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The Story

When Pete Blanks took his wife, Mary, to the emergency room with the flu, he had no idea the next time he saw her she would be connected to oxygen in a medically-induced coma. Doctors informed Pete that the flu had attacked Mary’s body so severely that her organs were failing.  
Mary underwent a rare procedure to filter the flu virus from her body.  Although this treatment miraculously saved her life, it left her with numerous complications and severe paralysis.  For 72 days, Mary experienced multiple surgeries and treatments before becoming stable enough to begin her rehabilitation journey.  
She arrived at Siskin Hospital completely dependent upon her family and the staff to care for her every need.  The devastating results of the flu left her with so much weakness and paralysis that she was forced to learn even the most basic functions all over again.   
“When I came to Siskin Hospital, I was still scared, but I felt good about it,” Mary said.    Because she was unable to eat, Mary worked with speech therapists to learn to swallow again and overcome the paralysis affecting her face.  The occupational and physical therapy staff worked with Mary to help her re-learn activities of daily living, and to begin sitting up, turning over, moving her arms and legs and eventually walking.   
“My legs were so weak, and learning to walk was so hard and scary, but I never gave up.  When I took two steps on my second day at Siskin Hospital, I knew I could do it!” Mary exclaimed.  
Mary spent four weeks as an Inpatient at Siskin Hospital, and then transferred to Outpatient Therapy for another six weeks. “It’s an amazing feeling, such an accomplishment to overcome. I never thought I would be able to walk…but I walked out of Siskin Hospital,” Mary said. 
The flu nearly took Pete’s wife from him; but through this journey, they are stronger than ever. Mary worked hard to overcome the odds and regain her life, and Pete never left her side.  Siskin Hospital was there too, encouraging Mary and her family every day.  “God worked miracles on my behalf, and the staff at Siskin Hospital are just precious to me,” Mary shared.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 25, 2014 by Moving Mountains For Mary
Hey, everyone! Just to let you all know Mary is doing good. Today they took the heart monitor off. She is getting stronger every day. She is standing up with less help and walking with a walker and one person helping her. She working very hard to get back to her life. She still has a lot of strength building to do but she is a very determined young woman.
Pete is still by her side and cheering her on. We're still not leaving her alone yet, we take turns staying with her.
We will always be so grateful for all of the prayers and every card and donation that has been given in her behalf. Please continue to pray for her complete recovery. She is so grateful and one day will be able to tell you. We love all of you. Thank you so very much, God has heard our prayers.

Posted on February 17, 2014 by Moving Mountains For Mary
Mary goes to Siskin today 2/17/14 at 2pm to start rehabilitation

Posted on February 11, 2014 by Moving Mountains For Mary
Update on Mary: 2/10/14 8:00 PM
Jesus said, "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." (Mark 11:24) I know that there a lot of followers of "Moving Mountains for Mary," that truly believe in our God Almighty and what His Son said in the above, because He is definitely anwering our prayers. Mountains are truly being moved! Kenny and Pete have already "let the cat out of the bag," but, our precious blo...nde-haired, blue eyed girl was able to speak to us today. The doctor put in a smaller trach today, so, the opening could be covered and Mary can speak. She sounds a little like Pete (LOL) but that will come around.
The 2nd thing that we can be very excited about is that Mary has actually had some kidney activity, which is a sign that they may be coming back to life. Even though the first thing I heard her say was that she just wanted a "short visit" at 4 and no visitors at the eight o'clock visit (because she was completely worn out today), we were all as excited as a child on Christmas morning when we gathered around the bed and heard her talk.
Please don't back off in your prayers, even though the mountains are still being moved (and there have been many in the last 38 days), she still has more mountains ahead. She still hasn't been able to eat, because of the trach and the feeding tube, there is still some problem with the pancreas and the kidneys have to do a lot better than what they are doing now. We praise our Great God for anwering our prayers and we praise you all for joining with us to offer litterly thousands of prayers for Him to answer. We can never thank you all for all you have done and are doing for Mary and the family. Thank you for all of you that came to the church service at the Chattanooga church of Christ yesterday in support of Mary and the family.
God bless you, everyone, and please keep on praying for Mary.
We love you all,
Mary's family

Posted on February 7, 2014 by Moving Mountains For Mary
What a day day 34 has been!! Mary walked a total of 85 feet today!!! Amazing!!! Between walks she had physical therapy then after the last walk she had speech therapy. She then sat up in a chair for a while. And on top of all that, her ventilator settings are the lowest they have been so far. She could possibly be off the ventilator tomorrow!!!!!! Woot Woot!! Praise the Almighty God for the progress she has made! Even though she was worn out she seemed in a better mood today. Thank you Lord most of all. And thank all of you for your relentless prayers and faith. Can't wait to see what blessings/miracles lie ahead!! Love you all

Posted on February 6, 2014 by Moving Mountains For Mary
Just a brief update on Mary. There hasn't been much change today. She is still recovering from her surgery Monday. Her ventilator settings are a little lower than they were before surgery. She sat up in the chair today for several hours and the nurse said she was able to take some little baby steps when transferring from the chair back to bed. They plan to get her up to walk tomorrow. Please pray for her mood. I think she is beginning to realize her condition and the magnitude of what has happened and she seemed a little down in the dumps today. Thank you all so much for the prayers and encouragement. We love you all.

