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Help Nepal Earthquake Victims (Associations of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON))
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The Story



On May 12, a second earthquake of 7.3 magnitude hit an already devastated Nepal. People just recovering from trauma and fear of a life-changing event were sent out to the streets again for safety. All relief workers had to save themselves in remote areas of the country. Strong aftershocks have been recorded ever since. Videos of terrifying landslides engulfing villages and houses disintegrating in front of the owners have left a sinking feeling for us observing from a distance. Yet we know we can be resilient in this time of adversity and for that reason we are raising the bar for ourselves by increasing the goal of this campaign by 100%. Please support us in this drive. These earthquakes have left nothing behind for the people we are trying to help. They need your help. We need your help. 

You can also support us by circulating this within your circle of close friends and family. 

Thank you in advance for your help.


On Saturday, 25 April 2015, Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake of 7.8 magnitude, affecting an estimated eight million people. As of Wednesday, 29 April, the earthquake has claimed over 5,000 lives, injured more than 10,000 people, and left more than one million children urgently in need of help. Local, national and international efforts are underway on the ground.

Association of Youth Organizations in Nepal (AYON), together with other local, national, and international agencies, has been involved in rescue and relief works from immediately after the earthquake.

Locally active smaller organizations are sometimes first to arrive at sites of emergency. They respond directly to distress calls, delivering tents, tarps, medicine, and water. While they mostly operate under the radar, they are also very effective because, a) they are most knowledgeable about local people and geography; b) their effort is localized, decentralized, and personalized; and c) many continue to maintain a longer-term presence in the field post-relief, during the time of reconstruction and rehabilitation.

AYON is an impressive network of 92 active, not-for-profit youth organizations in Nepal. It has had a decade-long presence in the country and is currently active in four hardest-hit districts of Gorkha, Sindhupalchowk, Rasuwa, and Dolakha.

There are reports that in many of the villages in these districts, relief is yet to reach. There are currently 300 volunteers actively mobilizing. AYON has been regularly dispatching groups of ten to twelve volunteers, including medical personnel, to different villages in these districts carrying tents, tarps, and medical kits. It is also working closely with local families and organizations in these areas to consolidate and coordinate relief efforts on the ground. Your support will enable AYON to continue their efforts in moving volunteers and goods to provide direct and urgently needed relief to the earthquake victims. 

AYON on Facebook:
AYON website:


One of the lessons learned from humanitarian efforts following the magnitude 7 earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010 was to send cash, not stuff. Stuff — consisting mostly of food, medicine, and clothes — takes space, piles up, remains stranded, becomes unusable, and ultimately turns to waste. Medicine from abroad, for example, sometimes comes in languages that locals don’t understand. Multiple reports have already emerged of goods from abroad being left stranded at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Those individuals working on the ground are adept at figuring out the proper channels through which to move goods and services. They know, for example, which pharmacies maintain constant supplies of medicines or which tent dealers are most reliable, and can source supplies from within the city or nearby border towns. According to the most recent estimate from the Nepali government, the country currently needs 500,000 tents for urgent relief. With monsoon underway, people and livestock in the villages need to remain dry. People on the ground need money to buy and transport these goods locally. Therefore, the best way to help the earthquake victims is by sending cash.


Below is a total breakdown of costs and materials. This is an initial fundraiser. We will continue raising funds and other resources both locally and internationally.

Items                                            Pieces                    Estimated cost       

Family tent                                   5000                       Nrs 20,000/piece (USD 200/piece)

Bleaching powder                          2000 Kg                 Nrs 20/Kg (USD 0.20/Kg)


Cetamole/ORS/Water purifier         3000 packs             Nrs 450/pack (USD 4.50/pack)        

High calorie bars/Biscuits/

Dry fruits

(for volunteers)                             200*15 days           Nrs 150/meal (USD 1.50/meal)

Blankets/Sleeping bags

(for volunteers)                             200                         Nrs 800/piece (USD 8/piece)


(for volunteers)                             200                         Nrs 200/piece (USD 2/piece)

Trekking mattress

(for volunteers)                             200                         Nrs 600/piece (USD 6/piece)

