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my goal is to raise money to assist my son lachie in getting an i pad 2 16 gb and wifi and a griffin survivor case Lachie is a five year old boy diagnosed at aged two years as having a global developmental delay with sensory processing disorder up until 9 months ago lachie was speechless.

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Posted on November 6, 2012

Posted on November 6, 2012

my  anxiety   is threw  the  roof   in  48   hours  lachie   enters  the  hospital  for  his   mri  under  sedation

i am scared he wont   wake  up   is this  normal to feel  i  dont  no  or is  it an  over reaction

we  need  answers  to what  is  happening  with lachie  

im terified  that these  episodes  are  going to damage   his  brain  and  that  he  will lose  the  speech 

he has   and that  he  will lose   mobility 

i  cant  understand  why  he  has  not  been refered  to  a neurologist   

lets  pray  it happens    have  been  given  the  names  of  the  top three  neuros   in  our state   so  if  it 

meeds   to  happen  i  will  approach  these  specialists   my  self

Posted on November 2, 2012

Posted on November 2, 2012

i wanted to update everybody about lachie clark yesterday i picked him up at 4.30 pm from his daycare centre all hyper and bouncing get home still hyper he sat on our bed and looked very dazed crawled up near daddy and laydown and was out to it tried everything to wake him with no sucess :(((
with no hesitation i threw him
in the car (bugger the ambulance i can get there faster and i no stupifd thing to do bu was not gonna muck around went to ed blood sugars 6.2 body temp 36 bit low

we waited in e,r for an hour no twitching or jerking then got taken threw to

we saw ed doc then registrar who then spoke ro professor solarsh via phonethis occured over four hours all the time he was un responsive then they decided to admit him t twenty minutes later professor solarsh came to the hospital and spoke with us and examined lachie he got no response from him either he left and came back half an hour later asking for more history we are frustrated and feeling confused and i admit f******in scared we need answers fast thank u to Josh and Dannyi for been with me tonight thank youKaylene and Karina  for your advice and support thanks ash and jodie and Rivkah  and everybody else please continue to pray that lachie gets better but also that we find out what is wrong
im  about  to  head  back  to  the  hospital    to  check on  lachie  please if  u  pray    do so     god  bless  u  alll   from  lachies  mummy 

Posted on October 30, 2012

Posted on October 30, 2012

lachie  had   his  eeg  on  monday   we  now   have  to  wait for   the  results  
we  also  think  we have  found  the  right   peadiatrician to  take  him to  he  is  local   and  he is  brand  new    to  town  we  were  referred  by  childrens  hospital  back  to our  local   hospital  18  months  ago    but the  referal   has  been  lost   . 

The  new  referal  was resent      and we have a 12  month  wait  yet  again   to  see  a  pead  at  our  hospital   
so   we have  taken  it   upon  ourselves   to  get  in  to    this   new  peadiatrician 

travelling  to  melbourne  may  not seem  like  a  big  deal    but  when  u are taking three  kids   at  once  and appointments  are  late  on  a friday    afternoon   and  you  have  a hubby who  needs   to  rest    because of  his  renal  failure      and  doing dialysis     it can take  up to three days  to  recover   from  travelling   so  far    even when  hubby  has  to  go  to  his  hospital  in  melbourne   (they  calll  it  the  home  hospital  cause   they are  in  direct  control  of  dialysis  regime  and  transplant  co -ordination )   the  hospital  up  here is called  the  satelite    unit 

we  now   have  hope   that  we  can  get some  answers  we  feel abandoned   by the  childrens   hospital   and  letdown

lachie  has  had  a day  of  anger  and  raging   and  fell  asleep  on  my  lap     we have noticed  though   that  he  is  teitching  and  jerking  a lot   which  we  will  continue  to    observe   and document   in  his  diary   

many thanks to   all  that  have  donated   and  continue   to support  us   threw  our   journey   blesings  to  all  and  thank you  once  again

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lachie clark is in need of an ipad

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