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The Story

On November 23rd, 2014 River(who will be 3 in February) was diagnosed with Stage IV High Risk Neuroblastoma.  A few concerns from his Day School led us to the Chiropractor, who in turn referred us ot the ER for a possible bowel obstruction. The tumor they found had the volume of a basketball, and while it's not attached to any of his organs, it is putting pressure on them.

Since then, he's been through 2 rounds of chemotherapy and a stem cell collection, to be used for his transplant later in the spring.

UPDATE: As of January, 2016, River has now had 10 total rounds of chemotherapy, including 5 rounds of Antibody therapy, a partial tumor resection, Stem Cell Transplant, and 24 rounds of radiation. We're now looking at possibilities of another partial resection, and more chemotherapy. He has a long road ahead of him, his tumor is proving to be just as stubborn as he is!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 1, 2017

Posted on May 1, 2017

This is cancer. Even he's got stable disease, and he's not fighting Neuroblastoma, he's fighting what surviving it did to him.

It's rarely the cancer that kills these kiddos. It's the drugs, the radiation. I can wrap my head around no cure for cancer, I can't get my head around this. How there's no fix for River. There are no studies that apply because so few in his situation are so young.

He's had 3 fevers today. The most since this current ordeal started. Ironically today was the most talkative or active he's been since Monday. River woke up feeling good enough to yell at his sister. A LOT. But it was short lived. He did request cake though, and had a few bites.

I should be sleeping, until my alarm goes off to tell me to go check him. It's like being a new parent and checking on your baby constantly. I'm so worried, but I know I need to sleep when I can.

We had a really good talk with the hospice medical director today. We aren't really changing anything now. Since we changed several things Friday, now we just wait and see where he takes us. We stopped formula feeds, because we think that's some of his pain, and he's not absorbing it. He's on pedialyte through his NJ for hydration, and we stopped his Methadone and he's on a continuous pain pump now. Our goal is make sure he's comfortable, but it can be a fine line between comfortable and sedated. The latter we want to avoid. We want him comfortable enough to enjoy his time, to play with Sparrow, play in his cabin and get in a couple more play dates with his Firefighter brothers.

#teamriver #riverstrong #fuckcancer #morethan4 #neuroblastoma #onemoreday #littlebravest

Posted on April 11, 2017

Posted on April 11, 2017

This post has been in the works for a week! We had our amazing friends(FAMILY) from New York in town, and we just focused on making memories and enjoying them!

I also need to give another huge thank you to Lone Star Rocker and our #TeamRiverTribe for giving River the most amazing treehouse I've ever seen. I know as he declines, this little cabin will give him a safe place, his own place to just BE.

The last post I mentioned the possible infection, and it WAS a bug he's had before. He seemed to kick it on his own, but since we could easily treat it at home, we did.

However now, just days after finishing that antibiotic, he's showing signs of another infection. It's not slowing him down though! His mood is amazing, his pain is controlled, he's HAPPY.

Our Palliative team came to the house last week, so we could reassess our plan. And just kind of see where we are. They are surprised he's doing as well as he is, very surprised. That's River though, right? Won't read the book. He is still on TPN(IV nutrition) as well as formula feeds via his NJ tube. They do not believe he will come off TPN, unless his body starts to not tolerate it, then we would just give fluids for hydration. He is still not eating more than a few bites a week, and rarely drinks. They don't expect that to change either.

That visit was harder than I expected, I'd hoped maybe they would say that things are NOT as bad as we think. Or maybe Ashton Kutcher would jump out and tell us we'd been Punk'd. River is a strong little boy. No one doubts that. But our time is limited. There is no time line, he is not on hospice yet. We're enjoying the good days, and just trying to survive the bad days, to get to the next good day.

He was supposed to go on his Make A Wish trip on the 19th, to Thomasland in Boston. We've had to postpone/cancel again. We aren't confident he could handle the travel AND enjoy himself. With the possible infection, should we travel? I think we just want to focus on staying close to home, our care team, our support system. He also doesn't want to leave the house most days, and his feeling and comfort level is what's important.

On the 29th we are having a benefit, the 2nd Annual #Morethan4 bash. He may be 5, but federal funding is still less than 4%. I will never stop fighting for more. Our kids deserve more. If you're local, please make plans to come celebrate River, and have some fun with your family. If you'd like to help out by volunteering your time, or a prize for the raffle, please email Denise @ [email protected]


Posted on January 20, 2017

Posted on January 20, 2017

Hi everyone, this is Allison posting a brief update. Please everyone... pray for my favorite little fighter River. He is still in the PICU and is not showing much improvement yet. Pray, cast spells, invoke whatever energy you have to help heal him and support his family. Turn any sadness or anger you have today into positive energy for River. Feel free to share, and please donate if you can. 

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