Everything I do, I do it for you.

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Everything I do, I do it for you. (Andrew Frankland-Davies)
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The Story

I am a mum with terminal breast cancer.  I am 38 years old with a lovely husband and two lovely children.  I have been batteling this awful disease now for over 8 years, starting when my children were only 1 and 3 years old.  I have survived 4 aniphilactic shocks from chemotherapy, septicemia from chemotherapy and many many other life threatening moments from the treatment.
I now live with an open wound for a left breast which I have to dress daily, my right breast is just a tumor and is breaking through the skin.  I have had two pleural effusions which is where the breast cancer causes fluid starts to fill my lungs and slowly drowns me.  The first time I had 3 and a half litres drained from my left lung, this last one I had 1 and a half litres drained. It is a very painful precedure and eventually it will just come back faster and faster until it is not worth draining. I have lumps all over me and we have just found out that the cancer is in 4 places in my bones.  The sternum, rib and two places in my spine.  The most recent lump has grown to the size of half an orange in just 3 days.
I have spent the last 2 weeks in hospice trying to get on top of the pain which was overwhelming and unbearable.  We have just managed to stabalize this but it changes daily.
It has been a very tough year and now my husband has had to stop working to look after me as I now require round the clock care.
I have tried so hard over the years to prepare for this hoping that I could make enough money that by the time we got to this stage I would have managed to generate enough funds that we would have not had to worry about money at this stage.  I recorded songs which are all on Itunes under the name Katherine Crowe which is my maiden name and stage name, I have written a childrens book called Denzil the Mouse (available on Amazon) all to try and support my family now and forever.
With me and my husband not now able to work and two children to grow I have tried my best in every way to try and secure right now and our future, but so far none of my efforts have been that succesful.  People locally have been amazing and have given us so much help in every way and I can not thank them enough for there constant and wonderful support but still I find my family looking at a very unstable future.

I am a mum and I will do anything and everything in my power to ensure my famly are not struggeling financialy now or over the course of the next few years.  I feel I need to try and put us in a postion where I know that we can survive as a family.  Without me or my husband able to work and two children   to look after I need to generate enough funds so that I can persue any avenues of possible medical treatment, so that as a family we can just live without worrying.  If I do die I have to die knowing that my family will survive through there greif and my husband having to look after our two children and bring them up, I want funds enough that he can do that at least for a year or two without the stress and worry of money.  I can not bare the thought of leaving them behind and them struggling, I also can not bare the thought that my very being still alive is putting a strain on our family because my husband has to look after me he can not work.  I there for feel like staying alive is a burden on my own family.  Obviously they dont want me to feel like that, and they tell me all the time not to think like that but beleive me I just cant help it and I hate that I am fast becoming a big burden to my own family as I become more disabled by this cancer.  (only in my own head)

I am asking as one mum to another, from one human to another to understand that I am just trying to secure our future with or without me.  I have had so many close calls to near death lately and I am hanging on by a thread.  I keep managing to get through these awful precedures and I do keep on keeping on. Trying to make a living whilst going through all of this is just so tiring and unbearable.  I want to change this and just be able to focus on life, well whatever I have left,  so all I can do is ask.

I am just going to now accept that I have no pride or dignity left and I need to throw it out there and ask all of you to please help me to secure my home and life for my family so we do not need to keep worrying about how we can carry on.
I never thought something like this could happen to us, I always thought I would be able to provide for my family.  It never occured to me that if I became disabled by this cancer that my husband would have to also give up working to look after me. These were never thoughts that crossed my mind.  I worked hard, but as this happened to me so young I never got a chance to build a nest egg - we just survived hand to mouth, day by day.

So there we are I have bared it all.  As a mother and wife I will do all I can for my little lovely family and that for me is peace of mind that they can manage with or without me and have a roof over there heads and that if I die I am able to know that in my heart I did all I could for my family and that my husband can manage to look after our children without having to panic about how he will survive as a single parent.

I am sure many people can relate to the urgency of my request and the hope that you can understand. This is not something I ever thought I would have to do, to pretty much beg others for help.  I also never thought I would be in this shity postion.  I love my family so very much and I hope and pray I can keep hanging on and jumping through the hoops that this wicked disease presents.  I am not a faceless charity, I am a real person with a real family and although it feels very strange and hard for me to ask, I will for my family do ANYTHING that will make this path a little easier.  I know this year will be full of roller coaster moments and I want to be able to grab anything that we decide to do and go for it.  I want to have choices and options that unfortunatly only money can give.

I have done everything I can to try and make this money by myself and if you wish to purchase one of my books or songs please go to katherinecrowe.co.uk but I have not got time to waste anymore I need to be blatent and just go for it.  Please can you help to make this journey a little easier for now and for always.

Thank you so much for reading and listening and helping my family just get through this as best we can.  Hopefully this will enable us more medical choices, maybe an escape or a holiday just choices that as a mum in this position I have to know I have done everything I can for us.

The amount I have chosen would allow us to clear everything we owe (as insurance did not cover everything because I had breast cancer before) and allow a years wages for 1 person.  Its a lot of money but I pray that this is something I can do for us, that you can help us do - just live this year without focusing on how.

