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The Story

My niece Jackie came down with the flu the end of Oct, A few days later, she went back to the doctor, they saw a patch of Pneumonia in one lung, Two days later, Nov 1st, she was having touble breathing, they rushed her to doctor's office where an xray showed complete "Whiteout" they sent her by ambulance to the hospital where she was admitted to ICU and placed on Oxygen,  5-6 Medicines and differance treatments with no improvments by the next Friday Nov 8th she was placed on a Ventilator and tests confimed she had H1N1. She is now on Tamaflu and few others, The days & weeks that followed have been a roller coaster for Jackie, her husband, who has not left her side, and their 4 girls. 

Jackies progress has been very slow, with setbacks along the way, They have gone from a Bi Vent to a Single Vent system and back. Last Wed they place in a Chest tube & Thursday, Nov 21, they put in a Trach tube, Yesterday, Nov 25th she pulled out her feeding tube, That will be replaced with a Peg tube for feeding now, 

Jackie has a VERY VERY LONG WAY TO GO, even after ICU, Stepdown, and possible Rehab since she has not be sitting up, walking, eating or doing anything on her own for over a month! There is a good chance it could be the 1st of the year! 

Their extended family is scattered all over the US, They need your PRAYERS and your Help to make it through Christmas and New Years is going to be hard! They have had a rough yearand will be Glad to see 2013 behind them!  May GOD BLESS THEM now and make 2014 a MUCH Better year!

Kevin left the Airforce last year, he is coverd by VA, the girls have Medicaid, But Jackie has NO INSURANCE! ( sadly like a lot of us) 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 3, 2014 by Jeannie & David Woodruff

Kevin StasikMAJOR UPDATE!!!!   JACKIE 
Jackie is OFFICIALLY home now. Resting on the couch and enjoying an Arbys sandwich she was craving

Posted on January 1, 2014 by Jeannie & David Woodruff
Kevin StasikUPDATE!!!!!!!!

TODAY (1/1/2014) JACKIE IS HOMEWARD BOUND!!!! She will be sleeping in her own bed tonight. 

God is great. Happy New Year

Posted on December 29, 2013 by Jeannie & David Woodruff
Need: I am asking everyone hand write a letter to petition physical therapy offices to consider Jackie for pro bono therapy/home care. The best one in the area is HealthSouth. Kathy, if you would collect these and forward too me, maybe we can get Jackie quality care when she gets discharged. That discharge by the way could be Monday due to the fact the hospital is anticipating a loss revenue for her care. They only thing she is doing at the hospital is PT and bed pans. Still not walking and very weak. She is still on light oxygen and her trach is healing. Hospital says this can all be done at home. 

Applied for Medicaid but that takes a long time to approve, especially with Obama care crap going on right now. Physical therapist very unlikely to take with out guaranteed pay. This is why I need the letters to pull at the heart and hopefully fall in the right hands. I hope to get her in HealthSouth but would consider others. Need your help
5 hours ago
· Yesterday at 7:57pm

Posted on December 29, 2013 by Jeannie & David Woodruff
Kevin Stasik:  UPDATE on JACKIE
Merry Christmas to all. I want to thank you so incredibly much for the outpouring of gifts for the girls and Jackie and I. You would be so shocked to see what a major turnout there was. Everyone stepped up in a huge way and this turned out to be one of the BIGGEST Christmas days the girls have ever seen. I am so grateful. The biggest part of today is that all the girls commented, even Alaina at 6 years old, the importance of the day is not gifts. It is our God giving us Christ knowing that he would be sacrificing Him for our mistakes. Could you sacrifice your son? For a stranger? A stranger that sinned against you? Wow. This was not lost on our family today. 

Thank you. 

Jackie is getting stronger each day and has been moved to a regular diet. She is sitting up on her own and is getting closer to standing. She still has next to no appetite. Something to overcome. They took out her catheter and pick tube. They took off the electrical leads and will removed the feeding tube at the very last moment. She is not using it but just incase. Her oxygen levels are strong. I think even stronger then my own but her lung capacity is low. Hurdle #2) I am hopeful that these next couple weeks get her completing out. 

Let us pray
Thank you Father for sparing my wife. I am forever grateful. Thank you for the support you had sent our family. This had been and still is very difficult. You have provided in s time of need and I pray that you continue to do so as the hospital bills start coming in. We need your hand on us Father. Thank you for your son, our Savoir. I also ask that you make it obvious that you have witnessed the good deeds of so many for our benefit. Please allow our family and friends to experience your grace and may you continue to receive all the praise. 


Merry Christmas from the Stasik Family
· December 25 at 10:34pmvia

Posted on December 21, 2013 by Jeannie & David Woodruff
Spent some time on the phone this morning with Jackie.  Amazing what she went thru from her side of reality...as far as being on all those meds and in a sedation state...we sat on this side of it which seemed bad enough....but her side was alot tougher in that she could hear or feel but couldnt see....which made it all pretty scary!! Ugh....wish I could have switched places with her so she didnt go through all of this....but God knows what He is doing...and like Kevin, I am going to be amazed what we hear from all this as far as how God touched each and everyone of our lives in some way....Praising God and Thanking Him for blessing me and allowing us to keep Jackie for a little more time!!!  

Posted on December 20, 2013 by Jeannie & David Woodruff
Merry Christmas

Posted on December 20, 2013 by Jeannie & David Woodruff
( this was a text from KEVIN few mins ago!!)

Jackie after 45 days in the ICU has been moved to room 430 and it is much nicer in here. She can now talk and is using her cell phone. She passed her swallow test with flying colors and will be trying real food soon. She is not ready yet for a bunch of visitors, she will let kevin know when she feels up to visitors. Thank u everyone for ur  continuous prayers. She says praise Jesus!!!!!  She is still tires easily and is sleeping now

Posted on December 20, 2013 by Jeannie & David Woodruff
I was out at a friends house last night and I dont get cell service there...if anything it eats the battery of my phone....so on my way home I was in service range and my phone beeped letting me know I had msgs, and calls etc... I got home and I listened to my voice mail and I heard the most beautiful voice I could imagine.....It was my sister Jackie.....I cried and cried and when I tried to call back my phone died and I had to charge it.. I saw around midnight when I woke up that another two calls came in while charging from Kevin.....and I cried again....I am going to try to call her this morning and talk with her.....couldnt ask for a better Christmas gift than to hear the sound of her voice......I love you too Jackie!!!!

Posted on December 18, 2013 by Jeannie & David Woodruff
Kevin Stasik
UPDATE ...  ICU DAY # 49  
No step down today. The ICU doctors and nurses have become emotionally invested in her recovery and don't want to let her go. They took her outside again today and doctors and nurses came from near and far too see her. Nurses that don't even work in the ICU came out. One doctor even drove over from his office just to see her. They will be sending her to step down very soon though. 

SHE IS TALKING TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They placed a oneway valve in her trach to allow her to move air past her voice box. 

The very first thing she said was to make sure I thank you all for the prayers and support you have sent our way. She is praying that God take care of each of your families this Christmas. When I told her about the financial help from all parts of the country, she said Thank you and signed "I love you". 

Her is a picture of her taken today outside. May God bless you all and if you are traveling, please remember that it is more important to get there safe then to get there fast.

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