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Trending fundraisers

An Uplifting Opportunity to Support Cancer Patients!
An Uplifting Opportunity to Support...
Have you or someone you know been touched by cancer? 99% of us can answer a definite “Yes” to that question! Imagine being told by your doctor: “You have cancer, and you must...
of $50,000 goal
102 days left
30% Complete
Andre Durand Memorial Fund: In Memory of a Brilliant Friend
Andre Durand Memorial Fund: In Memory...
Minneapolis, MN
Our friend Andre was a brilliant man. Kind, passionate, full of love and optimism, he was a generous soul full of wonder and curiosity. "A talented filmmaker and music lover,...
of $15,000 goal
29 days left
79% Complete
Ben and Shelby 2015
Ben and Shelby 2015
Caledonia, MI
***Click on the Updates Tab for the most recent information regarding Shelby and Ben*** 2014 was a challenging year, full of ever-changing obstacles for Ben, Shelby, and all...
of $250,000 goal
90 days left
82% Complete
Brendon's "Collect Moments, Not Things" Campaign
Brendon's "Collect Moments, Not...
San Francisco, CA
Hi there! Welcome to my “Collect Moments, Not Things” campaign! What you will find below is a small glimpse into my crazy, awesome, beautiful life. The objective of sharing my...
of $50,000 goal
83 days left
66% Complete
David Shovgan Memorial
David Shovgan Memorial
Chicopee, MA
In memory of our youngest dearest son, David Shovgan: On November 13, 2000, God gave us a precious gift, a baby boy David. On Sunday, September 20th God called David back home....
of $10,000 goal
78 days left
100% Complete
Help Chester's Legacy save more like him!
Help Chester's Legacy save more like...
Columbus, GA
Chester's final journey was a page started by me, Nicole Elliott. Chester was a special little dog who had a bad life. He ended up at a high kill shelter where he was rescued by...
of $5,000 goal
103 days left
68% Complete
Help Macey Bodily stomp out her brain tumors forever!!!
Help Macey Bodily stomp out her brain...
Vancouver, WA
In the winter of 2013 Macey's grandma, sometimes accused of being a bit of a "worry wart", noticed her squinting. There had been a few other odd things about Macey's health over...
of $15,000 goal
125 days left
76% Complete
HELP SAVE CHAYLA'S EYESIGHT Fixing Those Pretty Green Eyes
Tacoma, WA
I’d like to introduce you to my daughter, Chayla. There is a strong chance that she may go partially blind. Chayla was diagnosed with Amblyopia (lazy eye) and immediately started...
of $20,000 goal
88 days left
81% Complete
Help sweet 5 year old Greta fight cancer.
Help sweet 5 year old Greta fight...
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Little Greta has been diagnosed with spinal sarcoma in mid December. She is just five years old and has a big challenge ahead of her. As her parents need more than anything to be...
of $100,000 goal
117 days left
67% Complete
In Memory of Baby Sabi
In Memory of Baby Sabi
Miami, FL
Our fellow Peak family members Erik and Natalie Pizarro have experienced a devastating loss. Their almost 2 year old baby Sabrina passed away Tuesday afternoon. It was a sudden...
of $50,000 goal
107 days left
100% Complete
Love For Lena
Love For Lena
Atlanta, GA
On the evening of August 7, 2015, a precious baby girl was welcomed into the world. Lena Marini was born 5 pounds, 7 ounces, expertly cared for by skilled doctors and nurses, and...
of $30,000 goal
29 days left
95% Complete
Prayers for Sophie
Prayers for Sophie
Sophie is a beautiful 21 month old baby girl who was diagnosed with an Optic Pathway Glioma which is a cancerous tumor in her brain. Little Sophie will likely go through 14...
of $150,000 goal
593 days left
69% Complete
Rally for Antonio Ramos. We can help.
Rally for Antonio Ramos. We can help.
Oakland, CA
Antonio was the victim of senseless violence Tuesday, September 29th. He was working on a mural commissioned by Attitudinal Healing Connection under the leadership of David Burke...
of $40,000 goal
86 days left
85% Complete
Ruben Lenten - Ultimate health and happiness!
Ruben Lenten - Ultimate health and...
San Francisco, CA
Ruben Lenten, you have CANCER. Those words instantly turned Ruben's world upside down like no megaloop has ever done before. And it puts us, his friends, into overdrive to help...
of $300,000 goal
142 days left
79% Complete
Ruffino Family Adopts All 4 of Elizabeth Diamond's Daughters
Ruffino Family Adopts All 4 of...
Buffalo, NY
In April 2015, at age 40, Elizabeth Diamond passed away after battling cancer. Elizabeth was an author, motivational speaker, artist, and single mom who left behind 4 young...
of $150,000 goal
104 days left
77% Complete

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