Transportation                                                            Nrs 15,000/trip (USD 150)


Brabim Kumar KC (President, AYON, Nepal): 011-977-9851113969 / [email protected]
Sabin Ninglekhu (Toronto, Canada): [email protected]
Sirjana Pant (Toronto, Canada): +1-613-327-2033 / [email protected]
Katharine N. Rankin (Professor, University of Toronto, Long-time researcher in Nepal): [email protected]
Anil Bhattarai (Toronto, Canada): [email protected]
Parag Shrestha (Toronto, Canada): 4168892215 / [email protected]
Saugar Sainju (Toronto, Canada): [email protected]
Supriti Thapa (Toronto, Canada): [email protected]
Samir Patti (Toronto, Canada): [email protected]
Prabhat Lamichane (Toronto, Canada): [email protected]
Pratik Shrestha (Toronto, Canada): [email protected]
Janmanjay Ranjit (Toronto, Canada): [email protected]
Bipun Thapa (Toronto, Canada): [email protected]

Full Disclosure

This money collected through this campaign will be deposited to a following CIBC account in Canada: 
Institution Number: 010
Transit: 00302
Account Number: 5375037

The receiving account in Nepal is as follows:
Bank of Kathmandu, Nepal
A/C Name: Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON)
A/C Number: 010000061722-524
Swift Code: BOKLNPKA

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 27, 2015

Posted on May 27, 2015

Updates from AYON's facebook page

May 25

  • Act4Quaeke team sent 16 tents to Changunarayan Bhaktapur.
  • 60 pcs of tents, 2 cartoons of sanitary pads, 300 kgs of rice, 25 kg of daal and 1 cartoon of cooking oil was sent to Helambu Timbu 2 Sindhupalchowk.
  • With relief support of 900 kgs of rice, 75 kgs of lentils and 10 cartoon of cooking oil, 30 kgs of flour, 2 sacks of soap. 50 pcs of blankets, 50 pcs of tents and 5 sacks of beaten rice was sent to IDPs in Bagbazar area.
  • Youth volunteers from #Act4Quake with 12 sacks of rice, 25 pcs of tents, 3 sacks of beaten rice, 2 cartoon of cooking oil, 42 packets of flour and 1 cartoon of soap was sent to Sherpa Gaun, Langtang Rasuwa.
  • 600 kgs of rice, 50 kg of lentils , 30 pcs of tents, 3 sacks of beaten rice, 20 packets of flour and 40 packets of tea was sent to Dalchoki Lalitpur.
  • With 1200 kg of rice, 150 kgs of daal, 75 pcs of tents and 35 pcs of blankets volunteers was sent to Okhreni Sindhuli.
  • 10 pcs of tents was sent to Birta-Deurali Kavre.
  • #Act4Quake youth volunteers with 112 pcs of tents, 112 blankets, 1 packets of salt, 150 kg of daal, 6 carton of cooking oil and 22 packets of flour was sent to Garma VDC Solukhumbhu.
  • 37 sacks of rice, 7 sacks of lentils, 2 cartoon of cooking oil, 4 sacks of kerau, 30 pcs of tents and 1 cartoon of soap was sent to Mahadevsthan Sindhupalchowk.
  • 40 sacks of rice, 350 kgs of lentils, 3 cartoon of cooking oil, 2 cartoon of soap, 5 sacks of beaten rice, 2 sacks of kerau, 2 sacks of blankets, 5 pcs of tenst and 2 cartoon of sanitary pad was sent to Syadu Dadhing.
  • #Act4Quake team dispatched  10 sacks of rice, 1 sacks of daal, 50 pcs of blankets to Sordum Dolakha.
  • 5o pcs of tents was sent to Lamidadha Khotang.
  • #Act4Quake volunteers team with 2100 kgs of rice, 8 sacks of daal, 5 cartoon of cooking oil, 150 pcs of tents and 100 pcs of blankets were dispatched to Ramechap Gundel.

