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The Story

Zachary is a 15 year old boy who has been struggling with an extremely rare degenerative muscle disease called Ataxia-Telangiectasia. He was diagnosed at the age of 2 and has been over-coming one health battle after another. Even though he is wheel chair bound, he is a 2nd class Boy Scout, plays Challenger Little League, bowls for Special Olympics, is an older brother to 3 younger siblings, and wears his heart on his sleeve and cares more for others than himself. Through all of his challenges he always overcomes with a smile on his face.

On Wed, Dec. 18, 2013, Zachary was rushed to Memorial Hospital in respiratory distress. He was admitted within hours. Saturday morning, Dec. 21st is when Zachary began to fight for his life. His lungs couldn't continue to give him the support he needed and he crashed. Zach ended up having to be fully sedated, a tube placed in his air way, and put on a ventilator to help him breathe. During the next 3 weeks, he was switched to a stronger ventilator and 2 stronger oscillators to help his lungs heal. He missed Christmas and New Years with his 3 younger siblings. 

When Zach was finally allowed to wake up and be taken off the machines, his mom thought that all he needed to do now was rest and get better to come home. She was wrong....

In the weeks that have followed, Zach has had 3 collapsed lungs, emergency surgery to have a tracheotomy placed and be put on ventilator life support, surgery for a G-tube to help him receive the calories he needs to thrive and regain all the weight he has lost, and another emergency surgery when Zachary crashed again and Drs discovered that he was bleeding internally into his stomach cavity. 

After NINE long weeks in the hospital, Zachary is finally going to be able to come home. Zach's mom is raising 4 kids on her own & has missed work for the duration of Zachary's stay needing to be by his side. Bills are piling up, but the most important struggle now is that Zachary's whole entire life has now changed and he will now and forever be dependent on a machine to help him breathe. Insurance will NOT cover all the medical equipment he will need. Also, the family lives in a two story house and Zachary will no longer be able to go upstairs to be bathed. Drs have also explained to mom that since Zachary is wheel chair bound that the SAFEST medical way for him to be transported to school, Dr apt, and every day trips in the car is to be done in a wheel chair accessible vehicle which the family does not own or have any funding means to buy one. 

We are hoping that there are generous people out there who will be able to help this family raise money that they desperately need to purchase medical equipment, have a new bathroom put in on the main level that is handicap accessible, and to buy a new van to transport Zachary to where ever he needs to go. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!!!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 25, 2014 by Brigid Steinhagen & Family
Zachary has once again been hospitalized. This time he has been in here for 3 weeks. He came in for a bowel obstruction that ended up needing surgery to repair. While recouping from that operation, Zachary had his left lung collapse & fluid form around both of his lungs. A chest tube was surgically placed to drain the fluid and re-expand
his lung. A surgeon was called in 2 days ago to preform yet another surgery in hopes of causing tissue damage around his left lung making his lung adhere to the wall cavity so his lung can not collapse again. This procedure was EXTREMELY PAINFUL!! We are praying that this procedure will work and that he can finally come back home to be with his family. 
I still have not been able to go back to work due to him being hospitalized and the bills have become greatly past due. Hospital bills are coming in now and the numbers are devastating to read. 
Any help is greatly appreciated by the family. They are still raising money to buy a wheelchair accessible van to transport him back and forth to the hospital and doctors appointments.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support!!!!

Posted on April 1, 2014 by Brigid Steinhagen & Family
First full fundraiser has been accomplished and it was a great turnout!!! It was so nice to see so many family and friends come out for the afternoon to help support Zachary and his BS Troop with the Spaghetti Dinner they put together. Shanna & Chelle were there selling Zach Attack Tshirts and other Zach Attack merchandise. It was wonderful seeing so many people sporting the orange shirts. We raised a little more than $5,000 but we still have a way to go to meet our goal!!! Thanks to everyone who donated money on By donating just $10 per person who logs into this site...we will gradually reach our goal.

Posted on March 29, 2014 by Brigid Steinhagen & Family
This is it! Coming down to 1 day left until his spaghetti dinner benefit. Lets see how much of the community will pull together to make this precious childs dreams come true. Let's see what happens when Zachary's supporters donate just $10 each for the next week!!! Can we raise $10,000??? Are there 1,000 people out there willing to donate $10 to support this cause?? Let's see what happens when put to the challenge. On your marks, get set, go!!

Posted on March 22, 2014 by Brigid Steinhagen & Family
Zachary went to school today for the very first time since Dec 11, 2013. He was only there a couple of hours to help promote his benefit and sell his fundraiser merchandise. It took everything out of him to even go for those couple of hours. His heart rate was elevated the whole time and he was extremely sweaty. He really enjoyed seeing all his friends and teachers. Lots of hugs and smiles along with pictures were taken. Shirts were sold and orders were placed. Going back again next Friday to do it all over again. Our local fire department even came out to show their support for Zachary!!

Posted on March 12, 2014 by Brigid Steinhagen & Family
I am sorry I haven't updated in a little while. On top of all the health issues continuing to go on with Zach, my mom, Zachary's grandma, passed away last Thursday morning. He went to the viewing last night and it was such a struggle for him. Not only emotionally, but physically as well. I never realized how hard it would be to care for a child on a vent and all that goes along with the safety of transporting him. Thank you to all that have helped with the funding efforts for my son.

