Fundraising Ideas for Mission Trips

For those who feel a magnetic pull to give back, mission trips serve as the perfect opportunity to donate your time and efforts to benefit others. On top of having the opportunity to give back, mission trips let you experience a different culture. However, finding funding for expenses like traveling is a critical part of the process, which may feel like a big responsibility. But you can use crowdfunding to your advantage. Crowdfunding is your key to unlock access to thousands of individuals who may wish to support compassionate people with big plans to give back to those in need.

Paying it Forward

Some mission trips are focused on spreading faith through your church group, while others are geared toward serving the needs of communities, such as building schools and disaster recovery. Regardless of your reason for deciding to go on a mission trip, we hope these fundraising ideas will spark some inspiration to raise the funds you need. Your trip is certain to help others while also helping you grow intellectually and spiritually. 

  • The journey will broaden your perspective of the world and provide a greater understanding of different cultures.
  • Mission trips help people develop a sense of maturity while teaching individuals to be less self-centered.
  • You will gain a sense of gratitude for what you have after seeing what some communities have to face daily.

Six Great Ideas to Fund Your Mission to Give Back

  1. Tea Time With a Twist

    Unleash your community’s inner artistic side with a tea party accompanied by a step-by-step painting lesson. You can teach the class yourself or ask a local artist to help. Participants get to socialize and leave with a masterpiece, and they won't even have to clean up the mess! Charge a flat rate to join the party, which will help cover the cost of materials as well as serve as a donation to your cause. Make sure to advertise the cause the event will benefit, as people might be inclined to donate more knowing that you’re helping others.

  2. Going Green

    Collect old, unwanted and used electronics, such as cell phones, tablets and ink cartridges from community members and send them into websites like phoneraiser or smartphonerecycling to get cash for recycled electronics. This is a hassle-free offline supplement to your online campaign that can bring in funds while cleaning out your neighbors' drawers of used electronics, and its good for the environment. It’s a win-win all around.

  3. Trivia Night

    Take some time to brainstorm unique facts about your community and craft them into trivia questions. You should establish a list of categories that appeal to different people. Select a venue like your community center. Set up tables to hold teams and sell tables or individual entry tickets via your online campaign. Establish some rules for the event, such as no cell phones, to deter cheating. As the facilitator of the event you will need to ask the question, allot teams time to come up with the answer and then pay attention to what group throws their hand up first to answer.

  4. Garage Sale

    You can ask members of your church, friends and neighbors to donate unwanted items lying around their house to sell at a garage sale. Advertise the sale with posters placed around your community and ads in local newspapers to entice buyers, and don't forget to spotlight the cause and how the funds will be used on the promotional material. Before the sale make sure to organize items into relevant categories to make browsing easier. And if you have any leftover items, donate them to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army.

  5. A Themed Cookbook

    Do some research on the country you will be doing your mission trip and create a book of recipes of some of the local delicacies to give your community a taste of your travels. This is a great way to get excited about your mission trip and to get more familiar with the culture. You can use Kinkos to print the cookbooks yourself or find a cookbook company that does it all for you, but keep in mind most have a high order minimum. Have friends, family and community members purchase your cookbook as a donation to your cause.

  6. Custom T-Shirt Shop

    A creative way to rally support for your cause is by selling T-shirts or other apparel with a fun design that reflects your cause. You can enhance any piece of clothing with an inspirational reminder of the journey you took to give back. Sell T-shirts and other adorned apparel to friends, family and your community.

Let the Inspiration Begin

Crowdfunding is ideal for reaching individuals looking to donate to a worthy cause, and supplementing your online campaign with offline events can only boost your donation pool. Inspired to get started on raising funds for your mission trip? If you haven't already done so, launch your mission trip fundraiser today.