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The Story

Anyone that has met Jen will tell you what a beautiful, kind soul she is. Always generous and true to herself, Jen is an inspiration to many in her community, and an amazing friend to all.

Jen was recently diagnosed with stage 4 Lung Cancer at age 34. Jen began Chemotherapy treatment on February 15, 2013 and is scheduled for treatment every 3 weeks. In late May Jen was told that the tumors in her lungs had shrunk 80%. The following week she was told it had spread to her lymphnodes and spinal fluid. The pronosis isn't good but Jen remains hopeful. Friends of Jen have created this website to allow those who would like to support her financially through her journey. More information will be added soon about current costs, treatment, fundraisers, and other ways to help.

Thanks in advance for your love and support. We encourage you to check back for updates, and add comments of encouragement.


1000 Paper Cranes - Donate on this website to sponsor a paper crane for Jen. For $1 you can add a personal message to Jen on a paper crane. Our goal is to make 1000. If you wish to help make the cranes, please contact Emily at [email protected]

Ongoing, meal donations. Visit Jens care calendar to sign up to provide a meal for Jen and Jeff:
Calendar ID: 140394 security Code: 6170

Check out Jen's Caringbridge website to keep up to date with her journal entries:

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 23, 2013

Posted on June 23, 2013

I need a miracle

Written 16 hours ago

I just got news that there are cancer cells in the spinal fluid. This happens to 5% of cancer recipients. And I'm 1. Talk about special. According to the doctors the prognosis is grim. According to me there is still hope and possibility.
I need your prayers, positive energy, reiki and miracles.

Posted on June 21, 2013

Posted on June 21, 2013

Rough Week

Written 18 hours ago

The headaches have continued. I tried norco, morphine and Advil combinations, along with anti nausea meds to try and give myself some peace. No luck. I puked it all up. All last weekend I just laid on the ground in front of the tv, napping, watching or crying while Jeff helped me. 

By Monday I was spent and went into kaiser for fluids. 

Tuesday I had an appt for a lymph node biopsy. I woke up that morning feeling so discombobulated, weepy, sick, and sad about what my life has come to. I ate at 5 am and fasted after that. I took a norco on an empty stomach and by the time I got to kaiser I felt nauseous. My mom wheeled me to the radiology dept. I felt cold and sweaty. My mom found me a puke bag. Within minutes I was heaving into the bag sitting in the waiting room. Thank God I was quiet. I held the bag of puke and cried. The lady at the desk brought me warm blankets and I curled into a ball on the chairs holding my head, which was achy and stabby. 

I was finally called back. The level 8 pain headache continued for another few hours until some nice nurse gave me fentanyl, which helped me relax but didn't touch the headache. 

The doctors then decided to take me to the emergency room to get the nausea and headache under control. I wasn't keeping anything down. 

After a short stay in the ER with lots of vomiting, I have been admitted to the hospital. Tonight will be the third night. 

I've had a 2nd brain MRI, spinal MRI, another lumber puncture and lots of narcotics in different combinations. 

The first MRI and LP were clear. The second brain MRI suggested there could be cancer in the spinal fluid. But they are waiting to hear what the LP says to confirm.

So yeah, 85% shrinkage to cancer spreading to the lymph nodes and possibly spinal fluid. This is a lot to think about. But what I noticed yesterday is that the diagnoses was easier to be with when I was in pain. I started receiving steroids last night and those made me feel pretty good and life didnt seem so bleak. 

I would deeply appreciate your prayers, positive energy, reiki, or any other name that would heal it. (Thank you Marianne Williamson for your phrasing)

Posted on June 21, 2013

Posted on June 21, 2013

I take that back... Written June 13, 2013 7:03pm I mentioned the headaches in the last post.  The brain MRI came out negative.  That test was last friday and the headache persisted.   Doctor prescribed morphine. I felt a little jolted that doctor went straight to the morphine.  To me that meant serious and he thought it was cancer. I didn't fill the prescription.  Narcotics are a paper prescription that I would need to get from my doctor and hand to the pharmacist.  I went the whole weekend in so much pain because the norco I had didn't touch the pain.  By monday I didn't care about the fears I had about taking it.   The dose prescribed didn't touch the headache either.  I called the doctor about it and he said double the morphine and take norco on top of it every 4 hours.  This combo mostly helps, but doesn't cover the headache completely.  I still have to hold my head when I cough sometimes. The doctor also said he was concerned that there might be cancer cells in the spinal fluid.  great. and I will need to have a lumbar puncture.  I had that today. Also the lymph nodes in my arm pit and my breast are swollen and have been for a little while, doctor told me he thinks that's cancer and that the cancer has become resistant to the chemo.  (wtf, what happened to 85% shrinkage??) I think he could have mentioned this sooner, I've been shying away from hugs for awhile because of the pain. My cousin works for Stanford and she set up a conversation today with Dr. Neal, an oncologist there.  I saw him earlier this year for a second opinion.  Dr Neal talked to my oncologist at Kaiser today and wanted to share what they talked about.   It sounds like both agree that the cancer is growing.  (wtf) Dr. Neal suggested the lymph nodes be biopsied to test for more mutations.  I  like this.  And possibly start a new chemotherapy drug. Taxotere. I don't really like that at the moment.   I will probably lose my hair.

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