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The Story

From my friend, Susan Barrows:


"Paul Jamison is a modest man. He’s never been one to bang his own drum, and I know he’s far too humble to bother anyone with his problems—but that will only get in his way here. I’m Paul’s friend Susie, and I’m writing this to tell you about Paul in ways that he can’t. This isn’t the time for him to be too proud to speak up. This is about his very survival.

"Because Paul just got the diagnosis that all of us dread: He has cancer.

"He’d thought the biggest thing on his plate was facing a brutal Kansas winter with a broken furnace… then he went to see the doctor about a problem with his neck, and his whole world came crashing down. The breaks that Paul’s had in life have mostly been tough ones, and this horrible news is following a long series of bad turns. He got laid off from Boeing last year, and like many of us, he’s been struggling through the economic crisis. Even with continuing unemployment, bleak job prospects, and worrying about that broken furnace, Paul’s stayed optimistic, hanging on by his fingernails and hoping life will turn out better for everyone soon. But with this news from his doctor, his own time is running out.

"For all his life, Paul’s been solid as an oak with a heart as big as the world. Blessed with a gracious and loving spirit, he has never met a stranger. He’s been a good Samaritan for anyone in need, providing the strong back to pitch in and the understanding shoulder to cry on. Now that it’s time for the wagons to be pulled around him, I know my friend Paul is simply too polite to say how much he really, desperately needs your help. So I’m saying it for him.

"Paul Jamison is a happy, vibrant, giving man who embraces life and everyone in it. You can tell that by reading the marvelous stories he writes. In every circle he moves in, he is loved and respected. And in this crucial time, he needs to find out just how much. If the world could return but a small degree of the love that Paul has given it, it will be enough to help him beat this crisis with the prompt medical care he desperately needs.

"Thanks so much for letting me tell you about this wonderful guy. I know my words are making him blush, but this is all stuff that needs to be said. The world is better for having Paul Jamison in it. And I think there are enough loving, feeling people out there to help keep it that way."

I'm lucky I have friends to speak for me here, because Susie is right. I'm too proud to bother people with my troubles, but this cancer diagnosis has put my back to the wall. The doctor told me I have basal cell carcinoma with squamous differentiation. Yeah, skin cancer. I've got two options: excision with possible reconstruction or chemotherapy. Probably best is a combination of both. Am I scared? Oh, yes!

Who am I? Why do I matter? Good questions. I matter because we all matter. I certainly matter to me.

I come from a long line of long-lifers - my Dad is in his upper 80s - and I want to keep up with that tradition.

I was an aircraft engineer for my working life, but I'm also a writer, mainly stories about ferrets. You can find them here:

I want to live. I want to enjoy life. We all do. I also want to write more stories. That's why this diagnosis scares me. That's why I'm asking for your help.

Help me. Please?

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 11, 2017

Posted on August 11, 2017

A pink nose fills up most of the computer screen. One can barely see two ruby-red little eyes and a face covered with white fur. (What do you mean you can't see it? Well, imagine it, then! Do I have to do everything?)



The Albino ferret kit turns from the screen (Look, I said you have to imagine it. Let's not go through that again.) to look at the lovely Cinnamon ferret sitting on the couch. She continues, "Don't you think that's coming on a bit strong?"

Levi replies, "Sorry, Mama" and does not look sorry.

"Come over and sit with us."

"Okay, Mama." Levi walks over to the couch and climbs up to sit by his Mama. She says, "Where did you get the idea to stick your face in the computer screen like that?"

"Uncle Murphy suggested it, Mama."

"Murphy. I should have known - dear husband of mine, please don't laugh."

The Dark-Eyed White wearing a yarmulke with red trim, who is also sitting on the couch, clears his throat and says, "Oh! Oh, I'd never laugh. Um... That's an important lesson, Levi! There is a right way and a wrong way to go about this."

"I understand, Papa."

"Very good. But you do have the right idea. We're here to help promote this fundraiser for -" He frowns. "What should we call the human who created us in his imagination? Not Father. Grandfather? Uncle doesn't seem to completely cover it."

