How to Raise Money Fast Crowdfunding

by The YouCaring Team 17. April 2015 12:04
Disasters. Accidents. Emergencies. When a crisis blindsides someone, it often causes an immediate financial burden. Knowing how to raise money fast empowers you to help ease stress and restore hope in the midst of difficulty. With our fundraising tips for raising money in a hurry, it’s simple ... [More]

Seven Tips for Online Fundraising on YouTube

by The YouCaring Team 13. April 2015 11:58
With more than 1 billion users and more than 4 billion videos watched daily, YouTube offers a huge opportunity to network and share your crowdfunding cause. By making videos that stand out on this social media channel, you can rapidly attract support for your online fundraising efforts. Successful... [More]

Crowdfunding Is for Everyone, Not Just Techies

by The YouCaring Team 9. April 2015 14:46
Do you know enough about technology to raise money online? You do! People from all walks of life use crowdfunding to help each other. Here’s how easy we make it for you to get started. All You Need to Start Crowdfunding Raising money online requires access to a computer, the Internet and a ban... [More]

Why People Give to Personal Fundraising Causes

by The YouCaring Team 4. April 2015 17:08
Personal fundraising causes do wonders for beneficiaries and donors alike. At YouCaring, we have always believed that helping each other creates a shared path to joy. In our daily work, we see how giving helps everyone involved feel good. So we’re thrilled to share that there’s plenty of... [More]


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Five Steps to Featuring Your Fundraiser on Facebook Timelines

by The YouCaring Team 3. April 2015 10:45
When you promote your fundraiser on Facebook, the settings of your page can improve your reach dramatically. Many people are unaware that a Facebook algorithm selects information for each user’s news feed. With our simple steps to getting your cause on more Facebook timelines, it’s easy ... [More]

How Your Fundraiser Deadline Can Raise Donations

by The YouCaring Team 31. March 2015 11:57
What difference does duration make to your crowdfunding success? Your fundraiser deadline is a handy tool for attracting online donations. Here’s what you need to know to set a deadline that motivates supporters. How Your Fundraiser Deadline Affects Online Donations Crowdfunding donations are... [More]

The Fun Side of Crowdfunding

by The YouCaring Team 27. March 2015 06:19
Laughter and rewards are fabulous ways to draw interest and donations to your crowdfunding cause. With humor or a clever approach, you are more likely to create memorable connections and motivate people to lend support. To help spark ideas, read how seven outstanding fundraisers gained attention and... [More]

Kindness in the News

by The YouCaring Team 26. March 2015 10:35
At YouCaring, we believe in spreading kindness. We love to shine a light on inspiring examples of people helping others through crowdfunding, raising awareness or lending a hand in times of need. Here are five of our favorite newsmakers in March. Costco Employee with Terminal Cancer Gets Surprise V... [More]

Seven Steps to Using Twitter for Online Fundraising

by The YouCaring Team 23. March 2015 03:31
Spreading the word is a core function of Twitter, which makes it an ideal place to raise awareness and support for your online fundraising effort. With our tips, it’s simple to learn how to use Twitter to help meet and exceed your crowdfunding goals. 1. You Can Use Your Own Account for Online ... [More]

Celebrate Nutrition Month with Healthy Eating, Fitness and Crowdfunding

by The YouCaring Team 21. March 2015 09:22
YouCaring exists to help people thrive. As our crowdfunding platform shows, we encourage everyone who focuses on making lives better. That’s why we’re rallying this month around National Nutrition Month.   The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics sponsors Nutrition Month in America t... [More]

Seven Tips for Using Facebook to Promote Your Fundraiser

by The YouCaring Team 20. March 2015 03:23
Highlighting your fundraiser on Facebook lets you tap into a massive global community that loves to share information and support great causes. To be successful, your approach to promotion needs to differ from how you might normally share other things. Our tips make it simple for you to learn how to... [More]

Riley Sandler Memorial Foundation Fundraiser Surpasses $1 Million

by The YouCaring Team 15. March 2015 06:49
The legacy of a young girl named Riley is inspiring great generosity! The Riley Sandler Memorial Foundation has surpassed its initial goal of raising $1 million and is still going strong. During a recent fundraising event in New York, the foundation celebrated their memorial fund success and present... [More]

