help Ish's Family Find a Home
Help Ish's Family Find a Home
Berkeley, CA
Ismael Chamu is currently a 4th year studying sociology at UC Berkeley. His family has struggled in recent months to make ends meet. He currently helps support his two sisters,...
of $100,000 goal.
Raised by 1334 donors
93% Complete
Help Monty get treatment for his seizures
Help Monty get treatment for his...
København, Denmark
About three month ago, Monty had a very weird looking behavior. It was some kind of seizure where Monty was moving very slowly and looked very spacey. We thought that he was very...
of $5,250 goal.
Raised by 1349 donors
100% Complete
Hurricane Relief
Hurricane Relief
Puerto Rico
Dear Friends, As Founder and President of The Ricky Martin Foundation I am honored and grateful for your unparalleled generosity towards the people of Puerto Rico. For more than...
of $6,000,000 goal.
Raised by 53437 donors
77% Complete
Student Victim of Great Mills High School Shooting
Student Victim of Great Mills High...
Please help support the Willey family through this trying time. Their oldest daughter was a victim of the school shooting at Great Mills High School. She is currently in critical...
of $75,000 goal.
Raised by 1481 donors
76% Complete

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