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The Story

Ukraine War Amp's ongoing effort to assist Veterans of the unfolding War continues in the form of our new project - Adopt a Soldier.  We are going to provide monthly stipends of approximately $50 USD to as many of these heros as we can.  Your assistance is absolutely necessary and can make the difference between living with some dignity and living in hopelessness.  Please help us help these Veterans.  100 percent of the proceeds go to those you help.  We can prove it. Please see attached images of the amputees you can help to. Proves of payments could be found here and on Ukraine War Amps Facebook group page. 

Adopt a Soldier establishes a unique bridge between you and the amputee you'd like to help to on monthly basis. We are just a free of charge funds transfer service built out of volunteers and their desire to help!

We have successfully collected and delivered approximately $4100 USD for the cause thus far.  Thank you everyone who has helped in the past.  You are part of our inspiration to continue!

Please leave your message to the Adopted Soldier in Comments. It will be delivered together with funds. You can help the following amputees:

OLEKSIY KONDRATENKO is an orphan who led a successful life as a welder in Chervonyj Lan, Zhytomyr. Just like many young Ukrainians, found his dreams and way of life destroyed by the war. He was mobilized to the ATO as an intelligence officer on August 23rd, under the 30th Mechanized Division of Novohrad Volynskyj.
On February 6th, soldiers of the 30th Division accompanied a convoy carrying people and materials for the installation of a new checkpoint near Shchastia. The convoy was attacked, and Oleksiy was hit by large shrapnel that tore apart much of his left side, piercing his belly and damaging many of his internal organs. Smaller bits lodged themselves in his head, and he has undergone several surgeries to remove it.

MYKHAYLO VASCHENKO covers mine with his body to save lives of others. Mike - an electrician native to Kyiv, covered mine with his body to save lives of his friends. Mike was called to serve in the Ukrainian Army on June 17, 2015 and after short training program became a sniper.Then Mike was sent to the frontline and took a part in fights near Szczastia, Holubivka, and Donetsk. In the end of September 2015 Mykhaylo was severely wounded.
They were retreating. Mike felt that he stepped on a mine. He managed to warn others and covered the mine with his body so that no one else gets the blow and shrapnel. Thanks to the military steal jacket given to Mike by volunteers he got multiple injuries, torn foot but left alive. One of his friends got eye injury from the same mine explosion. Doctors consider amputating his leg even higher than it got amputated recently otherwise a very expensive surgery is required.
The family with 4 year old daughter is struggling these days mobilizing their humble resources and collecting funds from all around in hope to be able to provide the best treatment possible for their beloved Hero.

32-year-old Viktor Kardash is originating from Mykolayiv oblast. He has a profession of a choreographer but he used to work as an auditor, then as a barman. After that he went to the ATO zone as a volunteer soldier. He was enlisted as a marines soldier. Viktor was on operational missions near Mariupol of Donetsk oblast together with his fellow soldiers. In the beginning of autumn the military unit was transferred to the ordnance yard in Urzuf village in Pershotravnevy district of Donetsk oblast for training. There on the 28th of September an accident happened. A rope stalled in an automatic heavy grenade launcher and the weapon fired. Viktor was standing closest to it and was severely wounded. They gave him first aid and took him to the hospital quickly. In spite of this neither in Dnipropetrovsk nor in Kyiv succeeded doctors to save his right leg because it remained next to nothing of the essential blood vessel. The guy is single. His both parents are disabled persons therefore they cannot even come to visit their son in Kyiv.

