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The Story

All funds for this fund raiser have been returned due to a Paypal error when updating my acct. We have set up another fundrasier to try to recoup some of the thoughtful donations. It is still under Devin's Fight. He has a Smile in his profile pic. We are sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Devin was born 6 weeks premature at Crouse hospital in Syracuse, NY. He was originally scheduled for a C-section on May 9th, but decided he was ready to start his story a bit early. I received a call at work on April 7th, 2013 from my oldest daughter stating that Jens water had broke. We already knew Devin would have some complications and we were and hour and a half away from the hospital. Our son had an Omphalocele, Liver and Intesines were stuck inside the umbilical cord. This we were kinda prepared for. The rest of the story can only be told by Devin.

I rushed Jen to Crouse in Syracuse, NY, managing to only get pulled over once on the way (no ticket). We arrived at the hospital around 8:30 that night and our little man was born at 10:53 pm.  I didn’t tell anyone immediately, but when he was born he was having trouble breathing. I could hear the nurses saying, "come on breath". I kept reassuring Jen that he was fine as she asked why he wasn’t crying. Then he let out a few screams and we were relieved. We got to see him for a few seconds and he was rushed to the NICU at Crouse.

Once in the Unit, I was able to see him a few hours after. He was intubated (Breathing tube put in) and on a Ventilator (breathing machine) at that time. We spoke to Doctor after doctor the next few weeks trying to figure out what was going on with Devin. We had x-rays and Cat scans and experts from all areas coming in to see him. He was put on different breathing machines and ventilators and cpap machines. He was giving breathing treatments and steroids to help his little lungs grow and develop. He was definitely a fighter and put up with more than most adults could. He also has quite the temper and has shown the doctors and nurses that he is in charge, or tries to. He has been lovingly given the nicknames of "Devilish Devin" or his alter ego "Dennis the menace". He received these after his anger spats where he would clench down on his breathing tubes, hold his breath, turn many shades of purple and pass out.  The doctors and nurses loved when he would do this. (Sarcasm)

On June 17th he went in for a scope to see if there was any blockage in his lungs and it was determined that he would need a trach put in. There was no blockage found, but he would need a ventilator for a long time. He has what is called Bronchial Milatia. This he should heal from in time, but time is the only thing that will fix it. We have been told by the doctors to “plan on spending the summer here”. Once we do go home he will need visiting nurses and someone has to be awake with him at all times. This will be a long journey, but we are prepared to do it for our little man. Once his repertory issues are taken care of he will need more surgeries on the Omphalocele and other minor issues that can be surgically corrected.

We have been staying near the hospital since April 7th and are planning on spending a few more months here. We only go home a few hours on the weekends to mow the lawn and take care of the necessities. Jen has had to leave her job to be with Devin and will not be returning due to his care. The daily living expenses have drained any savings that we have had and credit cards are hitting the limits. The bills for lodging, meals and gas have added up quickly. These are not expenses we were prepared for. For these reason we are using this site and asking for a little help from family, friends and people we don’t even know. This is not an easy ask from us. I spent many years in the military and we were both taught to work hard for what we want and need, but sometimes you need some help. Any assistance you can give would be greatly appreciated. I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to visit this site and read about our little man. I would also ask that you keep him in your prayers.

Thank you.

Chad Tooke and Jennifer Zbytniewski

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