The Secret to Profitable Fundraisers

If you need to raise large amounts of money for a cause but don't feel like you have the network or experience to do so, fear not! Crowdfunding allows you to publicize your campaign quickly and efficiently, reaching potential donors all over the world. You no longer have to be a seasoned professional to launch a fundraiser that produces big profits. That being said, even though you aren't a veteran fundraiser doesn't mean you shouldn't work like one. We've compiled some tips to help you compete with the top dogs and conduct the most profitable possible campaign:

  1. Incorporate Planned Giving Into Your Strategy

    Ask supporters to consider donating a smaller amount over a longer period of time in order to keep them engaged with your organization.

    • Planned giving provides you with a more secure long-term fundraising strategy, ensuring an income even after your campaign ends.
    • Engage with your repeat givers by keeping them in the loop about your progress and thanking them for their generosity.
    • If you want to maximize donations within a smaller time frame, consider asking for pledges in exchange for the completion of a task or challenge. By getting them into the habit of giving repeatedly during your campaign, you are prepping them to become long-term donors in the future.
  2. Encourage Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

    Crowdfunding in and of itself is actually one of the most successful forms of peer-to-peer fundraising. That being said, you can further incorporate this strategy into your fundraising efforts.

    • Many of your donors will hear about your campaign not through you, but through one of your social media contacts who shares the campaign online.
    • Encourage your friends and loved ones not only to share your campaign link on their social networks, but also to talk about it in person. People are more prone to give if they hear about a cause from a trusted source.
    • Do your best to find impassioned organizers in different geographic locations. If your cause affects people across the country, look for representatives from different cities to act as ambassadors of your cause to their local communities.
    • Encourage those affected by your cause to share their stories. By putting a human face on the suffering that you work to relieve, you personalize the relationship between donor and recipient. In addition, ask those who benefit from your cause to spread information about your campaign to their own communities.
  3.  Plan a Local Fundraising Event

    Whether that be something as simple as a car wash or a raffle or something that requires more sophisticated planning, such as a black-tie gala or an auction, a well-run fundraising event in your local can become your campaign's centerpiece.

    • Fundraising events demonstrate that you've taken an active role in your campaign. Many of your supporters won't ever get to witness your backstage work. They may not realize that you do much more than make a page and wait for money to come. Hosting an event allows supporters to see you do the organizing and heavy lifting that usually takes place behind the scenes.
    • Events create publicity. They require aggressive marketing before the big day to build up hype, and afterwards, you can post updates, photos, and video to keep people thinking about your event (and by association, your cause).
    • Events create momentum. When you raise a lot of money at once, your campaign suddenly seems invigorated. A large number of donations builds social proof—potential donors see that others trusted your campaign enough to give to it, which makes them more likely to give themselves.

Path to Profitability

Hopefully these tips will help you conduct the most profitable possible crowdfunding campaign. In addition, never forget the most important rules of the trade: share often, update frequently, thank your supporters, and post compelling, high-resolution photos that connect with people who view your page. By fundraising like a professional, you can get the results of a professional. For more great fundraising strategies, check out our Fundraising Ideas page.