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The Story

The earthquake on April 25th destroyed many areas in Nepal. One of which is the village of Karmidanda. Dr Erin Moore recently moved back there in March of this year to continue her work as a facilitator of participatory development. On that Saturday afternoon, she became a first responder. She has since been joined by her partner Nat Willis, who was able to safely bring supplies, Jhabraj Neupane's daughters from Kathmandu, and hope to Erin and the villagers.  Together they have worked tirelessly to help the villagers deal with the aftermath and devastation. The Neupane family adopted Erin years ago, along with many other foreigners traveling through Karmidanda over the years. 

Only two houses in the village are habitable after the quake. Much of the livestock was killed from falling structures. Thirty three human lives were lost. The source of clean drinking water was lost to a landslide.

BUT the villagers are resourceful and in about a weeks time they had located another source of water- cleanliness questionable, and moved out of the refugee camp into covered shelters referred to as cottages. Electricity was restored in one home, that also houses the mill. providing ground corn and wheat to feed both the villagers and the animals! Erin, Nat, and Jhabraj have been able to coordinate with the local disaster relief efforts to ensure that Karmidanda is receiving supplies, food, and medical care.

There is much to be done, to continue to secure short term needs and when looking forward to the overwhelming task at hand to rebuild the village. The villagers are meeting at the end of May to determine how they want to move forward with this effort. Community lead global health efforts are ideal, sustainable, and the most successful. Dr Erin will continue her role as a facilitator as she originally intended prior to the earthquake. 

The Neupane has given so much to so many - local and foreigner alike, Jhabraj is a natural leader.  Take this opportunity to give back, at a time where the need is greatest!  All donations will directly support the rebuilding efforts for the village of Karmidanda. Please donate, and share the link with your own social networks. Together we all can make a difference in the lives of these wonderful people, our Nepali brothers and sisters! 

Follow Doctor Erin on facebook for pictures and updates as often as she is able.

I want to emphasize that this money is going DIRECTLY to the villagers of Karmidanda in collaboration with Dr Erin Moore and many others. We are not an organization, your donations are not tax deductible. THANK YOU. Your direct donations are making an immediate difference in the lives of the people in distress in Karmidanda. ~dr desha

Dr Erin's journal entries. 
The refugee camp in Karmidanda. 
Dr Erin's house, she slept upstairs with Aamaa (the grandmother). Januka made it out of the house safely [everyone else was already outside that day].
The first picture post earthquake of Dr Erin, Camila, Ezequiel and Jhabraj's family. 
Pics of Karmidanda and villagers before the earthquake.  

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 28, 2015

Posted on June 28, 2015

Our fundraiser ends in 3 days, but the that will not be the end of our #rebuildkarmidanda efforts. 

Donate if you can. Share if you will. 
Follow the progress of the village at as well as for further opportunities to be involved with the villagers and Dr Erin in Nepal with the aftermath of the two earthquakes. 

Thank you for your donations. We are just under 10,000 away from our goal! 

Posted on May 30, 2015

Posted on May 30, 2015

Have you been following the updates on facebook or instagram @drerinmoore ,  direct from Nepal!

The community driven assessment of the village needs has been going really well the last three days! The elected leaders of the village have created a monsoon protection plan that will be implemented immediately!  

After shocks still ravage the area constantly. Significant rainfall has started. Many families do not have reliable shelter for the monsoon season. Hope is higher than it's been in a long time. Let's do what we can to ensure success on their end in their noble endeavors! 

Please consider donating here, or directly via paypal as a friends/family xfer (deshawood at gmail) or into Erin/my Nepal Wells Fargo account - Email me for that detail. 

Thank you, so many times over, to those who have donated to Dr Erin and the people of Karmidanda!! 

Posted on May 12, 2015

Posted on May 12, 2015

From Doctor Erin on facebook:
News reports 7.3-7.4, phones and internet are back on. Everyone was scared again, but appears there are no major injuries or further destruction in this area. Enough already! Hoping that was the last.

Still an aftershock if it's so big? We were just making plans for the future, feeling safe. Sad to report that feeling left for many today. But these people are so resilient! Blows my mind. A few hours later we went to the lower part of the village, saw kids playing and met a family whose mom was busy delivering her placenta when the quake hit!

Nepal is reeling after the latest quake. The fear is real. The hopelessness is real. The will of the God's is real.
Your donations make a difference, they really do. Hope can be restored as basic needs are met. The needs are revolving - once food is eaten, more needs to be bought, once water is drunk, more needs to be purified, once limited supplies are utilized, more are desperately needed for others to utilize. 
Please continue to give freely to those in need of humanity and hope.
Please share.
Please don't forget Nepal.
"Don't let people forget about us, Mom." ~Erin

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