How Do You Pay for a Funeral with No Money

The unfortunate truth is that when a loved one passes away, it is often in the hands of friends or family to fund the funeral bill, which can be costly. Today, funeral services often include high price tags for a casket, a cemetery space, a headstone, a hearse, embalming and more. This financial obstacle coupled with a recent loss can be exhausting and stressful on anyone. However, the crowdfunding trend has provided new opportunities for individuals wondering "How do you pay for a funeral with no money?" We've seen many families raise the funding they need to honor their deceased loved one, and the last thing you should be worried about at this time is money. Here are some tips and ideas on kickstarting the fundraising process that we've seen work.

Funding a loved one's final send-off

Funding a Loved One’s Final Send-Off

Crowdfunding can help raise the funds you need to give your loved one a proper send-off. Crowdfunding platforms provide a way to raise funds that is more efficient than traditional fundraising ventures. Setting up an online campaign will get your message to willing donors that you know, like friends and family, as well as potential donors that you don’t know who are looking to give back to a good cause.

  • Funeral services are valuable for individuals to reinforce their love for the individual while acknowledging and expressing their loss.
  • According to Funeral-Tips, a traditional funeral service costs on average between $8,000 and $10,000.
  • As reported by the National Funeral Directors Association by 2030 the cost of a funeral service will increase by 71%.

Five Resourceful Fundraising Ideas

  1. Benefit Sports Tournament

    Benefit Sports Tournament

    One way to honor a loved one while raising funds for the funeral expenses is to hold a benefit tournament featuring your loved one’s favorite sport. Most parks can facilitate different types of sports, which makes it the perfect venue. Whatever the sport, you can organize small games of four versus four so that a lot of people can participate. Have participants pay for their spot on a team, which will serve as a donation to your cause. This way you can get people together to enjoy friends, sport, food and drinks in remembrance of your loved one.

  2. Community Mural Project

    Community Mural Project

    Invite your community out to a designated spot and provide some various art supplies like paints, tiles and brushes and charge individuals to participate. Public parks, fields or community meeting places may be the best places to for the event itself. You can even ask art stores for leftover fabrics or donated materials for your event. Once the project is finished you can raffle it off or ask the city to display it somewhere in the community as a way to honor your loved one for years to come.

  3. Dishing Out Funds

    Dishing Out Funds

    Pair up with a local favorite restaurant to inquire if they would agree to give a small percentage of their sales from one night to your cause. Restaurants will mostly likely agree since a fundraising event like this fills up the restaurant on otherwise slow nights, it introduces new customers to the restaurant itself and it makes the restaurant look compassionate by giving back to the community. Set up a date and time and send an invitation out to friends, family and community members to participate in a night of good food and good company to raise funds for your loved one’s funeral expenses.

  4. Going Green

    Going Green

    One way to help clean out your neighbors recycling while raising funds for your cause is to set up an account at your local can and bottle collection agency. This way people in your community can drop off their cans and bottles and all of the money raised will go directly to the family. Advertise your collection in local newspapers and message boards to gain attention. You can even offer to pick up the cans and bottles yourself from community members to make the process easier on your donors. Also, make sure to remind individuals of your local agency’s requirements as well as drop off times.

  5. Healing Together

    Healing Together

    Mourning is a complicated process that requires many levels of healing. One way to heal collectively is to organize a healing event where individuals can come and participate in a healing ritual. Ideas for a healing ritual could be to make a community quilt, creating a scrapbook of memories of the deceased, reading poetry or planting a tree. You can offer food and drinks to people with the small price of a donation.

Get Funeral Funds Fast 

Funerals can help lift the burden of grief by bringing people together to celebrate a loved one’s life and collectively mourning, although the expense can continue to be a heavy weight to bear. We hope these fundraising ideas are beneficial for individuals who are financially challenged, especially with the unexpected loss of a loved one. If you haven't already started a funeral fundraiser, launch one today. Head to our Fundraising Tips page for strategies to ensure your fundraiser is a success.