YEVHEN GUDYLOV. At the beginning of the war in the spring of 2014 Yevhen Gudilov, father of two children that he is raising alone, has worked in the IT sector ( developed trading platforms for online stores).
Despite the fact that he has no previous experience in an army, Yevhen from the first days of the war volunteered for the front line. He fought in the battalion '' Donbass''. Yevhen took part in battles in different parts of Lugansk and Donetsk regions.
August 24, 2014 during heavy fighting in
Ilovaysk ( Donetsk region ) Yevhen was hit by a rocket artillery shelling and was seriously injured: penetration shrapnel wound to the head; deformation of the scull and a slight shift of the brain; one eye was lost immediately. Five surgeries were done to save the second eye. Multiple severe burns, fractures and joint dysfunction caused shoulders and arms motion problems.
Today he is disabled group 2. However , due to the fact that he has status '' reservist'' ( as well as all those who fought in military-volunteer battalions) and voluntarily joined the Ukrainian Army in the moment it mostly needed him, Yevhen does not receive any pension from Ukrainian authorities.
These days Yevhen is completely depend on the ability of his kids to take care of the Hero-dad. 

VADYM MOROZ native to Czerkasy, served in the Ukrainian Army in early 90th and then since August 2014 as a cook. He participated in fighting for Vodiane and Pisky near Donetsk airport. 
Vadym was severely wounded in deadly attack in January 2015 - multiple body injuries. Shrapnel was found in Hero's lungs, head, limbs, etc. His right arm is not functioning and doctors considered amputation.

RODION TRYSTAN is a Taras Shevchenko University graduate, a lawyer and an active Maidan participant. He helped soldiers who fought in the war to prepare their papers, and he decided himself not to stay at home. Rodion, who became a soldier of the Right Sector Volunteer Ukrainian Corps, was wounded on the 17th of June, 2015 at “Butivka” coal mine (official place name “Putylivska” coal mine) near Donetsk. His frontal bone and eyes were injured. Rodion lost one eye. Surgeon succeeded to save another eye.

from Cherkassy . As a professional in the field of construction, the Hero had a high -paying job . He is married and the father of two daughters, 16 - year-old and 11 years old.
But at a time when Ukraine became in danger as a consequence of the aggression by the Russian Federation, Oleksandr did not hesitate and went to the front lines as a volunteer military .Fighting as a part of the 90th Airborne Assault Battalion he distinguished himself in battles for the Donetsk airport in December of 2014 and January of 2015 as a brave warrior and a reliable comrade. In January 2015 he was wounded - a shell fragment tore off two fingers on his hand; concussion. After prolonged treatment, despite the injury , he returned to the front line!
After demobilization the Cyborg received a status of a disabled person of the 3rd group which made the Hero entitled for a pension of $100 a month – is that what survived Cyborgs deserve? UWA will try its best to match the government funding for the Cyborg – a breadwinner for a family of 4! 
Currently Oleksandr is engaged in social work activities related to the war veterans in his native city of Cherkassy.

YEVHEN IVKO decided that sitting home is coward, and in August 2014 joined the Ukrainian Army. He was sent to 95-th brigade( Airborne Troops). There was 90th Airborne Assault Battalion formed at its base, a part of which Evgeny took his first battle in November 2014 in Donetsk Airport. In one of the many battles in December 2014 he got severe contusion and then was taken to a military hospital. But in February 2015 Evgeny, not having recovered fully yet, returned to the front line. He could not leave his military unit while it fought and suffered losses. He was at the front until August 2015!
Evgeny Ivko is disabled veteran (second category). He does not work for health reasons. He has deafness, headache, high pressure and disorders of the nervous system, and no financial support from Ukrainian government.
Yevhen and his wife have 11 old son.

VASYL DZHALAMAHA born 01.01.1988, Kamyanets-Podilsky,  served in 128 brigade almost for a year, was seriously wounded on the 5th of July, 2015 near village of Teple, Luhanck Province.
Blown up on a "tripwire" mine. His lower limb was amputated; he has damaged fingers on the one hand and multiple body injuries.