May 24

  • #Act4quake team returned back from distributing relief materials to different VDCs- Syafru, Sherpa Gaun, and Bridhim of Rasuwa district. Tents, blankets, rice, daal and salt were distributed to the affected people over the VDCs. As stated by the people, they are now in need of shelter rather than relief materials due to the approaching monsoon.
  • The Nuwakot, Belkot-5 team returned back distributing 20 sacks of rice, 60 tents, 20 blankets, 2 cartoons oil, 20 packets salt and 4 sacks peas to the affected people. As per the needs reported and observed, they are in need of food for 150 more households and tents for 20 more households.
  • #Act4quake team reached with first ever relief materials in Kunegaun of Selang VDC of Sindhupalchowk. The team dispatched 90 packets of rice, 2 tea bags, salt, 100 packets of daal, 100 pieces of blankets and 1 roll mattress in the area. As reported, this particular area has faced 5 deaths with 20 seriously injured.
  • Dispatching tents, medicines and mosquito nets as per the needs reported by the people in wards 4, 5 and 3, our team returned back from Sindhuli, Ratamate. 108 households got benefitted with the relief materials we provided. As observed, they are in immediate need of first aid treatment due to the increasing number of diarrhoea patients.
  • With the relief items- daal, rice, salt, tents and oil, our team of young people visited Chilankha-9 of Dolakha district. 80 of the total households got benefitted with the materials distributed. Everything, as observed, seemed normal and the people responded positively.
  • 3 team members of #act4quake visited Malu, Dolakha with tents, rice and mattress as per the requirement of the people there.
  • 600 kgs of rice, 200 kgs of daal, 280 mosquito nets, 1 roll mattress and 1 cartoon medicines were distributed to Kolki and Ilam Pokhari of Lamjung district. As reported, they are in need of 300 pieces more nets  and 15 more tents in the areas visited. At the same time, they are hoping for bamboo houses for resettlement and rebuilding.

May 23

  • Act4Quake youth volunteers with 980 pcs of tents was sent to Gumba VDC, the  Northernmost VDC of Sindhupalchowk where none of the team has reached with any shelter supports.
  • 600 kgs of rice, 150 pcs of tents, 3 sacks of beaten rice, 3 sacks of blankets was sent to Jhyanku Dolakha
  • 15 pcs of blankets was provided to marginalised families from Tathali Bhaktapur.
  • Youth Volunteers with 50 tents, 40 pcs of mosquito nets, basic medical supplies and 20 pcs of sanitary pad was dispatched to Ratamata Sindhuli.
  • 13 pcs of tents was sent to Palung ward no 3 of Makawanpur
  • 1200 kgs rice, 50 kgs of daal, 80 pcs of tents, 1 sack of salt, 4 cartoon of cooking oil was sent to Chalinkha Dolakha.
  • Female led youth volunteers group was sent to PhulpingDada Sindhupalchowk with 25 tents, 100 kg of lentils, 50 packets of salt, 5 cartoon of cooking oil, 4 sacks of beaten rice and 50 pcs of mosquito net.
  • 40 tents and two box of sanitary pad was sent to Youth Work Camp in Nuwakot.
  • 6 pcs of tents was sent to Banesor for IDPs from Sindhupalchowk.
  • #Act4Quake youth team returned from Ragini VDC Okhaldhunga being 1st relief operations in the community by which 300 households were benifited.
  • Youths from #act4quake with friends from Bangladesh returned back from Lakuri Danda ward no 1, 2 after distributing tents blankest and rice sacks to 75 households of Dolakha district sharing experince of distributing the supplies in mid night of being 1st team to reach with food supplies in the community.
  • #Act4Quake team distributed tents, blankets, salt oil and basic medicines in Mahakali VDC of Nuwakot.

