Crowdfunding for Education

Despite the possibility of loans and financial aid, the cost of college is still daunting. College graduates today turn their tassels, throw their caps, pop champagne, and then quickly become buried in debt as soon as they step off of the campus. In fact, the class of 2015 reached a peak in student loan debt, with students nowadays owing around $35,000 after receiving their well-earned diplomas, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. With steep tuition prices that are only rising, students are forced to look for new ways to finance their educational dreams. So why not try crowdfunding for education?

The Power of Many

Crowdfunding is a collective effort that can have an impressive global reach through social media and the Internet, encouraging countless people around the world to donate to a worthy cause, thereby making a huge impact through many contributions. The crowdfunding model is ideal for students looking to raise money for tuition, room and board, school supplies, student loan debt and other expenses. You have decided to invest in a higher education, now let others invest in you and your future.

  • Crowdfunding is a vital tool for students during a technological age where you can share something with one click.

  • College students today have wide networks thanks to social channels, which will aid in reaching large audiences.

  • YouCaring’s free platform gives students confidence in knowing that all of their donations will go directly to their educational future.

Ace Your Future: Six Crowdfunding for Education Tips

  1. Be Specific

    Individuals who are in the beginning stages of higher education often speak about their future in aspirational ways, which appeals to others looking for inspiration. Sharing insight about your goals after college can persuade more donors to give toward your future. Be specific about your needs in your fundraiser because possible donors want to know exactly where the money is going. Each individual has their own character, so throw some personality into it to help your donors really connect with you. What are your career goals and what made you decide to take that path? 

  2. Pledge Your Time

    A creative way to entice individuals to donate is to pledge your own time to a charity or a company in return for donations on your campaign page. Another idea is to promise to teach others a skill for donations of a certain amount. For example, you could commit to teaching 20 kids how to play the guitar before the end of your next semester. Show your donors that their money is going toward something productive and that you are willing to give back.

  3. Prepare a Social Media Plan

    The goal for your campaign is for it to gain as much traction as possible. Social media is the easiest way to spread your campaign across your networks. Your personal and professional networks become your best resources, as well as your parents’ networks, your friends’ networks and all of their networks combined. We suggest you sit down and make a list of possible individuals to reach out to through your social channels, including your parents, relatives, teachers, colleagues and local businesses. Another helpful quick tip is to create a specific hashtag for your campaign for people to follow as you update.

  4. Reach Out to Alumni

    Many alumni are eager to give back to their alma mater and invest in the students of the future. They want to ensure that their college continues to be a success, and that students have the same opportunities that they had, as well as access to even more resources to set them on the path toward a promising future. Your university should have a way to connect with alumni through its website or via email, so make it a point to reach out to them and consider attending any scheduled alumni events to promote your crowdfunding campaign.  

  5. Update, Update, Update

    Keep the momentum going. Updates can be about good news or any struggles arising; people just like to stay in the loop. We all have smart phones and access to the Internet, so the ability to update your campaign is as simple as a few clicks of a button. Think of your campaign page as any social media channel. What’s on your mind? Where are you on the path to reaching your fundraising goal, what have you already used the money for education-wise, and why are these donations so important for your educational future? Share your thoughts with those who have already supported you and potentially may donate.

  6. Offline-Online Promotion

    Coordinating social events to promote your fundraiser is a great way to bring people together offline to support your campaign. Campus groups like sororities, fraternities and clubs are great resources to aid you in throwing an event in conjunction with your fundraiser because they already have a known presence on campus. There are a multitude of fundraising event ideas that can be both fun for the community and beneficial for your fundraiser. Use your imagination. As part of the online invite, encourage people to publish your campaign on their social media page. Consider creating a hashtag for your campaign and tell everyone present at your event to post to Instagram and Twitter using your hashtag. Make sure to publish your hashtag on your campaign page to encourage people to use it in social media.

The Future Is Now

Ready to take the first step toward reaching your educational goals? YouCaring is your one-stop shop for college expenses. Start crowdfunding for education in just a few simple clicks, use our strategies for success and keep all the money you raise through our free fundraising platform. You’ll be at the head of your class in no time.