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The Story

UPDATE on February 9, 2014 from all of Jocelyn's family:

We struggle mightily to write this update.  So many good folks have donated to Jocelyn's cancer cause through this website.  Many others have provided her and all of her family help and support in countless other ways.  

On Friday, February 7th our dear Jocelyn passed away peacefully, a victim of pneumonia and a fungal infection that had quickly ravaged her already cancer-weakened lungs. She died at about 1:17 pm local time in the arms of her beloved husband while her parents held her hands.

Jocelyn's funeral service is confirmed for 11:00 am on Saturday, February 15, 2014 at the Latter-day Saint chapel located at 7017 California Boulevard NE, Calgary, Alberta T1Y 6S7.  All are welcome to attend the one hour service. Jocelyn's family will be available for a meet and greet starting at 10:00 am at the same location.

Instead of sending flowers please consider donating (again perhaps) through this website for reasons explained below.

Jocelyn died in a university hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland.  She had travelled to Switzerland with Isaac to receive intensive training in how to fight lymphoma using a variety of non-chemical approaches. (All the costs of the trip were covered by a generous friend.)  Jocelyn had already received some Adcetris (brentuximab) treatments which appeared to be reversing the size of her tumors quite dramatically.  She had certainly felt well enough to travel. 

While in Switzerland Jocelyn unexpectedly became sick with pneumonia and a fungal infection in her lungs.  She was hospitalized on January 19, spending 19 long days in the Intensive Care Unit before her disease-ravaged body just gave up.

In many ways we feel cheated by Jocelyn's death.  We were all extremely hopeful that the Adcetris chemotherapy drug, when combined with dietary changes and immunotherapy techniques, were beating her cancers. Jocelyn had even been in touch with a university research hospital in the USA about being added to a promising T-cell immunotherapy clinical trial.  

We continue to trust in God and his glorious plan for all of us, especially for Jocelyn and her little family.  But we still mourn from the immense hole her passing has left in all of our lives.  Many bewildering questions remain, but we have faith that we sometime know all their answers.

For those interested, here is what Jocelyn's little family is faced with financially:

  • Jocelyn had travel medical insurance through Blue Cross.  The insurers have denied coverage citing Jocelyn's pre-existing cancer, though cancer was not the cause of her death.  The hospital bill from the Swiss hospital is expected to exceed $300,000.  Alberta Health Services (the province's health care plan) will cover only $1,900 of that.  Isaac is responsible for the unpaid balance.
  • Isaac has accompanied Jocelyn every moment of her battle to live.  Circumstances forced him to drop out of his final, undergraduate semester at the University of Alberta until next September.  He will now have to find a temporary job to sustain his family until September, but he has no other income until he again qualifies for student loans.
  • The cost of repatriating Jocelyn's remains to Canada and her burial service and plot will be much higher than that of a normal funeral.  Jocelyn had no life insurance.

For those reasons any modest donations made to this website starting today (February 9th) would be gratefully accepted to help Jocelyn and Isaac's extended family offset these mounting medical, funeral and related costs.

Those not comfortable contributing to this website can visit any branch of Royal Bank of Canada and deposit their donation to the following bank account: branch number 01325 account number 5028519.

Also, we set up an email address where anyone who knew Jocelyn in some way can send their Jocelyn memories, funny Jocelyn stories, inspirational messages and Jocelyn photos to her husband Isaac and her children Peter and Eloise to help preserve memories of her wonderfully blessed life.  The email address is [email protected]

With great appreciation and love,
Jocelyn's Family
February 9, 2014

Past updates:
UPDATE From Jocelyn and Isaacs:

We made the goal!!  Thank you all so much.  More detail of this in the updates tab.  But, in summary, we received a check that had the remaining money needed.

Please feel free to continue to share and donate because any amount can still be used to cover other expenses to get Jocelyn healthy again.  The major expense is this drug Brentuximab, and we are glad we have that covered.  You guys are awesome!

Thank you so much for all of your support.  We are so overwhelmed.

Jocelyn and Isaacs Ogrins (and Peter and Eloise)

Jocelyn has lots of good reasons to live, but now Jocelyn’s best bet for surviving her Stage 4 cancer is a promising new chemotherapy drug not currently covered by her medical insurance.  The drug, called Adcetris, will cost Jocelyn $64,000.  Her cancer doctors say this drug is her best shot at recovery.  Two prior chemotherapy regimens, radiation treatments and an unsuccessful stem cell transplant have made her resistant to most other cancer drugs.   