May 22

  • Act4Quake volunteers returned from Baruwa Sindhupalchowk by distributing 60 pcs of tents, 400 kg of rice, 50 kg of lentils, 60 pcs of blankets, 10 kg of salt by which around 104 households were benefited. Team reports back that WASH status was satisfactory.
  • With cordination of local youths #Act4quake team sent 15 tents to still unreached ward of Bhalte VDC Sindhupalchowk.
  • #Act4Quake team provided 12 tents for constructing the temporary learning center for completly destructed Sipatinghare Sanskrit Higher Secondary School at Sipatinghare Sindhupalchowk.
  • With 1000 kgs of rice. 30 tents, 4 cartoons of oil, 50 pcs of tents, 50 pcs of blankets youth volunteer moved towards Thakani  Ward no. 2,3 of Sindhupalchowk District.
  • 30 tents, 30 blankets, 30 mosquito nets and 4 sacks of bitten rice was sent to Nalinchowk Bhaktapur.
  • After quick filed survey to Manara Bhaktapur by volunteers 10 pcs of tents, 60 kg of daal, 300 kg of rice, 20 blankets and 10 packets of cooking oil was distributed for the IDPs from Sinhupalchok residing in Manahara Bhaktapur
  • #Act4Quake youth volunteers with 100 pcs of tents, 1 roll of mattress, 1500 kgs of rice was sent to Malu VDC Dolakha.
  • 20 pcs of tents was distributed to IDPs in Dadhikot from Brapak Ghorkha.
  • Act4Quake youth team with 5 basic kits, 50 pcs of mosquito nets and 50 pcs of blankets was sent to BhimDhunga Kathmandu
  • 250 kgs of bitten rice, 200 kgs of daal, 4 cartoon of cooking oil, 4 sacks of soyabean and 72 pcs of tents was sent to MajhiGaun Nuwakot.
  • Youth Teams of #Act4Quake with local community was sent to Mangaltar  VDC Kavre with 35 sacks of rice, 40 pcs of tents, 6 sacks of daal, 100 pcs of blankets, 1 cartoon cooking oil and 20 pcs of salt.
  • #Act4Qauke  team dispatched 15 tents, 300 kg of rice, 100 kg of daal, 1 cartoon of oil, 25 pcs of blankets, 4 sacks of bitten rice, and 15 packets of flour to Chaubas Kavre.
  • 30 pcs of tents, 30 pcs of blankets, 600 kg of rice 2 sacks of daal and 1 sacks of kerau was sent to Budhanilkantha Kathmandu.
  • #Act4Quake team provided 5 tents, 2 sacks of daal, 15 pcs of soap, 5 sacks of rice and 10 packets of cooking oil was sent to Mankha Sindhupalchowk.
  • 30 tents was sent to Kibachowk Bhaktapur.
  • #Act4Qauke volunteers distributed 15 tents, 15 blankets, 300 kg of rice, 50 kg of daal and 1 cartoon of oil at Gagalfedi Kathmandu.
  • After distributing tents, foods and blankets to 5o affected families in Thakani VDC ward no 2 of Sindhupalchowk youth volunteers were back reporting coomunity is further need of recovery and reconstruction support.

May 21

  • Act4Quake team sent 75 tents, ½ roll of matt, 1 sacks of blankets, 40 pcs of mosquito nets, 10 helmet and 10 beep jacket to Betham of Ramechhap.
  • Youth team with 40 tents was sent to Thulo Pakha Sindhupalchowk.
  • #Act4qauke team sent 12 tents to sipanggahre Sindhupalchowk
  • #Act4Quake team returned back after distributing tents, cooking oil, rice, lentils and blankets at Hallekalika VDC of Nuwakot by which 83 households were benefited. Team reported that 60 % of households were destroyed and community is in more need of tents.
  • By the relief operations of #Act4Quake team 50 households were benefited by distribution of 20 sacks of rice, 6 sacks of daal, 20 sacks of wheat and cooking oil.
  • #Act4Quake team with volunteers distributed relief materials at Dadahkharkha of Dolakha and Doramba VDC of Ramechhap District.

