Relief For Nepal Earthquake Victims

For: Affected communities of Nepal Earthquake
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The Story

In the aftermath of the biggest Earthquake to hit Nepal in 80 years, and one that followed today, 12/05; many lives have been lost, many more injured, and numerous ancient heritage sites destroyed. It is estimated that 8 million people have been affected by the earthquake. It will take long years ahead to rebuild Nepal, but we can provide relief to the affected communities. Relief that is needed NOW.

Join me and Photo Circle ('s Yellow House Himalayan Disaster Relief Volunteering Group in helping raise funds for this relief.

100% of your proceeds will go directly to the affected communities. All administrative costs will be covered by us.

Let's dig in deep for Nepal, for humanity! Every € counts, small or big.

What will your € go towards?
We want to make sure that every € of yours goes to where it is needed. Photo Circle has organised a group of independent volunteers and are procuring basic essentials in Kathmandu- plastic tarps are on top of our list- and distributing to various locations on the periphery of Kathmandu valley.

Please do check our updates and photos tab, we are uploading some pictures and posting updates of our volunteers coordinating and dispatching some essentials.

If you would like to receive email updates, please drop me a line at [email protected] I'll add you on our google group of funders.

We want to make sure that our relief reaches the most vulnerable and is dispersed effectively.  

You can follow us on our Facebook Page: 
Himalayan Disaster Relief Volunteer Group ( for regular updates.

How can you help?
Besides online donations, You can also contribute in kind. We need tarps, (minimum size 8 ft x 12 ft), rope, basic medical and (dry) food supplies in large quantities. If you know manufacturers or suppliers who you can put us in touch with, please do!

We need volunteers to coordinate fundraising, coordinate volunteers, document, strategise and then of course get out there and distribute relief material. If you are interested to volunteer or if you know friends interested, please register at


A group of photographer friends have set up the following social media feeds to share photos, stories and updates from the ground:

Who are we?

Bios- Rashmi and Photo Circle

has over eight years of experience working in conflict prevention, disarmament and peacebuilding. She currently works as a European Affairs and Partnerships Manager with Search for Common Ground (SFCG), the largest conflict transformation and peacebuilding organisation with offices in 35 countries across Africa, Middle East and Asia. In her capacity, she serves the organisation as the main liaison between the European Union and the field; developing and representing the organisation in various EU related platforms and networks, providing advice on EU policies and funding, and managing the European Mediation Project. Prior to joining SFCG, Rashmi headed the Policy and Research unit of Handicap International based out of Brussels. Rashmi has worked in Sierra Leone, Uganda and Nepal on reintegration and rehabilitation of former children and youth soldiers; and conducted missions in East and West Africa, Asia and Middle East on arms control. Additionally, in Nepal Rashmi started independent initiatives to support children in need in Nepal through the FIVE Group, with her friends and has tirelessly worked to sustain the project.

A Nepalese native, Rashmi holds a MA in Development Studies from the International Institute of Social Studies, the Hague and a BA from Manchester Metropolitan University. She has received trainings in International Humanitarian Law, EU Advocacy and an online certificate on Understanding the EU and its Instruments from l’HEC Paris.

(Nayantara and Bhushan) Photo Circle
was established in 2007 as a platform for new photography in Nepal. Through workshops, publications, exhibitions and commission assignment work, strives to create opportunities for photographers to learn, exhibit, publish and market their work. Through its various activities and by bringing photographers and other visual storytellers together, aspires to nurture unique voices that document and engage with social change in Nepal. Photo Circle has responded to the flood victim crisis by bringing together volunteers to support the victims going above and beyond their mandate of art platform.

In 2010, set up Nepal Picture Library, a digital photo archive that hopes to contribute to the study of Nepali photography, generate knowledge and raise questions about how we can explore issues of memory, identity, and history through images.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 26, 2015

Posted on May 26, 2015

Straight from the Heart II: Another update from Nepal on how your valuable € has been used. Thank you again for your faith and trust in us. We need your donations and you know it has been used effectively. We need also to keep Nepal and its need in the media, and not let us fade away. It will take long years to rebuild Nepal.

