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Bringing Home Baby W (Robert and Jackie Wohlschlaeger)
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The Story

For those of you who know us, just skip down to the section titled Our Adoption Journey.  

For those of you that don’t know us, thank you for visiting our page!  Please read about my surrogacy journey and why we’re choosing adoption.  

If you’d like to learn more about our personal lives and see more photos, please visit the website (profile) below I created for a previous birth mother who we are no longer working with.  (For details on why we are no longer moving forward with this particular birth mother, I have copied the status I shared on my personal Facebook page on this YouCaring page under the "Updates" tab.)  Link to adoption profile:

Why Adoption: 

In 2007, I decided to become a surrogate.  My son, Maddox, was a year old.  I had a great pregnancy with him.  I loved every minute of it and wanted to help someone else have a baby. 

I became pregnant and it went smoothly until I suffered a placental abruption.  The twins were fine, but I came within minutes of bleeding to death.  Shortly afterward, I received the news that the hormones I used to get pregnant (since the babies were not my genetics) had caused a massive blood clot.  

The clot ran from my femoral vein behind my right knee up my leg, branching into various organs and running continuously up to approximately an inch below my heart.  My doctors had never seen anything like it.  I spent a month in the hospital and another 18 months on blood thinners with weekly appointments and testing before finally being released by my doctors.

Even though I am no longer in danger from my clot, the damage to my body is done.  It would just be too risky for me to carry again.  My son almost lost me once.  And I can’t chance that again.

Our Adoption Journey:

Robert and I have wanted to adopt for years.  We finally got serious about it last year and we are now open with the State of Arkansas.  We’ve also started to consider private adoption as well.

I started this YouCaring page on August 01, 2014 because, when I had called an adoption agency to ask about pricing, we were given the opportunity to show a birth mother our profile unexpectedly.  The birth mother loved us (or so we thought) and we immediately began fundraising to bring home our baby.  We were aware of how unique this opportunity was because this agency was willing to accept our approved home study from the State of Arkansas and did not make us pay any upfront fees before being matched.  

However, approximately one week later, we were devastated to find out that this woman had previously scammed two families out of money during previous pregnancies but never gave the children up for adoption.  After hearing this, we knew we had to start over once again.  (If you'd like to read the status update that I posted on Facebook to announce our sad news to our friends and family, please check under the "Updates" tab.)  

So, here we are again, with no match.  While it is heartbreaking to start over, we are already so much more prepared than we were even one week ago.  We have already raised $800!  We have a huge yardsale planned using clothing donations of friends, families, and strangers.  We have a raffle planned also.  I'm also more confident that we can (eventually) reach our $20,000+ financial goal to bring home our baby because of the support that we've received from family, friends, and strangers both during the announcement of our match and when we found out we were back at square one.  

Please continue to donate and share, as our efforts are ongoing.  Any day we could get the call that are matched!  We will not give up until we bring home Baby W.  Below are all of the ways that you can help.  

DONATE!Even $10 will help us reach our goal.

SHARE!Please share our story with everyone you know.  Share this link and encourage others to do the same.

VOLUNTEER!We will likely be having garage sales or other events to raise money.  You can volunteer to help us reach our goal.

PRAY!Please pray for us.  Pray that somehow, our financial needs for this adoption will be met.  Pray that we will have faith that this will work out.  Pray that we stay strong during what will undoubtedly be a very emotional journey.  Pray for the changes that will inevitably happen as we bring home a baby.

Thank you for reading we story.  Please check back soon for “updates” which will be shown under the “updates” tab. 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 15, 2014

Posted on August 15, 2014


One winner will receive:
  • $40 gift card to Colton's Steakhouse
  • Two tickets to Chenal 9 Theater in the Promenade 
  • $10 gift card for after-the-movie treats to Maggie Moo's Ice Cream & Treatery, which is located across from the theater
How to Enter:
  • Donate through this fundraising site to be entered to win.
  • $5 per entry or $20 for five entries
  • Be sure to include your email address with your donation so that I can notify you if you win.
This raffle will run through the end of August.  A winner will be chosen by random draw and contacted on September 1st.  Thank you for helping us bring home Baby W!  Please spread the word and good luck!

Posted on August 7, 2014

Posted on August 7, 2014

So, this is a post that I never wanted to write. It will be very long, but just hang in here with me. As many of you now know, last week we were given the opportunity to move forward with a birth mom from a  local agency. Because it came at such as surprise, we shared all of this with you in attempt to raise the money needed to make this happen (and also because we were justreally, really excited.) 

For almost a week we’ve fundraised our hearts out. My mother and my sister have been able to get numerous (as in, truck loads) of clothing donations for the huge yard sale we've been planning for next Saturday. We had a church offer their lot to use for the sale. I’ve had strangers and friends go through closets and donate anything they could. One friend of mine who lives out of state surprised me yesterday by telling me that she has planned her own yard sale for this weekend and would be mailing me the proceeds. I’ve had businesses pledge donations for the raffle and silent auction we have been planning. I’ve had friends and strangers help me plan, share my statuses, rejoice in our happiness, pray for us, and give us a total of $700 of their hard-earned money, all to help us along our journey. 

Today, the owner of the agency called me to let me know she had accompanied our birth mother to her doctor appointment. While there, she was informed by office staff that this woman had, on two separate occasions in the past, scammed families out of money stating that she would give her child up for adoption but did not. (A portion of the money given to the agency by adoptive families goes to pay for certain things for the birth mother such as utilities, clothes, food, rent, etc.) There are more details about her history that came to light also that I don’t care to get into here. Based off all of this, the agency (and Robert and I) have decided that we cannot move forward with this woman.

To say that I am heartbroken is an understatement. For those of you who know us better outside the Facebook realm, you know that we’ve had other “setbacks” before. Each time it hurts worse. This one felt so different though. This one seemed tangible. We were so thrilled to meet this woman next week and to welcome her into our family. We’re completely crushed to find out it’s not going to happen. 

Right now, Robert and I need a few days to just let our emotions settle, reflect on what has happened, and to decide where to go from here. We will either very likely do one of two things. We may sign with another agency, which will mean going through the painstaking process of paperwork and background checks and another home study yet again. Or, we may simply wait on this agency to sign another birth mother to view our profile, since this agency is willing to work with us using our already approved home study through the State. At this time, the agency we were matched with has no unmatched birth moms to show our profile to, but will hopefully have more soon. We’re uncertain what agency route we will take. But, we need to get our strength up again first before we decide. 

To everyone who has so selflessly shared our story, said the kindest things about us, donated money, donated items, messaged me, pledged items for the silent auction and raffle we have been planning, or prayed for us, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all honestly gave me hope that this time was going to be different than our previous heartaches. And that hope is something I’ll hold onto as we move forward. 

If you have donated money through our fundraising site, please contact me. As I said, we will likely pick back up fundraising in a few days or a week or so to push forward in this fight to add to our family, but we no longer have the “urgent” need that we had before, as there is no longer a specific birth mother we are working with. Because of that, I will understand completely if you would not have donated under less-emergent circumstances and I will happily mail you a check in the full amount of your donation. If you decide to let us keep your donation, and for some reason we do not move forward with adoption, your donation will be refunded in full also. This money was never accepted with any other purpose in mind but to grow our family so there are only two options for what happens to it: It goes toward our adoption or back with its donor. No matter what, just know that you will always have a place in my heart for coming to our rescue when we needed you. 

Lastly, please pray for us. I’m really struggling to find peace with the reality that once again, we find ourselves back at the starting line. Thank you all again, so so so so so much.

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