Colin's LEGacy for all the other Colin's still to be saved !

For: Colin - The Romanian Dog Whose Front Legs Were Chopped Off
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The Story

Colin is a sweet 8 year old dog whose two front legs were deliberately cut off in Valcea, Romania. Because of my past experience with severly injured and sick dogs out there I was approached for help by his rescuer and managed to get him to transfered to a vet I work with in Bacau. 

Thanks to the skills of this vet we were able to save enough of his legs to make him a suitable candidate for prosthetics. He travelled to the UK on Friday 11th April and has been at my vets since then undergoing various surgeries to prepare his stumps for his new legs. 

Thanks to to the genourosity of Colins supporters we have managed to cover all his projected costs ... But unfortunately Colin is not an isolated case. There are many more dogs that need our help and I have decided to keep this event running and use it as the fundraising platform for all my rescue work in Romainia. 

I will still post all the updates on Colins progress here, but will also add the other cases I am helping too ...

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 24, 2014 by Claire Louise Revis
Just a wuivk update to let you all know that Colin is home ?????? I collected him yesterday and he is now sat in his playpen in the garden waiting for the sun to start shining ... 

The other good news is that Fetita is bring cared for by a family in Romania and we are considering funding her care over there where she is settled as opposed to uprooting her and bringing he over to the UK. She actually suffers from epilepsy and a number of other illnesses so I gave offered to cover these costs as well as finding an ongoing vaccination and care package. I have offered to fund the purchase of a cart and am awaiting confirmation of whether one is required ... 

Since the last update we have also taken in another very sad case from a shelter in Botosani ... Karrina was taken from the public shelter a while who by a Dutch lady and placed in the care of the same vet who cared for Colin out there. She has a very extreme case of dermodex caused by severe problems with her immune system. Apart from her illnesses she is completely traumatised by everything that has happened to her and is  at present virtually unhandleable. Her original secure has run out of funds to keep her with the vet and was going to have to move her to a private shelter ... Having a traumatised dog if my own I know that this will set her back both physically and emotionally and have as such offerd that our group will step in and take over her costs. It costs 7 euros per day to keep her in the vets (4 euros of this are for her medical costs) ... Can anyone spare some 7 euros to buy her and extra day at the vets ??????

Posted on May 17, 2014 by Claire Louise Revis

Ladies and gentlemen ... We have another case for Colin's LEGacy ... I have been approached by Jeanette Niemeijer and the vet who cared for Colin in Bacau yo help with this dog ?????? Karinna was taken out of Botosani PS at the beginning of April. She was taken to Alina in Bacau and with lots of love and care her skin and general condition have greatly improved but due to lack of funds Jeanette can no longer afford to keep her there and was going to have to send her to a private shelter in Bucharest. The problem with this is that she is still under treatment and she is very, very scared. She has been with Alina for approximately 6 weeks and will only now take the medication from her hand. If she were to move to a private shelter there is no way she will ever go on to make a full recovery ?????? The cost for her foster is 7 euros per day (4 of these euros are for medication) ... Please will you help me to fund her stay there until she is a little calmer and we are able to find her the special home she deserves ??? She has suffered terribly and needs a quiet home with someone who will give her the space she needs to rebuild her trust in mankind ?????? Please donate stating Karinna in your comments ... Just 7 euros will buy her an extra day in the comfort of the veterinary practice where she can have her medical needs attended to and learn to trust again xxx

Posted on May 17, 2014 by Claire Louise Revis
Here we have the first case that I hope to benefit from Colin's LEGacy ... 

The girls I work with in Valcea (the town where Colin came from) found her in a yard. She has been without legs for over 7 years since she was hit by a train ?? She is gentle and loving and desperately needs both a cart and a loving family to call her own I aim to give her both ... I need approximately £750.00 to buy her a cart, prepare her for transport and buy her a ticket for the dog buss to happiness ... Will anyone help me with this task ??? ... LET'S DO THIS ??????

Posted on May 8, 2014 by Claire Louise Revis
Wow ... what can I say ??? Target reached. I am grateful beyond words ... As is the beautiful Colin ??

My work here however is not done ... I have set up a fund called Colin's LEGacy through which I will fundraise to help the many thousands of other Colin's who are still waiting to be saved and start their happy ever afters ??

Through Colin's experience I will continue to fight to raise awareness of the plight of these forgotten souls, but until the Romanian government wakes up and realises which century it is living in I must continue to raise money to fund their rescue ??

Please donate what you can ...