Posted on February 5, 2014 by Moving Mountains For Mary
Sorry it's so late, I was waiting to hear from Pete. When I was there at 4 she had a special visitor. Elizabeth Rowe and Mary gave her a smile and seemed happy to see her. She was very tired because they had her up 2 times today sitting in a chair. The nurses said she is doing good. Her breathing was good .no temperatures. Pete had a good visit with her, he said she smiled a lot, that's my girl! I think she is on the road to recovery now. We're so grateful to God for hearing and answering our prayers, snd so thankful to all of you that keep sending them up. I'm feeling very blessed and so thankful tonight.God is Good!

Posted on February 5, 2014 by Moving Mountains For Mary
2/3/14: This is day 31. Today Mary had to have her gallbladder removed. Her gallbladder became inflamed and infected and was causing her pain, fever and elevated white blood cell count. This happens a lot with people that have been on the ventilator for a while because they aren't eating normally. She has been off and on tube feedings and TPN (nutrition in the vein) and this many times causes the gallbladder to become sluggish and form sludge and stones and become infected.... So they took it out today. This will hopefully/prayerfully help her get better quicker. She was still really sleepy and sedated at the 4:00 visit. Pete will go to tonight's visit. We will keep you all posted if there are any changes. So this was just a small step back but hopefully it will bring some big steps forward. We thank you all and love you for running this marathon with us.

Posted on February 1, 2014 by Moving Mountains For Mary
Our dear Mary is still in dire need of your continued prayers. Even though there have been many “baby steps” that have been made, there are still some huge Mountains to be Moved. She has good days and bad days. Today they started her on long term kidney dialysis. She could be on this for an extended period of time, according to the doctors. She is still on the ventilator, but, the settings are turned down very low, to the extent that they could wing her off the vent as early as next week. She is running about a 101 degree fever, which means there is some infection going on somewhere (possibly an UTI).
On the good side, they had her up in a chair and let her sit on the side of the bed for a short period of time. She is still very responsive, just can’t talk because of the trach. She nods her head and shakes her head and rolls her eyes with either approval or disapproval.
We are still trying to force ourselves into thinking weeks instead of visits and days for her improvements. She is millenniums ahead of where she was 4 weeks ago.
Our God has been steady working and He isn’t through yet. We have to look ahead a week and pray for the improvements He will have worked on Mary by then.
Please, please, please keep praying for our precious Mary. Thank you all for the cards, letters, posts, and donations you have contributed to “Moving Mountains for Mary!” We can hope and pray for the day when this will be a memory that we all treasure that God used to draw us all closer to each other and, most of all, to Him!
We love you all more than you will ever know, this side of heaven!
“God bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you”
The family of our dear Mary Leigh Blanks
1/31/14 9:00 PM

Posted on January 30, 2014 by Moving Mountains For Mary
This is day 27. Today has been a pretty good day. Mary's ventilator settings are even lower today than they were yesterday. She is only on 35% oxygen (room air is 21%). Her lungs are actually doing what they are supposed to be doing!!!! Thank God for that. They tried her off of the kidney machine today for 6 hours. Her potassium and creatinine went up a bit so they restarted the CRRT to pull a little more fluid. But soon she will be starting regular dialysis. Keep praying... for those kidneys and the right side of her face. I'm sure most of you have seen the video Pete posted earlier, while I know it was shocking to some, trust me when I say she is looking a lot better!! Thank you all so much for your prayers. Please thank God for how far he has brought Mary and for how much further he will bring her. Love you all!! Today is Mary's 40th birthday!!

Posted on January 26, 2014 by Moving Mountains For Mary
Good evening everybody. A most of you already know Mary got her trach today. The procedure went well and both tubes are out of her mouth. She now has a feeding tube down her nose so she can continue to get her nutrition until she is able to eat. This has been a long hard day for Mary so at tonight's visit she was just resting, but the nurse told them that she smiled at her tonight. She hasn't been able to do that for 22 days now because of the tubes and tape. So praise God for that. Please continue to unite with us in prayer for her complete recovery!! We all love you all!!!

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