"How about Great-Uncle?"

"Great-Uncle. That sounds fine. - Folks, I'm Rabbi Sammy of Paul's crew of imaginary New Ferrets. This lovely lady is my wife Clarissa and this... direct young man is our son Levi." Clarissa and Levi smile and wave. "And we are here to promote Paul's fundraiser."

Clarissa says, "You folks have been a tremendous help and source of support to Paul through his fight with cancer almost two years ago, and, with no small thanks to you and all of his friends, he seems to have beaten it."

Levi says, "If Paul had lost, where would we be? That's a scary thought!"

The Rabbi says, "Excellent point. But Paul is still here. But he still has medical bills to pay, and that's what this fundraiser is for. As of right now, the amount of money he owes is approximately... Let's see here..." Sammy picks up a calculator and taps at the buttons. "Let's see now... Add in that...Subtract that... Wait a minute, that can't be right! Let me try - oh, that CAN'T be right!"

"Dear heart, let Levi try."

"But I'm positive I can get this! If I... Oy gvalt! Ohh, all right." Sammy reluctantly hands to calculator to his son, who quickly taps on the keys and hands it back.

Clarissa says, "My husband, the Jewish Luddite."

Sammy frowns, then thinks for a moment before he says, "Can a Jew be a Luddite? I'll have to think about that one. Anyway -" He looks at the calculator. "Ah. Our Great-Uncle Paul, as of this moment, owes a little over $1,600 in medical bills. He pays what he can on them, but he would really appreciate some help!"

Clarissa says, "So, we are here to ask you to please donate to the fundraiser. It doesn't have to be much; it adds up."

Sammy says, "Now you can donate through Youcaring - fine folks they are - or directly through Paypal. When you go through Youcaring, the total donated automatically changes, but if you use Paypal, the totals don't change, so we adjust the goal amount to reflect those donations." He looks at his son and says wryly, "I think we better have Levi do that part."

Levi smiles. "I'm real good at math!"

Clarissa says, "If you go through Paypal, please contact Paul in private for the email address."

Sammy says, "Be sure to spread this around social media. I wouldn't know much about that, as if you couldn't figure that out for yourself."

Levi pipes up. "And don't forget to leave comments! Paul likes those!"

Clarissa smiles. "So he does. So step up and help Paul. You've done so much and he thanks you very much."

Sammy says, "We all thank you - Hey!"

A pink nose fills up most of the computer screen. One can barely see two dark little eyes and a face covered with a mask of dark fur. (Yes, there's that imagination thing again.)


Clarissa sighs. "Murphy..."

Murphy says, "Hey, I said 'please'!"

Sammy says, "Gvalt. Such shenanigans from a grown ferret, already."

Levi says, “And we want to say Hi to Aunty Sandy Repper, who’s going through chemotherapy right now.”

Clarissa says, “You’ll always be in our thoughts, Aunt Sandy. And thanks again to everyone!”

Posted on August 6, 2017

Posted on August 6, 2017

I want to thank Rachael Brinegar for the donation. It is very much appreciated.

The donation shows me that the fundraiser is still going on, so here I am again, plugging it. I still have medical bills to pay. A donation doesn't have to be much; it adds up. If you want to go directly through Paypal, contact me privately about an email address.

And please share this around. Comments are always welcome.

And, as always, Sandy Repper, you are in my thoughts. I wish you well.

Posted on July 27, 2017

Posted on July 27, 2017

Wow. It's been a week since the last update. For reasons I won't go into, I'll blame it on the hot, muggy weather here. Thankfully it's cooled down, relatively speaking.

Not much to update health-wise. I still have medical bills to contend with, mainly to do with the radiation treatment after the operation.

For now, I'll just ask people to PLEASE donate to help me with my bills. It doesn't have to be much; it adds up. If you want to go directly through Paypal, contact me about an email address.

And, as always, spread the word; share this around whichever social media you think will do the most good. And comments are always welcome.

Thank you.

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