Posted on May 7, 2014 by Claire Louise Revis
?? WOW ... I can't believe that we are nearly at our £10,000 target.

?? This will mean that Colin can go on to live the life I had dreamed of for him.

?? There are many thousands of other Colins still waiting for their chance though, so if you have been too late to help Colin please feel free to carry on donating to help me give some of them their happy ever afters too ... 

Posted on May 6, 2014 by Claire Louise Revis
This is the new site I have created ... Colin's LEGacy ... It will be used as a plaform to highlight the plight of Romania's forgotten dogs, to raise awareness of the plight of the thousands of otherColin's and for my many fundraising activities ?????? Please pop along and like my page ...

Posted on May 6, 2014 by Claire Louise Revis
I have added this link for all Colin new supporters ?????? It tells his story and shows his progress to dates ... Please feel free of pop along and job in Colin's story xxx

Posted on May 6, 2014 by Claire Louise Revis
Ladies and gentlemen I am overwhelmed at your generosity ...

I have just done an update to the totals as when this event was fist set up we had no idea asto the total costs and hoped that Colin would arrive in the UK with his stumps healed and be ready to go ... As it has happened (and as is generally the case !!!) this was not how things turned out and Colin has been in the vets since his arrival in the UK over 3 weeks ago undergoing additional surgeries to try to create enough good quality skin to cover his little stumps. 

These surgeries have been only partially successful and we were left with the descsion as whether to try to free up more skin or to just bite the bullet and remove more bone. There is no guarantee that further attempts to free up additional skin will work, so after much soul searching we have decided to take the option to shorten his legs even further. The reason this descison was such a difficult one is that there are strict guidelines as to the minimum amount of original leg length that must remain in order to fit a prosthetic limb. 

The upside of this method will be that he will heal much quicker as we will  now be dealing with good quality unscared skin ... This means that we could in all possibility start the prosthetic process within the montH, but as a result of all these additional procedures the projected costs have skyrocketed ... Even with a very generous discount from my lovely vets!!! 

Once his stumps have healed the vet will take moulds of them and make x-rays and take measurements to establish the required length for his new legs. These will then be forwarded to Orthopets for manufacture in the USA. 

Then will begin the long process of rehabilitation. You have to remember that Colin has not walked for many months and because of this he has very little muscle in either his hind legs or his shoulders. Once he has his legs he will need lots of physio and hydro to get him back to full strength ...

But as Colin has already proved, he is a little fighter. He has had a fantastic group of supporters all the way through this process and I dare say he will have and even bigger group watching from the sidelines when he eventually take his first steps ??????

Posted on May 4, 2014 by Claire Louise Revis
The latest update on Colin is that he is doing well ?????? He is still in the vets after undergoing additional surgeries to try to "create" additional skin to cover his stumps ... 

This is has not been 100% successful and we have now decided to remove a further 1cm from the bone of each leg ... This will guarantee correct coverage and speed the rehabilitation process meaning he will be up and in his new legs much sooner ... In fact the process could begin within 4 weeks of surgery ... 

Everyone has been very generous with their donations but unfortunately these additional surgeries and Colins prolonged stay in the vets was not something I had envisage and as a consequence more funding is still needed ??????

you only have have to meet Colin to know what a happy little chap he is ... he is always smiling (and eating!!!!) and has such a zest for life. a photographer from a press agency came round to do a photo shoot on Friday and we had al on getting him to stay sat on the rug. EVERYTIME I put him down ... He was off at the speed of light ??????

He really has come so far already we cannot allow this last obstacle to defeat us ... Please give whatever you can spare and share this event far and wide xxx

Posted on April 17, 2014 by Claire Louise Revis
Sorry for the pack of updates but I've been travelling the length and breadth of Britain delivering my April Dogs ... Of which Colin was one  ??

He arrived in the UK on Sunday and was taken straight to the vets first thing Monday morning to assessment ...

There is a problem with one of a colons stumps where the skin has broken down and left only tissue at the point of closure ... In order for him to have his prosthetics he needs to have good healthy skin so next week he will undergo his second surgery ??

He is currently on fluids as the long journey took its toll on his frail little body and we are awaiting resuots if a third set if blood tests to confirm all his levels are back to normal before we go ahead with any further anaesthetics ...

All is not gloom and doom though ?? Colin is well and happy. We have had lots of tail wags and belly rubs ... He is eating well and he is being looked after amazingly by the vets and nurses at the Friendly Animal Clinic in Sowerby Bridge ??????

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