Sorority Fundraising Ideas

While people join sororities for a variety of reasons, one core value unites all chapters, regardless of geographic boundaries: a commitment to service. For many, the emphasis on giving back to the community is what makes Greek life special. But with all the fundraisers for their philanthropies, Greek women need to find creative ways to reach out to their community and spread awareness of their cause. Crowdfunding platforms are an underutilized tool that can give sorority fundraising an edge. It lets collegiates share their fundraising details via social media with friends in other houses on campus and at other schools.
Take Advantage of Your Online Connections

Take Advantage of Your Online Connections

Crowdfunding allows people to create an online fundraising page, explain their cause, and upload text, photos and videos to their social network in order to solicit donations. Donations often come from a wide group of people. With the wide circle of contacts of your chapter’s members, it can provide a unique opportunity to reach more supporters than through traditional channels alone. Through the collective efforts of small groups, online fundraising can be a rewarding experience for a variety of causes.
  • According to the the National Panhellenic Council's most recent available data, its women donated 639,021 hours to community service
  • Panhellenic women also raised $2,855,095 for charity through philanthropic events
  • Even after graduating, Panhellenic alumnae raised $97,629 for their organizations’ philanthropies (and donated their own money to scholarship programs)

Six Great Sorority Fundraising Ideas

  1. Sell Holiday Grams

    Sell Holiday Grams
    Consider a fundraiser with simple holiday greeting packages that your chapter charges students to buy for their friends. Not only will the revenue go toward your philanthropy, but you can also include a small note explaining that the purchase of their gram benefits charity and giving a short description of your cause. Also inform them of your campaign and the link to access it. These fundraisers are convenient because they can be adapted to fit any season, whether through the sale of Halloween grams, New Year’s and Christmas grams, Valentine’s grams or St. Patrick’s Day greetings, to name a few.
  2. Accept Online Payment for Offline Event Donations

    Accept Online Payment for Offline Event Donations
    Consider using your crowdfunding account as a convenient way to accept payments for traditional goods such as bake sales, clothing sales and car washes. Make it easy for students to participate, even if they don’t have cash on them, and ask them to share their donation on social media to help spread the word. The more that people see your YouCaring fundraiser, the more donations you're likely to receive—whether they attended your offline event or not.
  3. Encourage Sharing

    Encourage Sharing
    Members of the Greek community tend to have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances on their social networks, including students who may not have heard about the campaign. Take advantage of your connections, both inside and outside the Greek community, and encourage unaffiliated friends to share as well. Consider developing a hashtag to use across social media platforms in order to receive more publicity. Also try to find a way to make your online presence interactive, such as by asking people to post the answer to a question related to your philanthropy on social media.
  4. Hold an Event for Local Alumnae

    Hold An Event for Local Alumnae
    Brainstorm possible activities that your local alumnae group might enjoy. Have your Alumnae Relations Chair discuss options with your Alumnae Association and set a date for the event. Possible fundraising ideas include hosting a brunch, holding a card night at your chapter, or planning a picnic or barbeque on a sunny weekend. During the event, outline the basics of your crowdfunding campaign, and look for insight from women who may have experience in fundraising. Ask them to pass along information about your campaign to their personal networks, and if alumnae went to a different colleges, request that they send information to their alma mater.
  5. Host an Empowering Event for Women

    Host an Empowering Event for Women
    Host a self-defense class, a health workshop, a talk by an influential female speaker or any other program featuring content that promotes confidence and positivity in college-aged women. See if a guest might be willing to lead the event for free, and raise awareness of your workshop by posting about it online and in prominent places on campus. The more people who know about your event, the better! By hosting a class and asking for donations from attendees, you doubly fulfill your mission of service by providing peers with a space for personal growth and raising money for your philanthropy. Provide a suggested donation, and ask women to make the contribution online before they leave.
  6. Team with Sportswear or Apparel Company

    Team with Sportswear or Apparel Company
    See if a local boutique or sports outfitter would be willing to work with your sorority. Host a sale in which the company agrees to donate proceeds to your philanthropy, and invite women within and outside of the Greek community to check out their products. Often these types of sales can be held at your chapter, and items that don’t sell are simply returned to the company. These fundraisers give stores an opportunity to show off their merchandise and provide you with a product that interests potential donors. At checkout, talk to them about your campaign, and see if they’d be willing to share the link online.

Get Your Girl Power On!

Sorority fundraising can be one of the most influential experiences for a student during her time as an active member. It forces young women to reserve time in their busy collegiate life for service and compassionate actions. By working together to make a positive social change, a sorority bonds in a special way that creates life-long friendships and brings individual members closer together. Use our ideas to complement your crowdfunding campaigns, and if you haven't already started one, create a fundraiser today.