Posted on May 21, 2015

Posted on May 21, 2015

Updates from AYON's facebook page

May 20

  • #Act4Quake team conducted the one day orientation workshop at Olyampia College for volunteers to be dispatched for Youth Work Camp in Makawanpur District.
  • Act4Quake sent 1200 kg of rice and 200 kg of daal to Dalit Basti of Syaule Sindhupalchowk
  • 300 kg of rice, 3 cartoon of soap, 3 bag of tea, 600 kg of rice, 300 kg of beaten rice, 100 kg of sugar and 50 kg of flour was sent to Ichok Sindhupalchowk
  • 50 blankets was sent to Ramkot Dolakha
  • #Act4Qauke youth volunteers returned back after 400 tents and 400 blankets 1500 kgs of rice, 150 kgs of daal, 1 roll of mat and 5 cartoon of cooking oil  to Ichok Sindhupalchowk.
  • #Act4Quake team with cordintation with its district partner YSP-Nepal distributed tents, rice sacks and lentils at Manthali, Those, Rakutham, Puranagaun, Gothgaun, Pinkhuri, Guptesowr, Bijulikot, Goswara, and Lakhanpur VDC of Ramechhap.
  • Youth team with 900 kgs of rice, 100 kgs of daal, 150 kg  of beaten rice, 4 cartoon cooking oil,45 pcs of tents was sent to Betini Nuwakot
  • 7 tents was sent to Tikabhairab Lalitpur
  • #Act4Quake team sent 60 pcs of tents and 50 pcs of blankets to Parikharkha and Pawati  of Dolakha
  • 10 tents, 50 kgs of daal, 300 kgs of rice, 60 kg of beaten rice, 20 blankets and 10 packets of cooking oil was sent to Manahara Bhaktapur
  • 600 kgs of rice, 200 kgs of daal, 300 pcs of mosquito nets and 1 roll of mat was sent to Kolki Lamjung.
  • 600 kgs of rice, 200 kg of daal, 10 pcs of tents, 3 sacks of soyabean and basic medicines was sent to Chatural Nuwakot

May 19

  • Act4Quake team accomplished relief operations at Hile Nuwakot.
  • Act4quake team sent 900 kg of rice, 100 kg of daal, 5 sacks of beaten rice, 45 tents, 90 pcs of blankets and 45 packets of flour was sent to Golfu Vanjyang Nuwakot.
  • 8 tents was sent to Thimi Bhaktapur
  • Basic medical supplies was sent to Jorpati IDPs camp.
  • Youth team dispatched 100 kg of rice, 1 sacks of beaten rice, 2 sacks of flour and 30 kg of daal was sent to Kalanki Kathmandu
  • 7 tents were sent to Tika Bhairab lele Lalitpur.
  • 3 pcs of tent was sent to Boratar Kathmandu.
  • Act4quake team conducted orientation program for the team to be sent for Bamboo house project in Nuwakot District.

May 18

  • #Act4Quake team sent 60 rice sacks, 400 tents, 400 blankets, 150 kg of daal, 5 cartoon of oil, 1 sacks of salt and 1 roll of mat was dispatched to Golche, Nemlung, Snaglung area of sindhupalchowk
  • Youth volunteers with 110 pcs of tents, 90 sacks of rice, 6 cartoon of cooking oils, 100 blankets, 5 sacks of lentils, 1 sack of sugar and 2 tea bags were dispatched to Selang Sindhupalchowk
  • 50 Tents and 50 Blankets were sent to Bhotegaun Sindhupalchowk.
  • Act4Quake team supported 30 tents, 10 hygiene kits and 40 sanitary pads to support the PLHIV from Sindhupalchowk District.
  • 30 pcs of tents, 65 pcs of blankets and 65 pcs of Mosquito net was sent to Jhakri tole and Dhami Tole of Sindhupalchowk District.
  • 2 tents and 2 blankets was sent to Lokanthali Bhaktapur
  • Volunteers returned from Sunkhani Dolakha after distributing 60 pcs of tents to needy families
  • Act4Quake team distributed tents to 110 families in Tukche Kavre.
  • By the relief operation of Act4Quake team 25 household of Satungal were benefited.
  • Act4Quake distributed 15 tents, 5 sacks of rice, 2 sacks of lentils and 2 sacks of blankets to 22 households of Goldhunga Kathmandu
  • Act4Quake completed its relief operation in Ward no 7 of Duwachaur VDC of Sindhupalchowk district.
  • #Act4Quake team got back from Pakhrebas VDC of Ramechap district after distributing relief materials by which 135 households were benefited.
  • 15 tents was dispatched to Chaimale Kathmandu.
  • 10 tents was sent to Sankosh Ward no 7 Dadhing
  • 7 tents was sent to Pauthak Terhathum
  • 1 tent was provided to Youth Action Nepal for establishing Counselling center at Tundikel Kathmandu
  • Twenty tents was dispatched to Khanjipani Ramechhap
  • #Act4Quake team sent 100 tents, 100 blankets, 100 packets of salt, 9 cartoons of oil, 30 sacks of rice and 30 sacks of rice to DandhaKharkha Gorkha.
  • Act4Quake team sent 30 pcs of tents to Malta VDC of Lalitpur district.
  • Basic medical supplies was sent to Dandhakharkha Dolakha