Posted on March 3, 2014 by Brigid Steinhagen & Family
Zach's grandma, my mom, is being released from the hospital today in critical condition with Hospice to come home and be with her family as she takes her steps closer to God. The Dr is releasing Zach from the hospital today so he can go home and be with his grandma also. Will still be on strong antibiotics and with the understanding that if his health changes at all he is to be brought right back.

Posted on March 2, 2014 by Brigid Steinhagen & Family

Help Zachary Talley Attack & Overcome His Trials

Shirts for Zach are now available to Order!!! Place your orders right can inbox me on Facebook at Shanna Waterman or drop off or send your money to Rosco's Pizza 15314 US Highway 12, Union, MI 49130. Money up front to get these started!! We need to get as many shirts out there before March 30th's Spaghetti Dinner so we are all covered in orange!! We will also have shirts available there too! Shirts are $20.00 for S, M, L, XL. XXL add $2.00 and XXXL add $3.00! And would like to Thank Competition Graphics for their help with the design and Generosity on helping Zach and his family!!!

Any questions please call Shanna at 269-228-6733 or
Rosco’s Pizza at 269-641-2509

Posted on March 2, 2014 by Brigid Steinhagen & Family
My son was broadcasted on the local news station. Here is the link to watch. It's the last 5 minutes or so of the newscast.

Posted on February 28, 2014 by Brigid Steinhagen & Family
Family of Elkhart teen with rare disease is struggling to pay bills
Lydia Sheaks
Posted 2 hours ago

In late December 2013, Elkhart mom Brigid Steinhagen decided she couldn't watch her son Zachary Talley struggle to breathe anymore.

"I just scooped him up and said, enough is enough," Steinhagen recalled. 

Zachary Talley, 15, recently came home from a two-month hospital stay, but had to go back to the hospital just days later. His mother is struggling to care for him and pay his medical bills. A fundraiser is planned for March 30, 2014, to help the family. (Photo Supplied)

She took 15-year-old Zach to the hospital that night. Zach, who was in respiratory distress, didn't leave the hospital for two months.

Zach was diagnosed with a degenerative muscle disease called ataxia-telangiectasia when he was 2 years old, which means that he is losing the ability to control his muscles as he gets older.

He came home from the hospital on Feb. 19, on a feeding tube and a breathing ventilator. But that Sunday, he was rushed to the hospital again with a fever. 

"The hardest part is, his mind has never been altered," Steinhagen said. "He is happy-go-lucky. He loves to tell jokes."

In fact, she said, Zach often jokes with nurses at the hospital to take his mind off of what's happening. 

Steinhagen — a single mom with three other children — is wondering what she's going to do about medical bills she can't pay and a teenage son she can't care for on her own anymore. She has two jobs, but hasn't been able to work since December because she's been with Zach at the hospital.

She used to carry Zach to an upstairs bathroom to bathe him. Now that he has a ventilator and a feeding tube, she can't do that anymore. 

Zach's ventilator is attached to his wheelchair, meaning that the family needs an actual wheelchair-equipped van instead of the trailer they had been using to transport Zach's wheelchair.

Zach's needs

Boy Scout Troop 747 is hoping to raise enough money to help Zach get these items:
  • A handicap-accessible vehicle with a wheelchair lift
  • Renovations to his home so it can accommodate medical equipment
  • A new handicap-accessible bathroom on the ground floor
  • An updated motorized wheelchair

He will also need round-the-clock nursing care. 

Zach does have health insurance through his dad, Steinhagen said, and Medicaid. But it doesn't cover everything he needs.

To help out, Zach's Boy Scout troop is planning a fundraiser for the family.

Scott Shrock, the troop leader, said Zach's been a part of troop 747 since he was in third grade.

"When we first met Zach, he would get a cold and it would last for two or three weeks," Shrock remembered. "Now, he is getting a cold and his lungs are collapsing."

The other boys in the troop are used to Zach's health issues, Shrock said, but "this last time was unprecedented."

"The boys are a little affected by it this time," he said.

The troop's been as supportive as possible, even holding a meeting in Zach's hospital room when he was too sick to leave. Shrock said they will make sure Zach's able to participate in Boy Scouts for as long as he wants. 

They've planned a spaghetti dinner for 1 to 5 p.m. March 30 at the Elkhart Moose Lodge, 1500 C.R. 6. Tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for children 12 and younger at the door. Advance tickets discounted by $1 are available by calling 574-206-0390.

There's also an account set up for Zach at Inova Federal Credit Union, 619 C.R. 6 E., Elkhart; and an online fundraiser at Search for "Zachary Talley."

Posted on February 28, 2014 by Brigid Steinhagen & Family
We are still in the hospital. Zach is still running high fevers and the doctors still can not figure out why. A CT scan of his sinuses was done today along with additional blood work. 2 additional Drs are being called in to consult on the case. Zach's ENT and a special infectious disease Dr. More blood work will be drawn in the morning. So far they have also done a Chest Xray & CAT scan of his abdomen, sputum samples, and numerous blood tests.

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