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Crystal Sweeney developed a cold in her 28th week of pregnancy. At 29 weeks she was admitted for breathing issues. It was determined she had pneumonia and that the baby would need to come out due to distress and low oxygen concentration in the blood. Lainee Sweeney was born via c-section and Crystal is now fighting for her life, both to recover from the pneumonia and surgery. She has tested positive for H1N1 and is in an induced coma and is currently on a ventilator. Yesterday was her first day receiving any nutrition, and she tolerated it well. The family's financial need is great with the unexpected medical costs and the fact that both Crystal and Jared are obviously taking off unexpected time from work. Please consider donating. This is a season for giving and let's seek to give this family some much needed respite from a terrible situation! We are all hoping and praying that Crystal recovers very soon so that she can hug her sweet baby girl and her two year old son and husband.  Please pray baby Lainee continues to do well!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 3, 2014 by Friends of Sweeney Family
There was a story on the Sweeney Family with WEAR Channel 3 local news a couple of days ago.  Please copy & paste the following into a seperate browser to view:

Posted on December 31, 2013 by Friends of Sweeney Family
This was posted on FB by Julie Kurkowski (Crystal's Mother-in-law) on 12/30/13

UPDATE: Lainee is out of the incubator (yahoo more holding time for everyone). Dont have her weight for today.

Crystal, had a pretty sleepless night because of the one chest tube. Meds were not taking the edge off (since the ivs are off they are giving her some morphine). Loritab made her sick to her stomach yesterday. So at about 2 pm after consulting with the pulmonary drs. they removed the one tube that was giving her the most problem. "Take a deep breath and hold it" and out it came, she gave a huge sigh of relief and said thats much better LOL. They also inflated the balloon on the trach today, she will eventually learn to talk and eat with the trach but one at a time. This is all progress and things must be done slowly. Physical therapy came in today and had her doing more exercises in bed, things again have to be done slowly since muscle mass has been lost and she hasnt used any muscles for almost 6 weeks. Left side is weaker than the right but this makes sense since she is right handed. We will take every little step forward as a huge accomplishment even if it is one more leg lift today than yesterday.

Alek is with us for the next three days, I"m off tomorrow and thursday and pop is off for wednesday. They are playing cars on the floor. Alek just told pop he is full of crap (dont know where he gets these sayings from)

Again we would like to thank everyone for their prayers, healing energies, positive thoughts, whatever your choice. We are convinced that this is what brought our girls this far and continue to bring them back to full strength. To all that have donated in any way we thank you for that also. Alek had a Christmas and Jared has been able to stay with Crystal just a little longer. We have a long road to go and it will be uphill but together we will do it.

Posted on November 26, 2013 by Friends of Sweeney Family
For more up to date information, please feel free to join the "Sweeney Family" open group on FB:

Posted on November 26, 2013 by Friends of Sweeney Family
Lainee is continuing to do fantastic. She is taking 12 ml of breast milk with only 2ml of residual (not digested). She has lost some weight down to 2-12 again normal all babies lose weight. Lab work is great for a 29 week

Posted on November 26, 2013 by Friends of Sweeney Family
Crystal had another stable night. Ventilator is down to 70%. She may need some blood as the dr put it more buses to carry the oxygen. Dr told us she is hanging in there. They are going to give her some lasics today to reduce fluid retention slowly.

Posted on November 26, 2013 by Friends of Sweeney Family
"Our family is overwhelmed by the amount of support, love, prayers, and positive thoughts that are coming our way.  We thank each and every one of you.  Please forgive us if we miss a post or dont comment back, soetimes it takes all we have to post the updates.  And I know everyone is eager for information but every time we talk to a doctor we will update.  We're sorry if they are late at night or not as fast as everyone would like but we will keep posting.  Again we thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of our hearts." -Julie Kurkowski (mother-in-law of Crystal Sweeney)

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