Dear friends,

Exactly a month ago from today on April 25th, we were thrown into terror here in Nepal when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit us. It shook our core.

Three days after the first big hit, we started mobilizing as an unofficial volunteer network. We all just wanted to do what we could. We were not professional relief workers. But we were committed to acting swiftly, without bureaucratic barriers, with whatever resources we could mobilize. We have learnt a lot. This past weekend, we have stopped what we are calling 'Phase 1' during which we focused on relief. Now we have begun 'Phase 2' which will focus on rebuilding.    

In Phase 1, we were able to;
  • dispatch 269 missions to 269 Village Development Committees (VDCs) spread out across 17 districts
  • distribute 10,873 pieces of tarpaulin sheets which reached 10,873 families 
  • distribute 33 tonnes of food
  • engage over 250 passionate volunteers
  • prove to ourselves that if we can put our heads and hearts together, we can build community, fundraise, be efficient, economize, and push the human spirit into uncharted territories in the most adverse of situations 

Each of you reading this email have been a big part of this effort. Your contributions in cash and kind have enabled much of this work to happen. THANK YOU for joining forces with us!!

Our collective efforts seem to have caught the attention of the world media including Aljazeera, Wired Magazine, The Guardian among others.      

It pains me to report though, that the situation on the ground here is still extremely challenging. Basic relief supplies have reached many, I dare say, most affected areas and the government and larger aid agencies now, finally, seem to have wheels in motion. But the monsoons are fast approaching. Thousands and thousands of families are living under mere tarps. They have started building temporary shelters as best they can to prepare for some long hard months ahead. For many of these months, they might be cut off from road access due to landslides. They will have to fight this plus food shortage, health and sanitation hazards, illnesses. It is a heavy, heavy thought. 

Many volunteers who we have worked with us are committed to continue to do what we can. Here is a summary of our plans for Phase 2;

Volunteer teams will revisit 8-12 VDCs (or however many we can afford) where we have found strong local leadership (this is to ensure that when our teams leave, the inputs they have made are sustained to the maximum possible degree) to help re/build multi-purpose community shelters that will house educational activities, health and sanitation sessions, medical camps, skills building workshops (focusing on construction), critical thinking/problem solving workshops, grain storage etc. These shared shelters can also be used as emergency shelters should individuals or families in the community need them. Volunteer teams will work in each VDC for 1-2 weeks, working closely with community leaders and groups to source local materials and skills. Volunteers will use art + educational tools to engage children in positive healing activities, and train local teachers to help them continue these activities as back-to-school programs.

We have used approximately 65% of the total funds raised for Phase 1, and we plan to spend the remaining funds for Phase 2. 

We are committed to transparency, so we are happy to share our expense day books with you here:

You can see more details of Phase 1 achievements here:!/publish-confirm

For good updates from the ground:

And of course for regular updates, please visit our FB page:

THANK YOU once again for your contributions. Please do share links to our two fundraising platforms with friends and family who might also be interested to contribute. Nepal needs your continued support:

To give in US Dollars:

To give in Euros:

Special thanks to our friends Maia Ruth Lee, Rashmi Thapa and Muna Gurung for initiating and managing these fundraising efforts for us!

With love from Nepal,


[On behalf of everyone at HDRVG aka The Yellow House crew]

Posted on May 16, 2015

Posted on May 16, 2015

Thank you WIRED for featuring Yellow house and Himalayan Disaster Relief Volunteer Group. Here is an excerpt from the article:
"...the Yellow House has emerged as the hub of a vibrant guerrilla aid operation run by a handful of young people armed with little more than Facebook, open source mapping technology, local knowledge, and some antiestablishment verve."

Posted on May 16, 2015

Posted on May 16, 2015

Thank you NPR for your article on us. I hope that we continue working and moving forward. Here is an excerpt from the piece:

"...And then there's the Yellow House. The bed and breakfast is now the headquarters for a community-built organization that has a mass following of donors and volunteers. The group, which calls itself Yellow House, was created on the afternoon of April 25 by Nayatara Gurung Kakshapati, 33, a photographer, and a handful of her friends.

Their impromptu get together has morphed into an anarchic relief effort of Nepalis with a few Westerners.."

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