The Value of Telling Your Full Story on Your Fundraiser Page

by The YouCaring Team 13. March 2015 09:12
While you can share details about your crowdfunding cause in many places online, your fundraiser page is the one that matters most in attracting online donations. Fundraising organizers often tell beautiful, heartwarming stories on blogs and social media. Yet without a fundraiser page brimming with ... [More]

Inspiring Moments: February Crowdfunding Highlights

by The YouCaring Team 10. March 2015 06:12
Every day at YouCaring, people join together to help others overcome, heal and thrive through times of need. We love how online fundraising brings to light such wonderful causes and the people who make them successful.   We’ve compiled a list of inspiring fundraisers from the past month t... [More]

The Happiness of Online Fundraising

by The YouCaring Team 6. March 2015 10:55
Join us in making the world a happier place! The International Day of Happiness is approaching on March 20. Did you know that compassionate crowdfunding is all about small acts of kindness? These small acts can lead to amazing results for online fundraising, helping people in need overcome difficult... [More]

The Power of Promoting Your Fundraiser Online

by The YouCaring Team 5. March 2015 07:07
At its heart, sharing is how crowdfunding works. It starts with you sharing a request for help with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. But are you maximizing your fundraiser success and leveraging the power of sharing in raising money online? Learn how sharing matters to online fundraising, ... [More]

How to Raise Money for a Family in Need

by The YouCaring Team 4. March 2015 07:00
When someone in your community is struggling, it’s human nature to want to lend a hand. Perhaps a family needs assistance as they deal with an illness or cancer. Or maybe a parent is struggling with unemployment and unable to make ends meet? At YouCaring, we’re here to help you learn how... [More]

Which Donation Processor Is Right for Your Fundraiser?

by The YouCaring Team 27. February 2015 13:25
Online fundraising requires a third-party credit card processor. These donation processors allow for money to be safely collected and transferred online, but they do charge small fees for this service. YouCaring offers three donation processor choices: Stripe, WePay and PayPal. Each offers a secure ... [More]

How to Verify Authentic Online Fundraisers

by The YouCaring Team 26. February 2015 06:53
Crowdfunding is emerging as a powerful way for people to help each other. When an online fundraiser inspires you to make a donation, what steps should you take to ensure you’re funding an authentic cause? With our guide below, you can donate with confidence and rest assured that you are making... [More]

Five Tips for Writing Your Fundraiser Press Release

by The YouCaring Team 24. February 2015 11:55
If you want your crowdfunding cause to earn media coverage, a strong press release is key to your efforts. Writing for journalists differs from reaching other people because they receive many requests daily and always face short deadlines. You need to make a brief, clear case for why your online fun... [More]

How Your Fundraiser Description Length Influences Donations

by The YouCaring Team 17. February 2015 09:10
Word count is a major factor in generating online donations. With our advice, it’s simple to learn how to make your donation page description the best length to heighten visibility and attract donations. Read on for details about using our recommendations to: Increase your fundraiser’s... [More]

How Video Boosts Crowdfunding Campaign Success

by The YouCaring Team 10. February 2015 13:18
Without videos, many online fundraisers remain unnoticed and underfunded. A video is your most powerful tool to connect emotionally with potential donors, heighten awareness and raise donations for your crowdfunding campaign. By following our advice you’ll find it’s easy to make an effec... [More]

Support Crowdfunding for Medical Bills During American Heart Month

by The YouCaring Team 6. February 2015 11:29
February is American Heart Month, with many events to raise awareness about heart health issues. And today is National Wear Red Day to honor the Go Red for Women effort that focuses on women’s heart health. Great progress in making healthy lifestyle changes has occurred since Wear Red Day was ... [More]

Cancer Fundraising and Penny Valentines for Brooke Foster

by The YouCaring Team 5. February 2015 07:07
As Valentine’s Day approaches, a brave teenager would love to have your support. Penny Valentine for Brooke, a YouCaring cancer fundraising campaign, is raising money for cancer patient Brooke Foster, who is battling a rare form of bone cancer. Just before her 16th birthday last year, Brooke r... [More]

