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The Story

There are hundreds of rural villages severely affected by the April 25 earthquake where not a single house remains standing. Our goal is to help the earthquake-affected community of Ningale village to rebuild their homes and their livelihoods in the long term. Ningale village is located in Sindhupalchowk district, one of the worst hit districts, and has a population of about 100 people living in 18 houses. We already sent a care package consisting of food and shelter items (30 tents, 20 blankets, 200 kilos rice, 50 kilos lentils, salt etc), however, these only provide short-term relief. We now aim to rebuild the 18 houses and toilets of this village using mostly sustainable and locally sourced materials. We intend to integrate modern framing techniques for resilience to future natural disasters while ensuring that the rebuilt homes reflect the community's cultural heritage.

The village of Ningale is about a 3-hour drive and a further 1-hour hike away from Kathmandu. It's relative proximity to Kathmandu (about 60 kilometers away) and its small size mean that it skips the attention of most donors who are mostly looking at bigger villages that are further away from the capital. Ningale came to our attention through one of its residents, Dawa Tamang - a long time co-worker, friend, and an all around nice person. During the earthquake, along with all the other houses in the village, he lost his house that he had only finished building 3 months ago.

Ningale's small size and our local connection mean that rebuilding this village can be achieved through our fundraising effort. Our current goal would allow us to start rebuilding the 18 homes in this community. As we continue to rebuild, we will expand our fundraising efforts so that we can also work towards rebuilding their school and health care post at a later stage.

NB: PayPal donations will be processed through our project co-ordinator Mandil Pradhan's PayPal account due to banking regulations in Nepal which prevents organizations from accepting PayPal transfers.

About Annapurna Foundation:

Established in 2012, Annapurna Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in Nepal engaged in providing scholarships and contributing to environmentally sustainable development of mountain communities. For more info:

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 5, 2015

Posted on July 5, 2015

We have completed the first phase of rebuilding Ningale, as all the material needed for building the houses have been transported and the metal structures have been built. You can see the effort put together by our team of engineers and volunteers, coordinated by Mandil, here: Ningale Rebuild : Phase 1. The process of rebuilding continues, so do continue to follow our updates.

Posted on June 23, 2015

Posted on June 23, 2015

After some understandable delays in the manufacturing of the metal frames due to shortage of raw materials and corrugated steel sheet in the market, we finally received our order of 20 units of Resilient Homes on Thursday. The frames were quickly dispatched via 4x4 trucks to Pati Bhanjyang from where they would be carried up by foot for an hour to Ningale. By mid-day Friday, all of the 20 units (weighing approximately 8 tons) had reached Ningale village.

Our initial plan was to transport the steel roof sheets on Saturdaymorning, but heavy rainfall a day earlier had caused a landslide, making the road journey impossible. We turned to the UNHAS (U N humanitarian air service) for help in transporting the remaining materials. Two tons of metal sheets were loaded on an MI17 helicopter and flown to Ningale - a mere 25-minute ride away by air. However, due to the precarious weather and the rough terrain, the giant MI17 had to abort landing and return to Kathmandu with all the cargo.

It thus came down to having the deliver the roof sheets by land. We had to employ a bulldozer to clear the landslide to make way for the trucks carrying the iron sheets. Instead of the previous 1-hour walk, the extreme conditions forced us to a 3-hour walk to transport the sheets.

The last 2 days has been a lot of collective hard work, but we’re delighted to inform that all the materials are now in Ningale. Our team of engineers and volunteers led by Mandil are currently on their way to Ningale and will be spending the next week there rebuilding the homes of 20 people.

In just over a month since we started fundraising, we have been able to not only raise enough funds but also coordinate with different entities and mobilize a group of volunteers to help rebuild Ningale. The next few weeks are all about making sure that everyone in Ningale has a house to live in. (Yes, you can give yourself a pat on the back too!)

Posted on May 23, 2015

Posted on May 23, 2015

Today we traveled to Ningale Village for a site survey together with our contacts from HCI – Resilient Homes, Saurav Rana and Aditi Shrestha. The metal frames and roofs for the rebuilding process is being supplied by Resilient Homes. 

Getting to Ningale is an ordeal, and the monsoon is not even here yet! It is a four-hour drive on a treacherous, and often scary, mountainous dirt road from Kathmandu, followed by an hour’s hike through a forest and some cornfields. 

Despite the entire village being in shambles, the locals greeted us with typical Nepali hospitality consisting of ‘khadas’ (scarves presented as a way to show respect), garlands, and more importantly, warm smiles. You know that they would do everything to help you if you were in their shoes, reminding us again of why this rebuild project is so important. 

After the site survey, we identified three different plots on agricultural fields where the new homes will be built for now. These houses will then be relocated to the owners’ respective lands once existing debris from fallen homes have been cleared over the coming months. The modular homes take about 3 hours to dismantle and 5 hours to rebuild. 

During the rebuilding, we will train the villagers so that they can learn how exactly to dismantle and rebuild their homes. We explained to the villagers that they will be responsible for this process and also for the maintenance of their homes. 

All in all, today was one of those days where you feel proud to have such a great and supportive network of people all around the world trying to make a difference for a small village in Nepal. 

Let’s rebuild Ningale!

Photos from today has been uploaded here on Flickr.

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