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The Story

Imagine for a moment that you were told you had to pay $50,000 to save your mother's life.

Habibo Abdullahi is a 48 year old mother of 9 who is battling esophogeal cancer and muscoskeletal cancer in her left humerus bone.  She is uninsured and desperately seeking medical treatment to restore her health.    

Habibo and her family live in Maine.  Treatment options in their home state are very limited.  Habibo complained of difficulty eating and decreasing health for years at the local hospital in Maine before a definative diagnosis was made for her.  At that point, the cancer in her body had become more advanced and  treatments by local doctors proved unsuccessful.  Due to this, her daughter Shamsa decided to take Habibo to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN this June.

While the Mayo Clinic doctors have presented a clear, viable treatment plan to successfully remove Habibo's cancer, the clinic is requiring an upfront payment -- estimated at $50,000 - $60,000.  Habibo has been debilitated by the disease for some time, rendering her unable to work.  Her children and family members have been working to pay for treatment thus far, but $60,000 out of pocket is more than the family has resources to bear.  Habibo's youngest daughters, Shamsa and Habiba, have left college in order to work full time and care for their mother round the clock.  

There is a treatment for Habibo's condition that will save her life.  She just needs to be able to pay for it.

Habibo and her children fled the Somali civil war in the early nineties, and after spending several years in Kenyan refugee camps, made new lives for themselves in America.  She worked several jobs to put her children through school and to become a citizen.  Habibo is known as a devoted mother and kind person, welcoming people from all backgrounds into her home.

We are asking that you give what you can to help Habibo receive treatment at the Mayo Clinic and overcome this disease.  She and her daughter are currently living in a motel near the clinic, trying to raise the funds any way that they can.  


Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 26, 2013

Posted on June 26, 2013

GOOD NEWS!  After her condition worsened severely in the past few days, to the point that the tumor in the humerus caused the bone to literally break apart, Habibo was finally admitted for surgery today in Minnesota.  This is the procedure she needed to remove the cancerous bone and replace it with a metal rod (preventing amputation of the limb).  Her daughter Shamsa worked with a patient advocate and acted as a strong advocate herself to ensure that her mother's condition would finally be addressed.  

This surgery will be followed up by physical therapy and other procedures.  Habibo also has cancerous areas in other parts of her body that will require monitoring and treatments such as chemotherapy.  Shamsa plans to keep her mother in Minnesota for the next few months for follow up and so that she can begin to regain some strength before traveling back to Maine.  

At this time, it is unclear how much of this will be covered by charity care or other programs and how much will be the family's financial responsibility.  We'll keep the fundraiser going for the meantime to help cover continued expenses associated with Habibo's ongoing care.  


Posted on June 25, 2013

Posted on June 25, 2013

Hello everyone and thanks to you all who have supported Habibo and her family so far.  Your support, whether it be financial or with kind words and prayers, means very much to them.  

Habibo is currently under emergency medical care at a Minneapolis area hospital.  Aside from the initial consultation paid for by the family at the Mayo Clinic, she has not been able to receive the actual treatment needed for her condition solely because of financial reasons.  Her pain level increased severely which led to her being taken to the ER by her daugther, Shamsa. While it is good that she is currently being seen by medical professionals, the care she truly needs to address the underlying issue (bone cancer) is still beyond reach because she is uninsured.  

This situation is highly critical and any support you can give helps the family get through this stressful time.  You may be concerned because you are a friend or family member, because you share Habibo's faith, or because you understand what it is like to be medically underserved and without insurance in a life or death situation.  We are grateful for any reason you may feel to support on any level that you can.  

Thank you so much.

Posted on June 18, 2013

Posted on June 18, 2013

Thanks everyone who has supported this fundraiser so far.  No donation is too small or too big.  Everything is greatly appreciated.  The family is busy trying to raise funds offline as well, so whatever we are able to do here matters.  Like most low-income people without many material assests, medical issues like these can become a crisis very quickly and support from far and wide makes a true difference.  

Habibo and her daugher Shamsa remain in Minnesota while trying to pay for care at Mayo.  Treatment will not begin until payment is made in full, as they have been denied their request for financial aid or a payment plan.  

Thank you again so much.  Even if you cannot donate, sharing this page among your networks is a huge help.

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