DMYTRO TROMPAK, 22 year old, native to Mukacheve region, joined Ukrainian Forces on July 9, 2014. Mine explosion on July 4, 2015 near Stanytsia Luhanska (100 meters from the border) almost cost Hero his life - 12 hours doctors were struggling for Dmytro's life and won! ...many surgeries behind and many to come... Dmytro’s only family is his grandma and brother. TO BE ADOPTED

OLEKSANDR FEDCHYSHEN: Just a short year after being back from the Army, 22 year old Vinnytsia region native Oleksandr Fedchyshen found himself in the midst of the new war against Eastern Monster. Like his predecessors - Ukrainian heroes of the both Ukrainian-Muscovite wars almost a century ago Oleksandr defended what is the most valuable for all of us – his land, his family, his dignity.

After being ambushed and severely wounded on June 13, 2015 Oleksandr made his way to a hospital. TO BE ADOPTED

MAKSYM DENISOV: Maksym is one of the Cyborgs and defended Dnetsk's airport for 10 days. His last battle occurred on Dec 6, 2014 when the Hero covered with his body their commander during the attack and, as a result, lost one eye and received multiple wounds. Native to Kyiv Maksym needs our support today simply to survive. Please step forward and adopt the Cyborg!  TO BE ADOPTED

Mykhaylo Lialia - soldier from 24th group named after Danilo Halitskiy.  Mikhailo was born in a small village Svidnitsi, Yavorivskiy region near Lviv. On 12th February, 2015 Mykhaylo Lialia was severely wounded during artillery attack near Debaltsevo. The young man has numerous injuries on his back bones and head, numerous broken ribs, he has wounded hands and an affected eye. Doctors coped to save a 22 years old young man`s life but cannot treat him with means which they have. TO BE ADOPTED

Oleksandr Behersky has got numerous shrapnel wounds into his head and the back part of the body. 50% of his body was burnt. In future he has a complicated way of medical support and post – hospital rehabilitation. Oleksandr needs skin transplantation, eye and ear renewal and rehabilitation after blast (contusion) injury. Oleksandr 1986 year of birth, from Cherkassy region, has wife Olesia and son Sasha. TO BE ADOPTED

ANDRIY SHARAYENKO, 40, volunteered to join Ukraine Defence Forces in February 2015. He served in the 17th Battalion "Kirovograd" near Horlovka. On April 17 during a battle Andriy was severely wounded and, as a result, his right hand was amputated at the hospital in Dzerzhinsk. The former electrician from Bila Tserkva has a long recovery and rehabilitation process ahead of him. More info about the Hero could be found here: BE ADOPTED

OLEKSIY KURGAN was on the front line since September 2014. "It was my choice and I think all of us knew that the worst may happen to anyone of us", - said to me Oleksiy today in our 15 minute long long-distance phone talk.

On March 28, 2015 paratrooper Oleksiy Kurhan lost his foot in a mine explosion.

Paratrooper Oleksiy Kurhan lost his foot in a mine explosion. TO BE ADOPTED

IVAN KUSHNEREV, 25, lives in the true heart of Ukraine - Zaporizhia. After a mine exploded in Ivan's hands (Ivan could not throw it away minding his friends staying by) the Hero and future journalist left with no hands, multiple shrapnel wounds, lost his eye, and got his leg damaged. ADOPTED

"I never wanted to fight, I'm a peaceful person, but is willing to protect our people, our land, on which I was born and live", - comments Ivan his stance to (read full version in English below):

SERHIY KOVAL from Dnipropetrovsk volunteered to join Ukrainian Defense Force and is one of the Cyborgs who heroically defended the well known airport of Donetsk. He was severely wounded in the battle on October 3, 2014: concussion, non stop headaches causing sleepless nights even now-days, broken ribs, injured lung (partial lung amputation followed and breathing is very challenging for Serhiy now), and severe spine problems. ADOPTED

SERHIY KHRAPKO: 37-year-old resident of Kyiv Serhiy Khrapko lost his left arm and left leg on May 16, 2015 in the battle of Maryinka. Before the war Serhiy was making furniture. Farther for 2 joined the Ukrainian Forces on Jan 21, 2015. ADOPTED

