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Help with John's medical expenses (John Buxton)
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The Story

John is the kind of guy you want at your party.
He’s the kind of actor you want in your play.
He’s frighteningly witty, and plays a mean piano, and writes beautiful songs, and dresses in the best Halloween costumes around.
He’s really annoyingly photogenic.

He’s impossibly good-hearted and generous to those he loves.
He’s the kind of friend you really, really want to have—and the kind of person you’re lucky to know.

In November, John started getting stomachaches. He thought he was getting an ulcer. One night, the pain got really bad and he went to the emergency room. They ran a barrage of tests, but were fairly sure that it wasn’t anything serious; John is a very healthy guy. He’s only 34. Anything of that nature would be so abnormal as to be almost impossible.

It turned out to be pancreatic cancer.

John, as we said, is a very healthy guy. He’s young. That means that even though pancreatic cancer is a serious illness, he’s uniquely poised to fight this thing.

Like so many actors, John didn’t have health insurance when he found out about the cancer. He’s doing everything he can to find coverage now, but the medical bills are staggering—a real problem for both John and his family.

John is our friend and brother and son. If you know him, you know what a great guy he is. We love him very much. We want to support him (and his family) through this very hard fight.

Please consider giving to help—even if you can’t give very much right now. 100% of money donated goes directly to his medical expenses.

It is the best karma you could ever accrue, and it is appreciated beyond measure by John and his loved ones.

Every little bit helps—it may be said a lot, but it’s absolutely true. If we come together, we can help John win this fight. Please consider giving today, if you can, and spread the word!

Because if you know John, you know that he would do the same for you.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 8, 2013

Posted on March 8, 2013

THANK YOU! With your help, we've met and exceeded our goal. Of course, if you're here to give, don't let that stop you. Fighting cancer is an expensive business, every contribution will be put to work.

AND MORE GOOD NEWS! After the first six weeks of chemotherapy, John's cancermarkershave gone from 166,000 to 92,000! The chemo is working.

He'll get another CT scan in about a month to check on what is going on with the tumors. The goal is that the 
cancermarkerswill continue to drop and eventually plateau at either zero or a very low number. At that point, John will be able to go off the chemo, and if it continues to go well, he may even be able to go off chemo sooner than the expected  June 14th.  

John's living an extra healthy lifestyle and eating an all natural diet. His youth and strength and Buxtonian spirit of indominability are doubtlessly playing their part, too.

Keep on rooting for John!

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Help with John's medical expenses

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