help my mother pay her medical bills

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The Story

thanks to the generousity of my friends and the youcaring family, we were able to raise enough money to go see my father and witness him pull out of a coma brought on by liver and kidney failure. medication has allowed his health issues to stabilize, but now my mother, his caretaker, has been diagnosed with uterine cancer.

doctors found a tumor in her uterus the size of a grapefruit. the good news, if you can call it that, is that a hysterectomy, which she is scheduled for octover 24th, is stage 2 and isnt considered fatal. doctors are fairly certain that the cancer hasnt spread and that she should recover.

however, my parents limited state run health care still requires her to pay $1100 out of pocket, which is money that she doesnt have. to add insult to injury, my mother recently had to have all her teeth removed and needs to pay $1500 to be fitted for dentures.

i am asking anyone who can empathize and who can give to donate whatever they can to ensure that my parents, who between the two live on about $1000 a month from my mother's disability income, dont sink farther in the hole financially.

we have nver had a lot of money, and as many in our situation can attest, saving money for a rainy day was a luxury my parents could ill afford. my parents rely on social security disability and texas' carelink healthcare system to survive and care for their basic healthcare needs.

every penny you donate will go directly to my parents and my mothers healthcare needs. our other concern is that my mother, who will take anywhere from six weeks to six months to recover from this surgery, will not be able to adequately care for my father, who still struggles in the aftermath of his systematic liver and kidney failure.

the great news is that, because of your previous generousity, my girlfriend and i were able to see my father and spend a few weeks with him which, i hope, has helped him to recover to the point where he is getting stronger everyday. and so, id like to ask you humbly to please help us in this trying time to ensure that my mother isnt stuck with medical bills she will never be able to pay and that could put a dent in her finances.

and while shes slated for surgery thursday, octover 24th, our hope is to raise enough to wipe out her debt by the end of november 2013.

please donate today and share this story with everyone you know in the hopes that others can donate today.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 15, 2013 by highcastle and katherine muniz
six days left! donors, please send me your mailing adress so that i can send you a christmas card as a thank you for your generosity. the sooner the better, but i would need them by the 21st. email me at and if you havent donated, please do so asap!

Posted on December 9, 2013 by highcastle and katherine muniz
my mom had her first chemotherapy treatment last friday. check out her update video now up!

Posted on November 28, 2013 by highcastle and katherine muniz
at my moms last doctor visit, the doctor informed her that her health has improved across the board. shes lost more weight and it looks like the removal of the tumor has improved the effectiveness of her thyroid gland. my mom has type two diabetes as well, but hopefully if she recovers from cancer after these treatments and keeps improving, she may be able to get off medication altogether.

with the money youre donating, we will be able to pay her property tax, get her new dentures which, besides its cosmetic benefits, will allow her to get the nurtrition she needs to better fight this cancer, and finally, will allow us to help her pay her out of pocket costs.
i want to thank those that donated, but we have only raised $640 so far. we need almost $3000 to make a serious dent. as such, weve extended the deadline to december 21st.

so please, those who have donated, if you can donate more, its appreciated. if you know people who can help, tell them our story, share this with everyone, so we can raise as much as we can. thanks again and happy thanksgiving!

Posted on November 24, 2013 by highcastle and katherine muniz
weve extended our deadline to encourage others to give. the new deadline is december 21, 2013. please help if you can!

Posted on November 18, 2013 by highcastle and katherine muniz
moms getting a port installed thursday, which should allow easier acces for docs to start her chemo treatment in the next few weeks. shes expected to have three chemo sessions followed by a few weeks of radiation therapy. shes pretty postive so were all hopeful.

i want to thank everyone who has donated and shared our story with others. my mom is my dad's primary caregiver and while they are lucky enough to own their home outright, it is modest and they still have enough expenses that would be daunting for even people of middle class means, so your donations  mean the world to her. please give whatever you can and thanks to those who have helped!

Posted on November 3, 2013 by highcastle and katherine muniz
we just found out that my mom's cancer has spread. doctors think that with chemo and radiation therapy she should recover, but needless to say, we're all still pretty concerned. thanks to all our sponsors. please share our story and help in whatever way you can.

Posted on October 23, 2013 by highcastle and katherine muniz
ive increased our goal amount to take into account additional expenses incurred from property taxes that are difficult for her to manage giving her health and financial situation. please give what you can!

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help my mother pay her medical bills

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