May 17

  • #Act4Quake youth team returned back from Sipa Badegau Kavre, after distributing tents, food, blankets and basic medicines by which around 50 households were benefited.
  • Youth volunteers returned back from Bhotefulping, Gairigaun, Arukharkha after distributing 150 sacks of rice, 150 tents , 150 blankets, 10 sacks of daal. 150 households were benefited by this relief operation.
  • #Act4Qauke distributed tents and blankets at Nepal Orthopedic Hospital by which 40 households are benefited.
  • Act4quake team distributed tents, blankets, rice, daal, salt and clothes to Bhakunde Besi Kavre.
  • Medical supplies was sent to Dolakha for health camp.
  • 1500 kg of rice, 200 kg of daal, 5o kg of salt and 3 sacks of beaten rice was sent to Pakhrebesi Ramechhap.
  • Medical supplies , tents, blankets and food was dispatched to Mankhal Sindhuplachowk.
  • 25 tents was sent to Dillibazar Kathmandu.
  • 4 tents was sent to Mulpani.
  • atc4quake team sent 20 blankets and 20 tents to Pyuthar Nuwakot.
  • 1 Tents and mat was sent to Taragaun chaur Kathmandu.
  • 40 tents was dispatched to Gagalfedi Kathmandu.
  • #Act4Quake team dispatched 4 tents and 6 blankets to Dhola Dhading.

Posted on May 16, 2015

Posted on May 16, 2015

Updates from AYON's facebook page

12th May

  • Nepal was hit by next earthquake with magnitude of 7.4 richter scale and quickly act4quake youth volunteers were in action with first aid and pure drinking water as people were outside.
  • Following the earthquake quick response #Act4quake youth team deployed mobile relief and rescue team with basic medical supplies , medical personal and relief materials around the Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. The team distributed tents to orphanage in kupandole, basic medical supplies and tents to most needy (elderly, children and pregnant mother) populations.

13th May

  • #Act4quake team sent youth volunteers to 3 different areas of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur for construction of community shelters and providing relief materials to destructed community.
  • A team of 4 volunteers with medical supplies, tents and some food items visited Sipadol of Bhaktapur.
  • 4 volunteers’ team was deployed to Lubhu, Lalitpur with tarps to build community houses for those affected.  
  • Act4Quake team constructed community shelters, medicated the injured monks in the monastery of Swaymbhu, victims of Balaju and Samakhusi areas. 

May 14

  • #Act4Quake Youth team returned from Gunchi Ramechhap after distributing 250 tents and food supplies.
  • Dispatching 62 sacks of rice, 33 packets of salt, 55 pieces of tents, 72 pieces of soaps, 100 kgs if Daal and 41 blankets to 84 households in pawati VDC of Dolakha district, #act4quake team returned today.
  • #Act4Quake team, Distributing the relief materials like tent, salt, cartoon, blankets, Oil, Daal and Soaps in the VDC, returned back from Charunge Phedi VDC-9,  Dhading, Katunje.
  • Our youth friends deployed to visit Maneshwora VDC-3, Sindhupalchowk have returned today distributing tents, food items and some medical supplies. As stated, residential problem is the major problem underlying in the area.  
  • 20 sacks of rice, 1 sacks of daal, 1 bundle of tents were distributed to 60 families of Ghoran VDC ward no. 9 of Dadhing VDC. The youth team returning back reported that community WASH status was poor and are in need of basic medical care urgently.
  • #Act4Quake team distributed 10 tents, 22 sacks of rice, baby food, beaten rice and blankets to 35 households of Kushadevi VDC Kavre.
  • 50 households were benefited by the distribution tents, food items in Aaapghari Dadhing  

