Community Guidelines

What do we stand for?

Compassion Community Unity Participation Access Love Honesty Courage Empathy Diversity Discourse Charity Generosity

Needs Based

Your cause should be based on a legitimate personal or charitable need. YouCaring is a solution for those facing hardship or looking to promote a charitable cause.

Be Specific

Any donor who contributes should have a clear idea of who they’re giving to, what the need is, where the money will be sent, and how the money will be used.

Promote Harmony

We are not the right platform to air grievances, or engage in contentious disputes or controversial public opinion. While different viewpoints are a part of life, you should make efforts to ensure that the content of your fundraiser does not promote discord. As such, we do not support fundraisers for divorce, child custody, or any other disputes between opposing parties.

Be Inclusive

We strive to unite people into a global giving community. To ensure your success within this community, we encourage you to appeal to individuals from every walk of life. You should refrain from posting content or imagery which demeans, degrades or discredits any group or individual. Judgements and discrimination based on race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity or national origin will not be tolerated.

Legal Disputes

We believe in the principle that all people are entitled to a fair trial. This being said, in keeping with our principle of preserving harmony, we do not support fundraising for legal defense of a defendant who is charged with a violent crime or who is charged with a crime in which there is a significant financial impact to the victim(s).

Political Advocacy

In keeping with our commitment to building community, we encourage users to express their viewpoints and to raise funds for causes they’re passionate about. So long as funds are not being raised for a specific political campaign or Political Action Committee (PAC), cause-based fundraising is encouraged.

Health Services

We seek to promote access to all forms of personal health services that are permissible under law. We respect the choice of individuals to make decisions regarding their health and wellbeing.

Banned Substances

While we support all forms of treatment, regulatory requirements on the part of our payment processors prevent us from allowing funds to be raised for the procurement or distribution of federally banned substances. This applies to all states and jurisdictions, including those where cannabis has been legalized.

Illegal Activity

Our payment processors are restricted from allowing content which advocates the commission of, or could be construed as advocating the commission of, any crime.

Regulated Items

Our payment processors are restricted from allowing content or causes related to the creation or promotion of: adult entertainment, the purchase of firearms and weapons including ammunition, as well as raffles, lotteries, sweepstakes, contests or other games of chance.