All my biggest love and Thanks kath

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 23, 2014

Posted on April 23, 2014

Here I sit on a seemingly grey day. BUT TODAY is not got a grey day.  My medication is working well and I am so far keeping pain managable and my kids having the chace to stay here a lot longer tonight. which means a bed pulled out and a shared rooom that we can play and just have fun together how ace how genuinly ace is that and I am so eternaly gratful for hospice for letting them hang arund for so much longer. I have said before and I will keep saying it the hospce staff are my new family and I am so glad for there wonderful help and amazing personalities.

AND THEN BEYOND ALL OUR WIDEST DREAMS WE HIT OUR TARGET WE ACTUALY HIT MY/OUR DREAM AMOUNT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   There are not enough words in he alphabet to say thank you to make a word that worud be big enough to really say what I mean to say when I am trying to say thank you  But through all of this and of course for me and m my family and until my brithday it does not end here.  If it stays here I will be the happiest woman alive to have acheived such a big deal for my family well its just huge and would never and do not ecepect more.  I am just letting people know why this accout will be sitting here till april 28th  one its my birthday and two that is when this officially closes.   I am speechless, humbled, in tears, laughing, crying, blubering just everthing you could imaging.  So If I could write better at the moment I would write so much more and it would mean so much more but it seems cancer is taking that away slowly.  Any way I will do my best to keep up blogging.  I am tired - YOU ARE AMAZING AND I THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DREAM CAME TRUE THAT I NEVE REALLY THOUGHT POSSIBLE, ONE THAT I WISHED WIH ALL MY BEING BUT NEVER REALLY TRULY BELEIVED OUR LITTLE TINY FAMILY COULD REACH OUT TO THE WORLD AND FOR THE WORLD TO HOLD OUR HANDS AND HELP US TAKE THAT STEP UP TOGETHER.  DO I HAVE FAITH YES YES YES YES AND YES AGAIN WITH BELLES ON IN EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US TO PROBIDE AND HELP EACH OTHER IF WE CHOOSE FROM  ONE HUMAN BEING TO ANAOTHER HUMAN BEING AND THAT IS JUST A CHOICE THING.  YOU HAVE SHOWED ME FAITH IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT AND I SHALL LOOK FOR THE LIGHT WHEREVER I GO BEAUSE YOU, ME US, WE AE THE LIGHT PEOPLE WE ARE THE ONES TO REACH OUT T WHEN WE ARE IN TROUBLE WE ARE THE ONES TO CRY TO WHE WE AE SAD WE RE ALWAYS THE ONES WHO WE ONLY NEEED TO OPEN OUR MOUTHS AND TELL OUR TRUTH AND SOMO ONE ELSE WILL BE THERE FOR US BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE SAME STORY OR YOU HAVE TOUCHED THEM OR MOVED THEM IN SOME WAY.  BY NOW IF YOU CANT SEE IT THEN YOU MUST BE MAD ITS EVERYWHERE YOU JUST HAVE TO CHOOSE TO SEE IT.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING PART OF MY JOURNEY IT HAS BEEN AMAZING I WILL KEEP BLOGGING ON HERE UNTIL THE 28TH AND THEN BACK ON MY OWN WEBSITE katherinecrowe.co.uk      I Love YOU we are AMAZING.  WE COULD NOT DO ANYTHING GOOD OR BAD WITH OUT EACH OUTHER LETS TRY AND REMEMBER THIS HUMANITY AND START ASKING FOR THINGS WE NEED FROM THE LEAST LIKELY SOURCES AND IF YOU TELL THE TRUTH AND YOU ARE HUMBLE MAYBE THAT PERSON WILL HELP - IF THEY DONT KEEP TRYING UNTINL YOU FIND THE ONE OR TWO OR THREEE THAT DOES. I FOUND over 1000 people that between them found £50,000 and that is awesome and can never nver be forgoton. Thank you is to small but you know how much it means I LOVE YOU that feels a bit better - all my love - we made it together. That includes all of he people that said I could never do it, I could never ask people for that much, It includes all the people that did not get why I would wnat to help my family at such a time - it includes all the doubters - WE DID IT!!! and I am so proud of us all Thank you!

Posted on April 20, 2014

Posted on April 20, 2014

Its another day in hospice and I am so very grateful for them being here.  It does make me wonder sometimes that if there was no hospice where I would go. It worries me and then I have to let it go - I supse I would be in hospital. Any way lets not go there.  I have managed a good couple of days catching up on lots of slep and just managing to keep myelf out a trouble - hehehe

I have been down a lot but I have been up and had some great times a lot to.  Lous birthday was my highlight - every one crammed in here laughing and joking it was great.............I love those nights of unexpected joy and laughter which was freeflowing and great.

so we have nearly made it to the target and i am sure we will make it there I love you all and thank you all for how far we have already come -  big love for now and thank you k

Posted on April 15, 2014

Posted on April 15, 2014

Good day today.  After a very down morning and very achy I thought I needd a big sleep which I had and then felt so much better fro it.

Then I realized that I wanted some sun and on of the lovely nurses here sugested pulling my whole bed outside - - it was DIVINE!   just for a few minutes to be sat with the sun beating down on my weary face.  I likes that a lot.
So that was today but I have realized I am gonna have to get some new habbits like painting etc to occupy my very active brain   love k

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