Half the amount has already been pledged to begin her treatment. We are now turning to anyone else who can help in raising the remaining $32,000.

Jocelyn’s husband Isaac is a dedicated full-time student finishing his bachelor’s degree in math; Jocelyn’s little family lives on funds from a typical 'piecemeal' student's income, drawing from part-time employment opportunities and summer jobs.  This past summer Jocelyn spent most of her time in the hospital, making it difficult for her husband to provide for their little family. Jocelyn was first diagnosed with cancer in May 2012, while 5 months pregnant with their second child. The 18 months since have brought a miraculously healthy baby girl, and countless trials and struggles as the cancer disappeared...and then reappeared with a vengeance less than 6 months after having been declared cancer-free. This sweet, young family has been battling these aggressive cancers relentlessly over the past two years.

Jocelyn loves life! She is fun-loving, kind and multi-talented.  She is a Licensed Practical Nurse, loves to perform in musical theatre, and dazzle her family and friends with her 'punny' sense of humour; but most of all, she loves being a mother. She has an active 3 year old boy and a spunky 1 year old girl. She really wants to be there for her two young children as they grow up.  She is determined to be well again for them.

Your selfless contribution to help purchase Jocelyn’s cancer drugs and fund her ongoing medical treatment not covered by insurance is a gift of hope you can give. This drug is her best shot at a full recovery.  Please help Jocelyn and her little family beat cancer! 

To donate via this site: click on "Give Now" above.

To donate through any branch of Royal Bank of Canada: deposit to the following account: branch 01325 account 5028519.

To donate via email money transfer (Canada only): send to [email protected]

To donate via personal cheque, bank draft, etc: send an email to [email protected]for mailing instructions.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 9, 2014

Posted on February 9, 2014

IMPORTANT UPDATE: please see the revised "Fundraiser Details" tab.

Posted on February 1, 2014

Posted on February 1, 2014


As some of you may have heard, Jocelyn has had three Adcetris (brentuximab) treatments so far.  The cancer drug appears to be working well because her tumors have shrunk significantly!  In fact, Jocelyn was feeling well enough for Isaac and her to travel to Switzerland for a few days to receive intensive training on fighting cancer growth through non-chemical means.  None of the costs of the trip came from the funds raised on this site (or elsewhere) for Jocelyn's Adcetris cancer drug.  A generous benefactor came forward and volunteered to pay for the entire trip. 

Unfortunately, while traveling Jocelyn unexpectedly contracted a pneumonia bacteria.  A deadly  fungus has also entered her lungs.  After struggling to breathe for a few days she was admitted to the intensive care unit of a Swiss hospital.  She remains critically ill in the ICU with severely inflamed and clogged lungs and an inability to breathe on her own. Although the pneumonia bacteria is now gone the fungus will be much harder to get rid of.

Many family, friends, work colleagues and acquaintances have united with us in prayer and meditation on her behalf.  Please join us.

Posted on December 25, 2013

Posted on December 25, 2013

Within just a few days of going live this donation page had generated $32,000 in contributions, and within two weeks an amazing $64,000 has been raised from over 500 separate donations.  Other selfless contributions have been received through individual cash donations, impromptu fundraisers, benefit concerts and silent auctions organized on Jocelyn’s behalf.  Still other mortal angels have stepped forward to pledge significant assistance with promising, cancer fighting therapies in addition to Adcetris chemotherapy.
Our entire family continues to be completely overwhelmed by the generosity and sacrifice of every donor who selflessly made such a significant difference.  Children, teens, adults and entire families have felt the true spirit of Christmas by donating to Jocelyn’s treatment what they were planning to spend on Christmas gifts.  We have wept openly as we have heard these marvelous stories and the read notes of love, concern and encouragement on this donation site.  Many, many wonderful people have approached Jocelyn or our family to share an outpouring of love, prayers and encouragement - from which we have felt daily strength.  We are all unable to adequately express the feelings of gratitude and wonder we feel this Christmas season as we ponder this outpouring of charitable giving.  Still, we want to say THANK YOU – each and every one!  

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Memories of our beloved Jocelyn

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