Support Breast Cancer Fundraising for Bald Ballerina on World Cancer Day

by The YouCaring Team 4. February 2015 06:52
"No one is too young; no one is too fit; no one is immune." Maggie K, the Bald Ballerina breast cancer fundraising organizer and beneficiary, wants everyone to know that breast cancer can strike anyone at any age. In the midst of rigorous work at Joffrey Ballet School, Maggie received a diagnosis of... [More]

Crowdfunding Campaign Strategy & the Importance of Courageous Storytelling

by The YouCaring Team 28. January 2015 10:34
When you tell the story of your online fundraiser, will it move people to make donations? Crowdfunding success stories start with courageous storytelling. Follow our simple and proven approach to tell stories that draw interest and donations for your cause. Learn From Crowdfunding Success Stories Ex... [More]

Improve Your Crowdfunding Campaign with Inspiring Images

by The YouCaring Team 27. January 2015 08:35
Compelling images can instantly develop understanding, spark empathy and inspire action. Yet many fundraisers are unsure how to utilize images to increase donations. With our advice, you can learn how to select inspiring images that drive donations to your crowdfunding campaign. Image Quality Drives... [More]

Help A Neighbor with Community Fundraising

by The YouCaring Team 20. January 2015 07:49
If someone you know is going through a rough time, it’s easy to raise money online to lend them support. Community fundraising offers unexpected help and hope to people in need. At YouCaring, we believe that asking for help should not cost you a penny, so we charge zero fees. With free online ... [More]

Great Ideas for Naming Your Online Fundraiser

by The YouCaring Team 15. January 2015 07:53
Many people wonder how to start a fundraiser online that attracts donors. It’s simple: give your cause an effective name that is easy to find. Names have dramatic impact upon the success of online fundraising for individuals. With these quick tips about how to raise money online for a person ... [More]

How To Have A Successful Fundraising Website

by The YouCaring Team 14. January 2015 09:57
A Checklist for a Compassionate Crowdfunding Campaign How do you start a fundraiser the right way? Successful fundraising for charity or personal causes start with these four characteristics of compassionate crowdfunding. Be Vivid: Paint Your PictureInspiring generosity begins with honesty, heart a... [More]

How To Use Social Networking For Fundraising

by The YouCaring Team 9. January 2015 13:38
Social Networking Tips to Raise MoneyAre you ready to find your crowd? With a few clicks, you can share your fundraising story easily, instantly, widely and for free. And through social networking websites, the speed of global crowdfunding generosity can outpace word-of-mouth efforts. Your soci... [More]


by The YouCaring Team 2. January 2015 10:45
As we look back on 2014, it is heartwarming to see just how many people came together to support others in times of need. We compiled a list of the Top Crowdfunding Campaigns from 2014 - but each and every fundraiser was an absolute privilege to be a part of. We can’t wait to do even more in t... [More]

Over $200 MILLION Raised

by The YouCaring Team 1. January 2015 12:55
2014 was a great year for the YouCaring Community! We are happy to share that over 125,000 fundraisers have been started to help people get through hardships or accomplish goals AND over $200,000,000 raised! This is truly amazing.In 2015 we are committed to growing these numbers - and remaining... [More]

YouCaring Named “Best Crowdfunding Site”

by The YouCaring Team 30. December 2014 11:50
YouCaring Named “Best Crowdfunding Site” SAN FRANCISCO, CA. YouCaring has been named “Best Crowdfunding Site” by CrowdsUnite – the world’s largest crowdfunding review site. YouCaring is the leading free crowdfunding site for personal and charitable causes. YouCari... [More]

Top Online Crowdfunding Websites for 2015

by The YouCaring Team 24. December 2014 08:19
We love that crowdfunding has become more popular, as that means more people are helping others!  There are several fundraising platforms available online to help you raise money for a personal cause. To make it easy for you to find the best crowdfunding website for your fundraiser, we’ve... [More] Celebrates #GivingTuesday

by The YouCaring Team 2. December 2014 11:44
#GivingTuesday is a special day – and not just because it gives us all a chance to reflect and give back.It’s an opportunity to thank the countless people who make up the YouCaring community... from the generous donors willing to help others in need... to our amazing fundr... [More]


