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Online Fundraising Generates Excitement
Not only is nonprofit crowdfunding a lucrative form of fundraising, but when campaigns gain momentum, they create buzz and get people talking about your organization’s work
Our Powerful Tools Are Free
Unlike our competitors, YouCaring NEVER charges fees or commission. All of the money your organization raises is yours to keep. What’s to lose?
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We guide you through the process of creating your page with simple tools, intuitive templates and a clear step-by-step process
Invigorate Your Nonprofit Fundraising Efforts

While nearly all nonprofits engage in some form of large-scale, coordinated fundraising effort, an increasing number use online crowdfunding platforms to give their campaign a leg up. These savvy organizations turn to YouCaring to deliver a consolidated page for their campaign that engages their social media connections in order to reach people from all over the world.

Nonprofit crowdfunding is an increasingly valuable tool for expansion projects; online campaigns create a sense of urgency that spurs donors to contribute within a fixed time frame, often attracting attention from people who have never given to them before. In fact, 62% of those who donate to nonprofit crowdfunding campaigns are first-time givers, and 28% of those givers will donate again.


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Nonprofit organizations raise more money on YouCaring

We’re the leader in free online fundraising. We focus on compassionate crowdfunding, providing free fundraising and support to humanitarian causes.

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Why Do So Many Nonprofit Organizations Choose Us?

Nonprofit Fundraising - Tip 1

The Power of Compassionate Crowdfunding

Online crowdfunding through platforms like YouCaring are effective. The average nonprofit crowdfunding campaign raises $9,238. For small or emerging organizations, this is not an insignificant sum, but well-choreographed fundraisers make upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars, such as YouCaring’s “Riley’s Way” campaign, which raised $1.8 million for the establishment of a memorial children’s nonprofit.

Nonprofit Fundraising - Tip 2

The Importance of a Vibrant Campaign

Crowdfunding campaigns bring your fundraising strategy into the digital age.55% of those who engaged with nonprofits via social media were inspired to take further action. By utilizing your online connections and accessing YouCaring’s community of givers, your nonprofit can reach more donors than through traditional channels alone, highlighting special projects in addition to the good work you do every day.

Nonprofit Fundraising - Tip 3

The Details Are Taken Care of

YouCaring’s interface is optimized for mobile access, from a cell phone, your page is just as attractive as ever--an important feature considering that nonprofit fundraisers with mobile-responsive sites are 126% more lucrative than those with unresponsive pages. When conducting a fundraising campaign, you understand that the details make all the difference. And we want to provide you with an uncompromised user experience... for free.

What Do Other Nonprofits Have to Say?

Nonprofit Fundraiser - Testimonial 1 - One Tail at a Time
Wow!!! It has been one week since we launched our fundraiser and we are already more than halfway there! As we inch towards our goal, we are full of gratitude and hope here at One Tail at a Time. We have continued to rescue dogs through our foster program and we are ecstatic for the day we can open our doors and expand our efforts.
One Tail at a Time
Nonprofit Fundraiser - Testimonial 2 - Shenendehowa Educational Foundation
Our fundraising efforts are moving along and we are just shy of the $20,000 mark which is fantastic! Thank you for your continued support.
Shenendehowa Educational Foundation
Nonprofit Fundraiser - Testimonial 3 - Mr. Ark's Center for Disabled Children
Yesterday we reached our short term goal of $8,000 and we couldn't be more excited! First off we would like to thank EVERYONE who has donated and supported us throughout our fundraising campaign. Without the support, we wouldn't have come nearly as far as we have.
Mr. Ark's Center for Disabled Children

Jump-start your nonprofit fundraiser!

YouCaring’s goal is to help more people raise money through 100% free online fundraising, meaning that more money finds its way to more people than through any other crowdfunding platform. YouCaring provides templates, simple tools and great ideas, while maximizing the power of social networks to amplify your reach and help make your medical fundraiser a true success story.

  • We share your values. As a company dedicated to enabling individuals and groups to do good, our “Compassionate Crowdfunding” mission aligns with the work you do.
  • Your tax-exempt status as a nonprofit allows you to advertise to donors that their contribution will be tax deductible, the same way it would be from your homepage.
  • 100% FREE online fundraising—no fees, deadlines, goal requirements or penalties, and we never take commission, so all the money raised goes straight to your account.
  • Vibrant, creative page templates make it quick and easy to tell your unique story.