Fundraising Ideas for College

Going to college nowadays can be a huge financial burden for students not fortunate to have scholarships or college funds in place. Tuition and textbooks are only one portion of the expenses that come with attending college. Not to mention these prices can fluctuate based on whether your college is private, public, in state or out of state. According to College Board, the difference between attending an in state public university while living on campus and attending a private university while living on campus is roughly $22,800 more per year.

Crowdfunding Paves the Way for Your Future

These rising numbers may be discouraging to freshly graduated high school students looking to further their education, but YouCaring can help. The flexibility of YouCaring’s crowdfunding platform is ideal for students fundraising for college tuition. Because our platform is free, students can be confident that all of the money raised will go toward their expenses. Seize the opportunity to achieve your educational goals.

  • YouCaring’s simple launch process and variety of fundraising ideas make it easy for to start and maintain a fundraiser, even from your mobile device.

  • Keep in mind that fundraisers with photos, videos and updates tend to get more buzz and generate more donations.

  • Remember to post and ask others to share your fundraiser on social media channels to spread awareness of your campaign.

Six awesome fundraising ideas for College Expenses

  1. Get Fancy With a Gala

    Ask for online donations as the cost of admission and have a silent auction at the event, with items donated from local establishments such as restaurants, golf courses, bowling alleys, resorts and retail stores. Have all winners of the silent auction pay for their items through a donation to your online fundraiser. Ask a local restaurant if they would be willing to donate space for the event and some food for a great cause: your education! Inquire with a local band to pledge their time and talent, which may draw a bigger crowd.

  2. Design a Scavenger Hunt

    Arrange a scavenger hunt with a list of items that participants need to find in order to win a prize. Ask a local restaurant or store to donate a small gift card for the prize or craft a homemade gift yourself. Charge admission to the scavenger hunt as a donation to your crowdfunding campaign page. Most everyone enjoys a little creative competition, so rallying friends, family and other community members to participate should be a snap.

  3. Pledge to Volunteer

    People are inspired to give to a cause that gives back in itself. Find a local organization such as a food bank, the SPCA or a homeless shelter and sign up to volunteer. Pledge to volunteer a certain number of hours for each $25, $50, $75 and $100 donated. Be sure to continuously post updates on how many hours you have volunteered and where as the campaign progresses. Post as many pictures as possible of your volunteer work and consider making a fun video with Vine or another app that documents your philanthropic efforts.

  4. Create a Bike-a-Thon

    One of the most rewarding fundraising ideas for college is to rustle up all of the biking enthusiasts you know to participate in a rally to help fund your education. Encourage them to spread the word to others. Ask participants to get sponsors to pledge donations to your online fundraising campaign based on the number of miles completed. Afterward, tally up the number of miles each participant rode and ask their sponsors to go onto your fundraiser campaign to donate the amounts they pledged. You can provide a prize or a homemade trophy for the participant that raises the most money, but the real reward is collaborating with your community.

  5. Host a Community Auction

    Ask friends and family to donate their talent and time to offer as prizes. Many people have special skills that others may be interested in learning. Examples include photography, computer programming, guitar, knitting and yoga. Others may hold positions such as accountants, financial planners, lawyers, editors, massage therapists and hairstylists, and may be willing to donate their service as an auction item. Each auction winner can donate directly through your fundraiser campaign. The closer people see you getting to your goal, the more inclined they’ll be to donate.

  6. Get Pampered, Raise Funds

    When it comes to fundraising ideas for sororities, one great way to drum up support is to host a ladies’ mani/pedi day. Invite as many moms in your community as possible to purchase a manicure, pedicure or both in advance by donating a minimum amount to your online fundraiser. Set the prices for the services in advance with the shop, including tips, and make sure to ask for a minimum amount well above the set rates. Explain on your page that all proceeds will go toward a certain enrichment activity or necessary expense for your sorority and encourage donations beyond the minimum amount. Ask a local mani/pedi shop to set aside their entire space for several hours for your event based on the number of campaign respondents. Ask a local restaurant to donate appetizers or dessert treats, and serve them at the event.

Set the Fundraising Wheels in Motion

Don’t let skyrocketing college costs dissuade you from pursuing the education and experiences you need to succeed in life. Use our unique ideas to ensure a rewarding college fundraiser. If you haven't started your campaign yet, launch a fundraiser today! Setting up a free YouCaring crowdfunding campaign is fast and easy. Harness the power of social media and the generosity of members of both your online and offline community to help fund your future.