YouCaring Fundraisers Profiled in CNBC Article

by The YouCaring Team 6. November 2014 10:29
Crowdfunding can make a difference  – for an individual, a family, a neighborhood, and sometimes even help make the world a better place.   Our YouCaring community of fundraisers and donors plays a key role in making that important movement happen. CNBC knows how this works.  ... [More]


The Fundraiser For The Last Ice Bucket Challenge You Need To See: The Human Side of ALS

by The YouCaring Team 20. August 2014 11:37
With endless videos of the ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge" in your Facebook feed, it may be easy to forget what you're supporting. In this YouCaring fundraiser, Anthony's loved ones make it very clear the human side of the research we're all supporting. [More]

Fundraiser Success Stories: Medical Fundraiser for Child Facing Lifetime of Huge Medical Challenges

by The YouCaring Team 18. August 2014 07:05
It was very successful and the family who benefited are incredibly grateful and humbled by the generous donations and the caring messages. We are thrilled our goal of $100,000 was exceeded. Thank you for enabling us to help this family. [More]

Fundraiser Success Stories: Fundraiser to Save Home for Mom

by The YouCaring Team 11. August 2014 03:32
"Through our fundraiser, we were able to raise the money to help my mom save her house. There were people that helped us out that we didn't even know. There are people out there in the world that care." [More]

Fundraiser Success Stories: Funds Help Organization Care for Abused, Abandoned Pets

by The YouCaring Team 8. August 2014 07:27
Animal rescue group uses online fundraising to provide for abused, neglected or injured dogs like Annabelle. With their help, she now has a loving family. [More]

Fundraiser Success Stories: Online Fundraiser Helps Family Recover from House Fire

by The YouCaring Team 5. August 2014 07:33
When his brother lost his home in a fire, Bob turned to to raise funds to get their family back on their feet. They raised more than $10,000. [More]

Fundraiser Success Stories: Woman's Online Fundraisers Provide for PTSD Service Dog

by The YouCaring Team 22. July 2014 05:20
Katie's first online fundraiser with YouCaring allowed her to purchase her service dog while the second fundraiser covered the costs for training him. [More]

Fundraiser Success Stories: Raising Funds Online Enables Woman's Seizure Treatment

by The YouCaring Team 14. July 2014 00:30
Claire needed money to travel from the UK to North Carolina for seizure medical treatments. Donations through her YouCaring fundraiser made that possible. [More]

Fundraiser Success Stories: Thanks to Donations, Family Able to Lay Child to Rest

by The YouCaring Team 10. July 2014 00:30
When this family lost their baby, their community came together through to cover the funeral costs for their precious angel. [More]

Fundraiser Success Stories: Organization Raises Funds for Ugandan School Children

by The YouCaring Team 7. July 2014 03:19
Children and others around the world need support. Organizations like this one use online fundraising sites to generate donations for important supplies. [More]

Fundraiser Success Stories: Grandmother Raises Funds for Baby with Immunodeficiency

by The YouCaring Team 3. July 2014 07:38
Medical fundraising is critical to helping families make it through tough times. This grandma used to benefit her granddaughter with SCID. [More]

Fundraiser Success Stories: Animal Fundraiser Exceeds Donation Goal by 4600%

by The YouCaring Team 14. June 2014 03:51
Animal shelter's modest $300 fundraising goal resulted in more than $14,000 in donations, allowing them to care for many more animals than they even hoped. [More]

Fundraiser Success Stories: Donations to Animal Rescue Save a Loving Dog

by The YouCaring Team 11. June 2014 02:55
When this animal group rescued a dog who was shot, they turned to their community though YouCaring to raise the funds for vet bills. Mission accomplished. [More]

Fundraiser Success Stories: Donations Provide for Uganda Mission Trip

by The YouCaring Team 8. June 2014 02:35
With funds raised through YouCaring, a medical and teaching team traveled to help Ugandan villagers. At $3000 per person, the need for donations was great. [More]

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