Youth Group and Church Fundraising Ideas

Online fundraising for a church or other religious organization helps cover the costs of youth group events and community projects.
  • YouCaring respects that a donor’s money is meant for a specific cause, so we never charge fees or take commission

  • Easily reach your community through photos, videos and posted updates

  • Our campaigns have funded choirs, youth group trips and even the building of whole churches

Don’t wait any longer to meet your church fundraising goals!

Does your church have an exciting project in mind? Whether fundraising for a service trip, group retreat or youth group program, we can help your religious organization meet its financial needs. Crowdfunding online allows the campaign creators to outline their goals, explain their expenses and showcase an upcoming project through text, photos and videos. It provides another platform for community leaders to include church members in events and projects, and it helps to keep families in the loop about what’s going on in their community. In our increasingly digital age, online crowdfunding is an effective tool for church leaders looking to access the financial resources that will strengthen communal bonds while also maintaining important traditions.

Our crowdfunding campaigns have been featured in:

  • New York Times
  • AARP
  • Chicago Sun-Times
  • Chicago Tribune
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  • ESPN
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  • NPR News
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Church fundraisers raise more money on YouCaring

We’re the leader in free online fundraising. We focus on compassionate crowdfunding, providing free fundraising and support to humanitarian causes.
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Why Do Churches and Youth Groups Choose Us?

Church Fundraising - Tip 1

The Power of Compassionate Crowdfunding

Connect with those who share your values all over the world! Not only does YouCaring allow you to engage with your local community more efficiently by providing a single, consolidated website for your fundraiser, but it also allows you to spread your message to anyone in the world with an Internet connection!
Church Fundraising - Tip 2

The Importance of Connections

Once your fundraiser is live, you may receive donations and well wishes from other like-minded spiritual communities. YouCaring then becomes a platform to interact with and create connections between other groups in the midst of exciting projects, allowing you to cheer each other on, keep in touch, and offer support or guidance. YouCaring can be a place for cooperation and forging relationships that transcend geography.
Church Fundraising - Tip 3

The Ease of Free Fundraising

Youth ministry can be expensive. While a youth group is simple and humble in its conception, and there are many rewarding youth groups that make the most of limited resources, incidental and basic operational costs can be daunting. The Youth Ministry Architects espouses a goal of around $1,000 per youth per year in a youth group budget. Crowdfunding can be an effective way of covering costs for churches coming up short on funds.

What do others say about fundraising on YouCaring?

Church Fundraiser - Testimonial 1 - YWAM CAMBRIDGE STAFF
Thank you all so much for your prayers. We arrived in Tetovo yesterday and settled in for the final leg of this amazing journey. Today we are getting a feel for the city and possibly doing some cafe/park ministry as well as planning out what our days will look like.
Church Fundraiser - Testimonial 2 - Pick A Pocket / The Koshe Project / Pillalu House
I believe it will! It's amazing to see how God has already provided for Ruth and I to travel to Ethiopia & Spain this year, and I think He will provide for us to go to India as well. It's been an incredible experience to see all this happen in our first year of marriage.
Pick A Pocket / The Koshe Project / Pillalu House
Church Fundraiser - Testimonial 3 - Blake Potts
This will be an amazing three months to see so many people and so many hearts impacted along the way! If you or someone you know would like to support me in this amazing opportunity it would be such a blessing to me!
Blake Potts

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YouCaring’s goal is to help more people raise money through 100% free online fundraising, meaning more money finds its way to more people than any other crowdfunding platform. YouCaring provides templates, simple tools and great ideas, while maximizing the power of social networks to amplify your reach and help make your Church or youth group fundraiser a true success story.
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