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The Story

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Chuckie is a very sweet boy who doesn't deserve to be in the predicament he is in.
Chuckie became known yesterday morning when the local pound posted a picture of him claiming he had been hit by a car.
The dog was NOT hit by a car. Chuckie is a rescue dog that was brought to Delaware from Texas with a severe anxiety disorder and skin condition.
Chuckie is now stuck and has been threatened with euthanasia if his owner can't get him out before the five day hold is up.

The bill for Chuckie's owner is $386 (as of Friday, June 6, 2014 - KCSPCA/FSAC refused to release Chuckie to his owner and instead decided they were pursuing cruelty charges. For a well documented and ongoing anxiety issue that causes Chuckie to harm himself). The pound has graciously waived 10 cents off the bill. His owner is living on a fixed income, with a severely disabled adult son, and could really use our help and generosity. Please. Any amount will help and no amount is too small!

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Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 18, 2014

Posted on July 18, 2014


At noon on Wednesday, July 16, Michael Jopson, Chuckie's dad, signed an agreement drafted by his attorney releasing Chuckie/Ralph to House of Hope, the rescue that placed him in Delaware, with all charges dropped (Nolle prosequi - the chief prosecutor decided NOT to prosecute when presented with ALL of the evidence) by the Attorney General's office against Michael. He did NOT have to sign any form relinquishing the dog to KCSPCA/FSAC - something they have tried to get him to do several times. The agreement releases him from any further legal liability to KCSPCA/FSAC.

A representative of House of Hope rescue picked Chuckie up today. Chuckie will be placed on transport soon and shipped back to Texas to reunite with the original Texas rescue that took him in after his owner lost her home. The rescue worker who cared for him has said she will take care of him for the remainder of his days.

Mr. Jopson did NOT want to lose Chuckie. But he realizes the environment here in Delaware will make him and Chuckie a target of retaliation by KCSPCA/FSAC. This case not only set a precedent regarding pets with chronic medical conditions, it also brings up many "property issues" that need to be addressed here in Delaware. Specifically, holding a pet indefinitely while waiting for the court system to work, and incurring a major financial burden for the owner. Remember, the law is written so the "shelter" gets paid regardless of whether you are proven innocent or guilty. Too many have NO choice but to relinquish their pets because they cannot afford the kennel fees.

There are many people who have been working diligently behind the scenes to ensure this miscarriage of justice did not play out and result in the FSAC/KCSPCA executive director's stated intention of killing Chuckie. Numerous hours were spent compiling information and sending it to the appropriate authorities. The authority who proved to be the most important was the Chief Prosecutor at the AGs office. As soon as the office received the package of photographs and documented evidence that this was NOT a case of cruel neglect, Mr. Jopson's attorney was contacted to arrange the deal to get Chuckie out of the shelter and drop the charges (Nolle prosequi - the Chief Prosecutor decided NOT to prosecute) against Mr. Jopson.

This "deal" could have ensured Chuckie was out of the pound two weeks ago. The failure of a certain rescue to return Mr. Jopson's contract when requested hindered this process significantly.

The initial invoice of $826.10 (that KCSPCA/FSAC hand delivered, along with surrender forms in another attempt to get Mr. Jopson to relinquish Chuckie to KCSPCA) has been paid from the very generous donations received through Chuckie's youcaring fundraiser. He has received no other invoice at this time, but Chuckie has been in care for an additional 24 days, so another bill is expected.

Thank you to EVERYONE for keeping Chuckie in your thoughts, prayers and in the forefront so that he was not "just another dog" lost in the shelter system. He is alive today because people CARED! Thank you, also, to everyone who donated to help pay Chuckie's ransom fees. Thank you to everyone who signed the petition and to Rebecca Monroe, who put it online, and to all of Chuckie's previous caregivers who offered information and forwarded the documentation proving this was an ongoing medical condition. YOU ALL ROCK!

A very special thank you goes out to Catherine Samardza of Kent County Delaware Dog Control Pro - Con Facebook page for her dedication to detail and refusal to sit by quietly.

And thank you to Michael Jopson, Chuckie's dad, for not losing HOPE!

Posted on July 6, 2014

Posted on July 6, 2014

Obviously, the holiday weekend has meant no movement on Chuckie. However, the kennel fees are still adding up. If Chuckie were released TODAY there would be enough money in the youcaring account to pay the kennel fees from June 24 forward. Add another 5 days, and there won't be enough money. So please consider donating, especially if you haven't yet. I know many people keep thinking, "this can't go on, surely they've released the dog." But it hasn't happened.

Posted on July 2, 2014

Posted on July 2, 2014

Chuckie/Ralph was seen at KCSPCA/FSAC on Friday, June 27th and we are not surprised by the photographs of that visit. Just over three weeks after he ended up at the pound, it certainly does NOT appear that Chuckie's condition is getting any better at KCSPCA/FSAC. But it does appear when the photos are blown up that he now has new lick granulomas in addition to his permanent ones. We're told Chuckie was reportedly licking during the visit.

What we know is what we can see in the photos has been an ongoing and documented issue of "Acral Lick Granuloma" for Chuckie/Ralph long before he came to Delaware and came into contact with dog control. Chuckie is STILL at the pound and the executive director still refuses to do the right thing and release him. Which can't be good for Chuckie's anxiety. And it obviously isn't good for his skin condition, either.

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