Please help me pay my daughter's tuition!!!!

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Organizer: Antonio Di Noia
Please help me pay my daughter's tuition!!!! (Chiara Di Noia)
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The Story

Hi everyone!
This is Chiara's dad speaking.
Chiara has opened a page on facebook to support her in this fundraising. 
If you want to subscribe her page, here's the link:

This is Chiara's story wrote by her!
She is 16, she is so happy and she loves life.
I hope you will enjoy reading her story as I did.
We have such a short time to raise money!
Please help us.
Thank you for your time.
Antonio Di Noia.

PS. IF YOU NEED MORE INFORMATIONS CONTACT ME -ANTONIO DI NOIA: [email protected]     or -CHIARA DI NOIA: [email protected]  or you can contact Chiara on facebook -Chiara Di Noia or me -Antonio Di Noia.

Hey you!

Nice to meet you.
My name is Chiara Di Noia, and I'm 16 years old.
I'm from Italy, and my mother language is Italian, but...I totally LOVE English!
None of my parents are English, they barely speak it lol, but yeah I do LOVE English.
I started learning English when I was in Kindergarten, and since then I never stopped learning it.
My dream is always been speak English like a native speaker so that one day I would have been able to move in the States.
This dream seemed not possible to me because also if I choose to go to a ''Language High School'' so that I could learn English even better I noticed that my English wasn't improving.
Back then I was really sad about it, so I decided starting to learn English by myself, translating English songs and talking with English people.
This helped me so much, but one day I thought that this wasn't enough, but I didn't know how to improve even more.
BEAAAAAAM. One day something happen!
A really good friend of mine talked to me about her school.
I was so amazed by what she said so that in October 2012 I decided to go visit her!
The school is situated in Germany, but it is an International School.
That October I went there!
!OMG! It was the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!
I was so amazed by the school that when I came back in my town I decided to apply for it.
I told this to my parents and they were kinda disappointed because it was an International school and everything was in English and they thought it would have been too hard for me.
Another thing they were disappointed with was that the school was in Germany and I've never lived far away from my family and as you may know Italian are really reaaaaaaaaaaally protective with their children :S
By the way, I was so convinced about the school that they finally changed their mind. !yay for me!
I worked for the admission from October to December, and while I was doing that I also had to study for school in Italy.
It was pretty crazy, but I thought it was worth it.
I sent to Germany all my documents, and finally aroung the half of January they ACCEPTED me!
Could you imagine how surprised and excited I was?!?!
WOW! That day was super -AWESOME-.
I couldn't believe it. They accepted me. They accepted Chiara Di Noia!
I can only say WoW!
My family was so proud of me, and I was too, but something was about to take away my happiness...
There was a BIG problem!
I didn't have enough money!
I couldn't do anything and I felt so bad!
I prayed every day asking God to help me.
What HE did? HE helped me because HE is AWESOME!
Through some friends I received some dionations.
After a few weeks I WAS IN GERMANY in that AWESOME school!
The school was so different from my old one and the my first days there I had some problems with understanding everything.
After a week I felt completely at home and I started to understand everything!
How cool!!!!
Everyone was so amazing, I made lots of friends, my dorm was awesome and my grades were pretty good!
I can truly say that it was the best second semester of my life! are might wondering why I am telling you all this.
I'll tell ya!
Next year I will be a Junior and I really want to continue going to this school but the problem is that I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY.
My dad recently lost his job and my mom's store is not going good.
They are separate so my dad has to give some money to my mom and so at the end of the month he has really few money.
You might know that the financial situation of Italy is not really good, so almost everyone lost the job.
It's a really hard time for us Italians!
Back to me...I really want to continue my ''adventure'' in this school!
In Italy I don't have a future! I hate this! I wanna have a future I want to study I want to do something good in the future!
Here I will end up doing anything!
Yeah, I'm asking YOU!
If you HAVE the possibility, PLEASE, help me!
Help me just for the money that you CAN donate.
10$...? That would be awesome!
It would be 10$ less in the amount that I need!
If you WANT and you CAN donate more GOOD, that would be so great!!!!
If you know someone who can help me, please feel free to bring this person to my page.
Thanks for reading ALL this(:
I hope you'll have a great day!

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Posted on August 6, 2013

Posted on August 6, 2013

Hey y'all I just received the first donation and I am just so HAPPY! Thanks

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Please help me pay my daughter's tuition!!!!

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