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The Story

You know that radiant, effervescent feeling you get on a sunny stroll through the farmer's market?  Your face is warm and the air smells earthy like days of long ago.  Or the feeling of sheer awe when you first glimpse the colors of a brilliant sunset and your breath catches at the impossible beauty.  Or the moment of accomplishment at the end of a daunting task which was certain to fail but didn't and you're euphoric with jubilation.  The past month of my life can be described as far exceeding the combination of all these.

It began with my eyes blinking in disbelief as a smile parted my lips and spread across my face… and over all the land.  This of course was my reaction to the Mayo doctor's explanation of the surgery he can perform that will give me, in his words, "a long life."  My head detached like a child letting go of a balloon and it floated into the sapphire sky; smile permanantly affixed.  Amazement mixed with elation and I time-lapse bloomed into a new person at that very second.

After my balloon head euphorically floated throughout the galaxy for 24 hours, the attached string was nabbed and brought gently, lovingly back to the best place on Earth, Brown International Elementary School.  It was revealed to the Brown community I've been working on this little cancer thing for a bit now and without blinking an eye:  ACTION!

A party.... for me????  Surely you jest.

No, they don't jest.  They are down right serious.  And PAR-TAY we did!  Drahota Lives grew overnight from a seedling to a giant beanstalk.  Nicole and Steph, you are magical.You two are like the (good) witches in Practical Magic.  I'm totally on to you!  The things you're making happen are supernatural and brilliant.  Thank you for stretching your light, love and energy tentacles out into the world and wrapping them around me.

Lead by the talented and ever so cool DeWayne Even, Edgewater Live rocked the party.  A silent auction with weekend getaways to Breckenridge, Broncos tickets, Nuggets tickets, art by the ridiculously talented Barth Quenzer, plus tons more captivated even the young ones who guarded their merch in an effort not to be outbid.  Good work Kalie and Kenzie for snatching up my painting!  The massive food spread kept everyone nourished and the volunteer bartenders got 'em saucy.  The evening was a HUGE hit in so many ways.  Money was raised, laughs were shared, smiles radiated, hugs were given out by the droves, we danced and sang.   This is what life's about, sharing an evening with friends and family.  As I said that night, I was not going to cry even though I should have been a blubbering idiot at the sight of everyone who came out to help me through this.

The only time I cried that evening was when this happened:  two years ago I had a student we'll call "I."  "I" was, for lack of a better word, challenging.  I'm laughing just thinking about it!   I love good challenge and I love "I" to infinity and beyond.  His aunt, whom I got to know very well during "I's" tenure in my class due to meeting after meeting and phone call after phone call, tells me, "'I' has been working very hard and saving his money."  He handed me a brand new, of which he demanded, one hundred dollar bill.

The past weekend was dedicated to "Helping Lindsey Lick It."  Basha's brainchild started Friday evening at the local ice cream shop, Little Man Ice Cream.  They sold ice cream and kids came out to carol in their pj's in my honor.  I desperately wanted to join but my body decided to remind me what all this is about and I was quite ill Thursday evening.  I missed work on Friday and the Christmas party I was supposed to attend as arm candy (sorry, Bets).

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Saturday proved this to be true with the weight of the moon.  Not only did Niya, without knowing who I am, donate the space in her rad establishment, Local 46, she told me she stayed up all night reading my blog.  (I'm calling for an end to this blog causing a loss of sleep -- that goes for you too, Jenny!).  Niya, thank you!  I'm so lucky to have a new friend.  Trent dressed as Santa and Artivore showed up to take pictures with the kids.  A huge layout of breakfast foods filled our bellies and the kids sang songs.  There was another silent auction.  I put Lola Drahota down for the opening bid of $5 on a "Cat Lovers Against the Bomb" 2014 calendar.  She won!  I'm still laughing at Nicole meowing into the mic when announcing Lola as the winner.

A few students spoke.  Lucy read the poem she wrote for me.  (I hope you don't mind I'm sharing, Lucy, this is too angelic to keep to myself.)
Just try and keep a dry eye, I certainly couldn't:

Feeling scared and unprepared the feelings we all share.
And whatever you do I'll always be there for you.
You mean a lot to me.
And you make me feel like I am who ever I want to be.
I love dogs and you're a crazy cat lover, but that doesn't matter.
Miss Drahota you are a determined, hekava good teacher on a mission to amaze everybody.
You are awesome, strong-hearted, and beautiful.
I love you Miss Drahota you are my favorite teacher ever.

I have the best job in the universe.

Saturday afternoon in the Highlands, while doing a little shopping and grabbing a chai with Vivek, I walked out of a store and exclaimed, "That's me!"  I was staring at the "Help LINDSEY Lick It" poster hanging in the storefront.  As we strolled down the street, we discovered this poster adorning many of the boutiques' windows.  I constantly struggle with the words to express my deep and ever-growing gratitude, I will never find them to express how it feels to have your name on posters all over north Denver.  Stunning, unbelievable, humbling, wild, stirring.  That's a start.

Basha, you better be resting in bed!  I demand you sleep.  You have far exceeded the call of philanthropic work with all the events of last weekend!  Thank you for taking on my cause, you extraordinary, enchanted woman!

The weekend ended at Jolene's house where the masses convened to have their jewelry cleaned... and I'm sure the wine lure a few too.  Monica and Jolene, tirelessly returned the sparkle to the diamonds that adorn the women of Brown so they can shine even brighter!

I'm loving my life full of yoga, acupuncture, painting, writing, reading, juicing, friends, new friends, family, school, and love.

I'm missing names and I'm sorry.  I don't know the extent of who has done what.  Please know that your dazzling display of kindness will not go unnoticed.  I will pay every cent and good deed forward. I've got a few ideas about how to do this.  I might have the doctors clone me so I can make it all happen.  They can do that Mayo, right?

Stay tuned. http://havecancermustblog.blogspot.com/

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