May 15

  • Act4Quake team along with HANDS Volunteers visited Boudha area where the IDPs from Sindhupalchowk were residing and supported rice sacks, daal and tents.
  • 20 pcs of tents was sent to Kumai gamrun Dadhin.
  • 540 Kgs of rice 50 kgs pf daal, 35 kg of salt, 35 pcs of tents and blankets were sent to Rakhthum VDC Ramechhap.
  • 4o pcs of tents was dispatched Attarpur Sindhupalchowk.
  • 100 pcs of tents was dispatched to Kuleshor and Budhanilakantha area of kathmandu

May 16

  • #Act4Quake team dispatched 20 rice sacks, 2 sacks of daal, 20 kg of salt, 50 pcs of tents and 50 pcs of blankets to Dandakharkha of Dolakha district
  • #Act4Quake team sent 25 sacks of rice, 1 sacks of daal, 50 kg of salt, 2 sacks of beaten rice, 50 tents, 50 blankets were sent Aapghari Dadhing.
  • Youth team sent 60 pcs of tents was dispatched to Sunkhani Dolakha district.
  • Youths group with 600 kgs of tents, 100 kgs of daal, 8 kg of salt and 2 sacks of beaten rice, 60 pcs of tents, 30 pcs of blankets was sent to Bhakunde besi Kavre.
  • Act4Quake youth group sent 108 pcs of tents to Lapilang Dolakha
  • #Act4Quake team sent 2 sacks of beaten rice, 53 pcs of blankets, 53 pcs of tents to Sipa Badegaun Kathmandu.
  • 35 pcs of tents and 35 pcs of blankets was sent to Barpak Gorkha.
  • 10 pcs of tents, 10 pcs of blankets, 15 pcs of soap and 10 packet of tea tea was sent to Jorpati Nyabasto Yuwa Manch.
  • 25 pcs of  blankets were sent to Swayambhu.
  • 8 pcs of tents was sent to Thimi Bhaktapur
  • 3 sacks of daal and 10 sacks of rice was sent to Dhdadegaun Kavre.
  • 10 pcs of tents and 10 pcs of blankets was sent to Jafe Dolakha
  • 2 pcs of tents and 2 pcs of blankets was sent to Jhukhle Bhaktapur.
  • 70 pcs of tents was sent to Balkumari Bhaktapur.
  • 3 tents and 3 blankets was sent to Budhanilkanta Kathmandu.
  • 20 tents, 2 sack of rice 1 sack of daal, 40 blankets , 2 cartoon of water, 8 packets of salts and sanitary pad was sent to Boudha Kathmandu.
  • 1 pcs of tent was sent to chabahil, 3 pcs of tents was dispatched to kalanki kathmandu. and 2 Tents was sent to Sanepa Lalitpur
  • 750 kgs of rice, 100 kgs of Daal, 40 pcs of tents, 50 pcs of blankets was sent to Dubochaur, Sindhupalchowk.
  • 2 pcs tents, 3 pcs of blankets were sent to Boudha Kathmandu.
  • Two tents were sent to Banesor .
  • #Act4quake team sent 40 pcs of tents to sarping Kavreplanchowk.
  • 150 pcs of blankets was sent to Sunkhani Dolakha.
  • 1 pcs of tents, 1 sacks of rice, 1 sacks of lentils, 10 pcs of soap, 5 pcks of salt, 2 pcs of baby food and 5 pcs of blankets was sent to Jyamrung Dadhing.
  • 25 pcs of tents was sent to Jalesori Khotang.
  • 20 pcs of tents and 20 pcs of blankets was sent to boudha Kathmandu.
  • 10 pcs of tents was sent to Arunthakar Sindhuli
  • 180 kg of rice, 50 kg of daal, 8 kg of salt, 3 sacks of beaten rice, 10 pcs of tents and 10 pcs of blankets was sent to Khumatar, Goldhunga Kathamnadu.
  • 5 sacks of rice, 8 ltr of oil, 2 tents, 4 pcs of blankets was sent to Khumaltar Balaju Kathmandu.
  • 3 pcs of tents was sent to Siudini Nuwakot.
  • 40 pcs of tents was sent to Attarpur Dadhing

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