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#BayAreaUnite for California Fire Relief
#BayAreaUnite for California Fire Relief
BAY AREA TEAMS UNITE TO DONATE $450,000 TO SUPPORT NORTH BAY AND CALIFORNIA FIRE RELIEF EFFORTS The need for assistance to those lives affected by these fires is urgent! All...
of $900,000 goal.
Raised by 1017 donors
60% Complete
21 US Virgin Island Relief Fund
21 US Virgin Island Relief Fund
San Antonio, TX
I was 13 years old when Hurricane Hugo ripped through my home town in the Virgin Islands, and had my life and community forever changed. I know exactly what kind of devastation a...
of $5,000,000 goal.
Raised by 21337 donors
53% Complete
Evans Family Accident Expense Fund
Evans Family Accident Expense Fund
Santa Clarita, CA
37 year old Katie Evans was killed by a drunk driver late Friday, October 6th as she was returning home from visiting her premature twin girls in the hospital. The driver who hit...
of $500,000 goal.
Raised by 7282 donors
66% Complete
Help For Canine Companions Family Affected by Fires in CA
Help For Canine Companions Family...
Santa Rosa, CA
What do you do when you've lost everything? What does it feel like to stand in front of a burned out shell of a house, that used to contain all your possessions and life as you...
of $100,000 goal.
Raised by 517 donors
59% Complete
Hurricane Relief
Hurricane Relief
Puerto Rico
Dear friends, Puerto Rico has been devastated by Hurricane Maria, and the island desperately need us. This is a humanitarian crisis affecting 3.5 million people. The power grid...
of $6,000,000 goal.
Raised by 50183 donors
65% Complete
Tubbs Fire Victims - Santa Rosa Community
Tubbs Fire Victims - Santa Rosa...
Santa Rosa, CA
The City of Santa Rosa has experienced ravaging fires through many neighborhoods. Our thoughts are with all members of our community during this difficult time. Many were...
of $500,000 goal.
Raised by 970 donors
21% Complete

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