How To Raise Donations For A Missions Trip To Africa

by JesseW May 4, 2013
    Missions trips can be a life changing experience, not only for those who participate but also for those who they reach. For the Wilson's who are leading a trip for the America World Adoption Association, those lives are young orphans from Kenya and Uganda.    Meet Joe a... [More]

Best Ways to Fundraise for a Volunteer Trip

by 352admin April 5, 2013
When  you make the exciting decision to volunteer in another part of the world, it’s time to find out about the best ways to fundraise for a trip. This guide should help  make it easy for you to learn how to successfully get started raising money. Planning How to Fundraise Money Writ... [More]

Practical Advice To Help Your Volunteer Trip Fundraiser

by JesseW February 13, 2013
Gaining support for volunteering abroad can be difficult, and many people are unsure how to find supporters who are willing to give monthly. Here is some very practical advice to help you fund your volunteer trip. [More]

Online Fundraiser Provides Financial Support for Falsely Imprisoned Missionary

by JesseW November 22, 2012
Missionary work can often times come with a high price to families and the missionaries themselves. When a missionary is imprisoned in a foreign country the family will do just about anything to get them back. For the da Silva family this reality is all too real... [More]

Need Help Raising Money for a Mission Trip?

by JesseW November 19, 2012
Have you ever tried raising support for a missions trip? You may be surprised at how many people have no idea where to start when it comes to fundraising for a mission trip. If that's you, have no fear! [More]

3 Great Ways To Fundraise For YWAM DTS - Part 3

by Admin July 27, 2012
Now that you have made an online fundraiser for giving, and have created unique way to raise money, its time for part 3. Part 3 of 3 great ways to fundraise for YWAM DTS, will teach you how maximize your free online fundraiser and maintain relationship with your donors. Your free online fundraising... [More]

3 Great Ways To Raise Money For YWAM DTS - Part 2

by Admin July 26, 2012
It is easy to Raise Money For Youth With A Mission DTS, when you combine it with creativity. Now that you have created a free online fundraising page. A major key to fundraising successfully is the ability to reach a wide majority of supporters. In Part 2, of 3 Great Ways To Raise Money For YWAM DT... [More]

How to Create a YWAM Fundraising Campaign

by Admin July 25, 2012
No fee YWAM fundraising for your mission trip or DTS training through Learn great ways to raise donations to support a YWAM mission trip or DTS [More]

Tips for Mission Trip Fundraising

by Admin July 24, 2012
Once you decide to go on a mission trip, how can you learn the best way to raise money for it? A great way is check out past mission trip fundraising campaigns on YouCaring that have been successful.  It makes sense that folks wanting to help others by going on a mission trip will see... [More]

YWAM Fundraising - Justin Jaeger

by Admin November 26, 2011
YWAM fundraising is always interesting. Youth With A Mission attracts people who are world changers - people who have a burning desire to follow a calling in their life like almost no other fundraiser on our website... [More]

Jenni's Mission Trip Fundraising

by Admin November 8, 2011
We get excited about mission trip fundraising, mainly because at the end of each mission trip lives will be changed forever. Nothing moves us more than the plight of children, so when we heard Jenni was mission trip fundraising for a cause involving children with congenital heart disease (CHD) we had to find out more... [More]

Fundraising Online For Your Mission Trip

by Admin November 7, 2011
YouCaring loves being involved with individuals who have a heart for mission trips. Your passion to change the world and effect lives around you is inspiring, encouraging and we want to be apart of that in any way that we can. [More]

Mission Trip Fundraising - Featured Fundraiser

by Admin October 30, 2011
A large proportion of fundraising on our site covers mission trip fundraising. Generally we find that the majority of these fundraisers are people fueled by a passion to change the world... [More]

YWAM - Featured Personal Fundraising Website for Youth With A Mission

by Admin October 23, 2011
YWAM (Youth With A Mission) is one of our favorite missions organizations. We wanted to highlight some YWAM'ers we have on our fundraising website... [More]