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The Story

At age 49, Daryl Schlosser is a loving husband, carrying father of four, son, brother and loyal friend. He married his high school sweet-heart 28 years ago and since has always made the wellbeing of his family his top priority. Together, Daryl and his wife, Tami, have two daughters and two sons. Danielle is the oldest and is working in the medical field. Kyle is a full time student attending Arizona State University on a full scholarship. Kaylee is in Junior High and training hard to make the varsity cheer team next year. The youngest, Dylan is in elementary school and loves to play flag football (on a team that Daryl also coaches). Together, the family enjoys going on hikes, bike rides, and swimming.

Daryl has made an effort to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. He went on weekly mountain bike rides through the desert, and committed at least three days a week to the gym. He always watches his diet and doesn’t smoke or drink. With all this in mind, it came as quite a shock to us all when he suddenly needed to be rushed to the E.R.

On Friday, May 25th, 2012 Daryl was diagnosed with Stage IV colon and liver cancer. He was out on one of his weekly desert bike rides when suddenly he knew something was very wrong. After many tests and multiple doctors, our worst fears became reality. Since that day, Daryl has been on a strictly liquid diet and has lost over 25 pounds. His surgery and chemotherapy are scheduled for the near future.

To spend more time with his kids, Daryl made the decision to become self employed nine years ago. While he does get the desired time with his kids, if he stops working, he stops getting paid. This is where we need your help; the combination of lost income and mounting medical bills has left the family needing financial help. Any amount that you are able to contribute will be greatly appreciated.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 13, 2012

Posted on August 13, 2012

Glad to report that the last three days have been really nice.  My pain has been relatively moderate, the nausea has been at a minimum and my energy level is very good.  I did have a very hard time with my chemo treatment last week.  I had very bad nausea to the point where I couldn't keep anything down and it completely worn me down to where I couldn't do anything.  I guess my chemo can do this sometimes or it could happen every time I get treatment.  I'll just have to wait and see how each treatment goes.  They can change my medications to help with some of the symptoms and we're going to do that this week when I go back for my next round of chemo.  It is kind of hard mentally knowing I feel really good now, but also knowing I have to have chemo again this week, but it is all necessary to beat this disease.  Thanks again to everybody that has helped our family.

Have a great day,


Posted on August 4, 2012

Posted on August 4, 2012

Well, I just completed my second chemotherapy session and it was rough.  Since I had my first session in the hospital, I didn't really know what to expect this time because I was on a lot of different medications for other things that were going on.  Although each session is supposed to have a little different reaction, I now know a lot of symptoms to expect.  My chemo started on Wednesday and I have to say Thursday was probably one of my longest, most uncomfortable miserable days.  Imagine your worst case of the flu and times that by at least 10.  The good news is that they were able to change my nausea medication on Thursday and by Friday I was feeling much, much better (the magic of little pills!!!!!).  It is amazing just how tired a drug can make you feel.  I usually like to walk a half dozen or more times a day around the house, but I can barely pull myself up just once or twice to do a short walk.  To think a couple of months ago I would go for a 3 hour bike ride, come back and have a 2 and a half hour football practice and still have energy left at the end of the day.  That definitely gives me inspiration to get back to that level. 

I hope everybody had a wonderful weekend and were able to do the things they wanted with the people they wanted to do them with.  You are all in my prayers and you are all blessed.

Thank you,  Daryl

Posted on July 30, 2012

Posted on July 30, 2012

Hi everybody,

I'm finally back and writing this update.  First, I'd like to thank my sister-in-law, Tracy, for posting the updates the past few weeks.  As she has stated, I have experienced some difficulties over the past few weeks, but we have been able to get things under control with my pain and I'm feeling much better.  I have had longer periods of time throughout the day for the last couple of days where I feel pretty good and it is nice being able to just sit and relax.

I can't put into words how much I appreciate all the support our family has been getting from family and friends over the last couple of months.  It really does make my healing process a lot less stressful knowing there are so many wonderful people helping us.  I also can't put into words my heartfelt thanks to all the contributors that have helped us monetarily. 

While I was in the hospital last week I had my first round of chemotherapy.  It is a three day process where I am getting medication for approximately 52 hours.  They say the first two or three rounds of the medications I'm getting, the symptoms aren't too bad.  I had a few symptoms after the first round, but overall it hasn't been too bad.  A little extra pain, a little nausea, some fatigue, appetite loss and at first everything I tried eating tasted like metal and medicine.  I am scheduled to start my second round of chemotherapy this week and will see how my symptoms go.

I want to apologize for the long delays in writing these updates.  I plan on updating everyone in the next couple of days as long as I'm feeling good.

Thank you so much and may God bless you all.

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Daryl Schlosser's battle to beat colon/liver cancer - Medical Expense Fundraiser

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