STEPAN HLADIY from Snyatyn joined Ukrainian military forces in April 2014 and found himself on the hospital bed half a year later in October. 28 year old and father for 2 boys was discharged from the Kyiv’s hospital with diagnosis of right-sided venous angioma, epilepsy syndromes, and cerebrovascular disease. ADOPTED

OLEH VOLOSHYN, 32 year old, from Podillia, farther for two boys, who was defending Ukraine since Aug 14, 2014 and known among his Army friends as “Titan” found himself on a hospital bed with amputated left leg and arm after a battle near Debaltseve in February 2015. ADOPTED

Leonid Moroshan – severely wounded on Feb 16, 2015 went through four surgeries in Artemivsk, Kharkiv, and Vinnytzia hospitals. Read more about Leoinid here (English): ADOPTED

Ihor Petzyk – 35 year old, 45% of his skin burnt in deadly attack near Debaltzeve. Now Ihor relies on others to help him. Read more about Ihor (first link in English followed by two links in Ukrainian):  

initial article:

latest article:

Ruslan Karpetz - 24 year old, a farther of two, left arm amputee, left leg is severely damaged (English):

Vadym Dovhoruk - 23-year-old commando from Kirovograd lost his left arm near Debaltseve. For four days he lay on the ground in freezing temperatures... Doctors were unable to save his frostbitten feet, and they got amputated (English):

Vadym Svyrydenko – Army medic, lay for three days in freezing temperatures, captured before reaching the hospital, both feet and both hands amputated (English): Russian)  ADOPTED

Vasyl Pelysh – terrorists axed off his right hand. Vasyl’s story could be found here (English):

Maksym Vakuleno – one leg amputee. Maksym’s story could be found here (English):

Oleksiy Zamirko – double amputee. Oleksiy’s story could be found here:

Vyacheslav Buynovsky – double amputee (one leg and one arm amputee). Vyacheslav’s story is here (English):

Ivan Yaretyk originates from Poltava region – the heart of the Centuries-old Ukrainian liberation movement. That’s probably why Ivan’s nickname, stuck to him in Aydar regiment where Ivan met Maxim Vakulenko, was Poltava.  Ivan has fought for Independence of Ukraine since July 29, 2014. On October 15, 2015 the troop unit with Ivan and Maxim was sent from checkpoint #31 to checkpoint #32. They were ambushed in attempt to make their way... The horrible death of their commander, hell of captivity, life-saving mercy of Muscovy officer, and miracle of rescue – those are pieces of the bigger nightmare puzzle. Terrorists let our Hero to choose between exscinding his heart, sterilization, and slicing off his ear. ADOPTED

Olexandr Chalapchy both legs amputee and dad of two girls (the youngest one was born two months ago) is one of the first two limb amputees in this war. "Legless Robin Hood" helps families of fallen soldiers. Olexander Chalapchiy - teacher in Ulyanovka - small town in Kirovohrad region and former soldier of 34 battalion Kirovograd territorial defence. ADOPTED

Roman Havrylchak  - 31-years old officer succeeded to leave Debaltsevo alive but he has numerous traumas : the lower part of the body he does not feel. He`s got spinal fracture (5th, 6th,7th spinal bone), broken ribs, shrapnel wounds and a broken hand. 
Because of broken ribs the doctors can not make an operation on the hand. A man is waiting for numerous operations and long rehabilitation. ADOPTED

Serhiy Tovstyk – a soldier from Dnipropetrovsk. His story is shocking: It happened on September 13, 2014 when three tanks of the enemy launched an attack at five Ukrainian soldiers. Sergey rushed out to help the five brave men. He kept protecting his friends on a checkpoint with the grenade launcher, managed to puncture a tank but lost both arms.  IT Engineer, married, has two daughters. ADOPTED

As soon as we are able to allocate at least US$50 to each one of these heroes on monthly basis, we are going to add more amputees to the campaign. Your commitment is highly appreciated!
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