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The Story

WHEN: June 28th-July 5, 2013 will mark the beginning of a new journey for me (Sarah Hascher-Nowlin.)

WHERE: I will be joining Glen Roseberry in Tanzania with Island Community Church.

WHAT: During my visit I will be sharing the love of Christ through prayer, leadership, counsel for women (many who have suffered abuse), artistic expression, sewing classes to help women producing items to provide for basic community needs and art experiences for children.

There are many needs among the people of Tanzania. Most of the essential things we take for granted everyday are luxuries in the towns where a children's toy may be an old plastic water bottle, a bathroom is a hole in the ground, a home is comprised of one room where a family of 7 sleeps, clothes are worn till paper thin and a meal may be a simple playdough substance with little flavor.

WHY: Among these needs are greater purposes-hearts that are awakened to the amazing beauty of a God who loves deeply. I believe in a creative God who brings beauty from ashes. I believe in the creative power of a God who spoke into existence mountains, flowers, oceans and the intricate details of the human being-soul (mind, will emotions), body and spirit.

CREATIVITY BRINGS: Over the years I have had the joyous opportunity to usher folks of all walks into creative experiences. Whether it be homeless downtown, small and large groups of families, church members, children and youth, I see God use the universal language of color to bring unity and freedom. The motto of Tanzania: "Uhuru na Umoja" = Freedom and Unity.

On this journey to a world I have not yet explored, I am excited to discover and share the beauty of a universal God with those whose who are miles away from my home town, but close to heart in the unified Spirit of Christ. You too can come on this journey with me. Your support will help provide for travel expenses and creative supplies for many who have little exposure to painting and art.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 22, 2013

Posted on June 22, 2013

It Takes A Villiage: to send one to a villiage

I wanted to just express my appreciation to all those who have contributed in the many ways to this trip to Tanzania. I have been preparing physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially. Between immunizations, passports, visas, travel expenses and misc needs to make the trip safe, there has been alot to consider financially. Yet.....

I am reminded that the Kingdom of God operates under the currency of heaven, which is faith. And yet faith without works is dead. 

Not only have I been challenged to believe God to provide in every area, but I have seen God meet me with a variety of ways to put my faith in action and most importantly, ways to involve others in the process. Afterall, what fun is running a race alone. How sweet is a victory not shared?

I wanted to honor the variety of ways people are running along side me on this journey.

• fabric donated for me to bring to the women to make bags
• applica's to bring to women for sewing projects
• 5 other women made pillowcase dresses for me to bring to the little girls
• space made available at Sew Memphis for women to make dresses together
• hosting a garage sale and donating items for the sale to raise funds
• financial donations
• paintings purchased to fund trip
• hand-made pillows purchased to fund trip
• painting frames for my art, and marketing my art to fund trip
• hiring my sewing skills to fund trip
• prayer support
• hand made stuffed animals created and given to me to take to children
• promotion of my trip on facebook from friends
• help making a video to promote trip
• numerous words of encouragement!!!

This is quite a list and I'm sure I have left some things off.  I am humbled that so many people have sown into this trip! I can truly say the torch I am carrying with me would not be burning anywhere near so bright if it not have been flamed by the many many people in my life who are running along side me. I dare say, I have but one boarding pass, but the hearts of so many are taking flight with me to Tanzania June 28th.

So, thanks to the village who is helping to make this journey happen, and here's to the village I will be introduced to across the world.
Most of all thanks to a God who created community and likes to remind us just how much we need Him exemplified through each other.

Much love to you all!


Posted on June 15, 2013

Posted on June 15, 2013


Col. 3:14
Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds us all together in perfect harmony.

About a month ago I went for the first time to Sew Memphis to join some girls in making dresses to take on my trip to Tanzania. I remember visiting this building almost a year ago when I thought about renting a space for creative workshops. It delighted me to see the rooms filled with fabric and machines and crafty, kitchy, creative goodness. I felt the inspiration of past generations, with all those vintage fabric prints coming back into style. I'm thinking about how my grandmother use to get together with her friends and crochette or sew. I'm thinking of my great grandmother who use to view local fashions and then go home and create what she saw, with her special flare. My great aunt told me about this years ago when I visted her in Michigan. I have her sewing box, or maybe it's my grandmothers? 

So, here is a big table with machines lining the edges, women from all walks of life stagger in at different intervals each with thier projects. Some of us had our pillowcase dresses going. We alll added advice as to the best way to proceed. One woman shared how at 56, she was just learning to sew. Many who are in trasitions in life are finding a way to connect with others and put productivity in thier hands and awaken creativity in thier hearts.

Although one of the owners previously held a job as student minister at the University, the place opened with sheer desire to sew. She said she never realized that the place would become such a place of ministry, but it has. One thing I have noticed, God provides soul healing through community and creativity. 

All this said, it brings me back to Tanzania. Here is a group of women who are doing just this same thing in a small African village. Four sewing machines, eager hands to work, and open hearts experiencing the joy of something simple:bag making. Something profound: community-all over the world, communities forming and creativity birthing. This has been going on for years, but at some point it seemed to slow down as business sped up our lives. I am glad to see generations of girls and women taking interest in sewing and being crafty together again. 

I know just a week ago, my friend Beth invited her friends to create possibility books-collections of images and notes to document the impossible (possible) dreams we each had for our lives. Something awakened me to stretch further. We all encourged each other to stretch further. I said I wanted to run a 5k, one girl said, not big enough....a marathon. Well, ok. :) haha.

I can't believe I am going to be invited into a special group of woman creating across the globe. I can't wait to meet each one and experience thier creative community.I hear they are eager to meet me, and how eager I am to meet them! Who knows all that God has in store? Looking forward to the discovery.

Your donations and prayer support are so appreciated! Thank you for connecting. :)

Posted on June 11, 2013

Posted on June 11, 2013

Meet the Team: Five is Enough

Met with mission team from Island Community Church this Sunday to discuss legistics.

Deet, suitcases, covered shoes, flashlights and shots.... so many things to remember. I am reminded though, the most important thing we are taking is tucked in our hearts. :) Five very different folks will be combining talents, time and heart to see what God wants to do during our time in Tanzania.

Along with me will be four guys: Barret Bowden, Will Kassner, Tripp Hullender and Jason Vassar. I am honored to be going with such a great group.  I have said a little about what I will be doing beyond evangelism with art, sewing and creativity. But, what I am looking forward to is the dynamics of serving together with the team. 

Jason is a dentist in Memphis. He has taken his expertise to serve missions in South America. We will be packing denistry tool kits into suitcases and all of us will be learning and serving some time as dental assistants. Will has been involved with youth ministry and studies in seminary. He's quite easy going and charasmatic in his apprach to sharing. Barrett pastors, among his defining qualities:  He loves and serves and belives the best about others. Im not sure I have seen anyone with such a positive outlook on people and circumstances. Tripp is a finance guy who came to know our missionary Glen years ago through a small group in Memphis, and soon became close friends. He is an encourager and server and ready to join the work God has been doing through Glen. 

This is a quick snippit of the folks on the Tanzania Team. 

As Barrett said to us Sunday, we will be roughin it and will see each other at our worst, but I believe we will be seeing each other becoming our best as we serve together.

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