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The Story

We have watched Walter at work for over 40+ years. 

Rain, wind, or shine - determined & faithful.

Walter works selling papers at Publix, with a smile on his face & a song in his heart.

Our goal? Help Walter remain active, cared for & able to do the things he loves, for years to come.

Medical issues arise at times- some very serious.

Wheelchair repairs and maintenance are often needed.

Extra care in times of illness, can be very challenging and worrisome.

Every newspaper sale, every extra coin & loose bit of change... it all adds up, & is very much appreciated. 

Walter loves going to work. He loves talking to old friends & making new ones. 

Walter lives with a zest for life!

He loves to play chess. But beware, he most likely will win any chess or checker matches. Just ask FSU chess team players.

He truly enjoys lifting weights & working hard to keep up his strength, energy & health.

He lives with the intent to make the most of each day of his life.  He never quits or gives up! 

Walter has been, & will always be, a pure inspiration to me & the hundreds- if not thousands of people, he has inspired along the way.

All money donated goes directly to "The Walter Hand Supplemental Needs Trust Fund."  This is a special trust fund set up just for Walter.

Things are complicated these days- so, extra care was given to ensure the proper handling of donations made to Walter.  We so very much appreciate Lauchlin Waldoch, attorney with Waldoch & McConnaughhay, P.A., for her expertise, diligence and assistance in making sure things were done correctly for Walter.

From Irene:

I met Walter over 20 years ago, while at FSU, when I worked next door to Publix, back when it was still on West Pensacola.

Little did I know how much I would learn from him! Walter has been a constant source of inspiration for me! He has been a true friend- patient and kind, as life has whirled by.

This page is to benefit the man we all affectionately call the “Shock Man!” - as he never ceases to amaze us all! 

~ Irene Gardiner

Thank you very much for the numerous ways in which you encourage and support Walter!  Each and every way is so greatly appreciated!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 24, 2017

Posted on May 24, 2017

Thank you to Erin Lisch, Multimedia Journalist, on CBS - WCTV in Tallahassee, for her story on Walter that aired Tuesday, May 23, 2017.  "Tallahassee's 'Shock Man' hoping to play chess once again."  Thank you for highlighting how Walter continues to keep on inspiring people!  Five-decades of smiles, newspaper sales, and pure determination!  Thank you again to everyone who smiles, waves, says Hello, or stops by for a friendly chat with Walter!

Posted on February 2, 2017

Posted on February 2, 2017

February 1, 2017

Hello All! 

Thank you for supporting Walter and for your huge generosity!! It means so very much to Walter!!

Here is an overdue update & summary:

Most importantly, Walter is healthy and, as always, LOVES going to work!! Thank you for stopping by to say Hello to him and for buying a newspaper when you are able to!! Walter loves his job and loves seeing all of you!! You bring him many smiles each day!! J

This fundraising page was set up back in September 2014.

The Goal: The goal is still to help Walter remain active, cared for & able to do the things he loves, for years to come!

Procedural: Things are complicated these days. Extra care was given to ensure the proper handling of donations made to Walter. We so very much appreciate Lauchlin Waldoch, attorney with Waldoch & McConnaughhay, P.A., for her expertise, diligence and assistance in making sure things were done correctly for Walter!

Total Raised to date: $1,943.00

The total you have all donated September 2014 - February 2017.

Thank you all very much!!

Total Expenditures to date: ($2,249.40) All of the money and then some.

Money used to help Walter from September 2014 – February 2017.


Repairs on motorized wheelchair Walter takes to work in April 2016 (See Update Posted on August 13, 2016)


More repairs to the motorized wheelchair June 2016 (See Updates Posted on August 13, 2016)

$1,363.40 = Fundraising money + additional money = Total cost of the new manual wheelchair purchased for Walter in August 2016!

~ On the Horizon….

  • Walter is in need of a new motorized wheelchair!

~His ride to work is getting worn out!

BEFORE any money is raised for a Motorized Wheelchair…..

Please know… any money you donate is much welcomed on Walter’s behalf, and helps with the overall goal mentioned above, of helping Walter remain active, cared for & able to do the things he loves, for years to come!

Regarding a NEW motorized wheelchair:

Here’s the goal:

The 3 P’s: We need a plan, a product, and a price!

Before we specifically raise any money for a new motorized wheelchair, I think it best we have the three-P’s in place. I have known Walter since 1992 and this will be the 4th motorized wheelchair we have worked on I believe.

….I am in the process of working on the three-P’s!! I have a wonderfully busy family, so I carve out time as I can to work on this! Your patience, and especially, Walter’s always constant patience, is very much appreciated!

….We welcome your thoughts, ideas, input and comments!

Thank you very much!

Irene Gardiner

Posted on August 13, 2016

Posted on August 13, 2016

Dear Friends of Walter,

Thank you so very much for your outpouring of support for Walter!! Your inboxes should have receive an email this morning thanking you & explaining & apologizing for the lengthy delay in my response to you all. Walter is doing well!  Quick Recap:

* Walter was sick but recovered the beginning of this year.
*His motorized wheelchair he takes to work had two major repairs back-to-back!  Each repair took a very long time, which was very hard on Walter. He loves work & greatly missed the income & seeing everyone- which really makes his days!!  
* The money you donated helped pay for those repairs.  
* The repairs in May were paid for in April. The money you donated covered $350 in repairs. I personally paid an additional $283 for the 3 new batteries Numotion recommended Walter get replaced.  Walter wanted to economize & not replace the batteries. I felt that if they were recommending they be replaced & his chair was already in the shop- well, best we get it done. We all hoped that would be the last needed repairs & maintenance for awhile. 
* Walter was back up & running & back to work!! ...Then... back into the shop his chair went in June. Your donations covered the $536 in this second round of repairs.
* ... Walter is back at work once again!!! If you can get to Publix, give him a big "Hey Walter!!", if you have time!! 
* I read & re-read to Walter, everyone of your comments. We went over every single donation, who it was from, everything your wrote, & how much each of you lovingly gave!  That wonderful Walter laugh was heard & I just know he was smiling ear to ear!! I could hear it in his voice! 
* ... I recently spoke with someone who knew Walter from back in the "old days!" Just like I was, he was so very inspired by Walter & amazed at all he does & all who Walter is!!  This inspired me to re-activate the Walter Facebook page from back in 2014.  It is now up & running! can get to the website & the Walter Movie "Shock Man" from there as well.

...Thank you all so very, very much from the bottom of my heart for remembering Walter & sharing your comments & for being so very generous!!

Walter thanks you & I thank you!!

* * * * His birthday is coming up!  Will keep you posted.....

You all are what brings Walter's days joy!!

I am going to work to do a better job of connecting all those who love Walter. 

It all means a lot to him!  It is worth trying & working to get the word out! 

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