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Child:Boy 3years old

Michelle is a singlemother to her six children. She has four biological children and two that she adopted from the US Foster CareSystem three years ago. Her oldest daughter, Brittany, and son-in-law have blessed her with a 3 year old granddaughter and a grandson born Feb 2014. She also has a 20 year old son, Chase, who is a Manager at a retail store and will be attending the Police Academy. She has a 19 year old daughter, Chelsea, who is a full time employee and student. She is a college student majoring in Health Services and plans to become an Adoption Social Worker. She has a 17 year old son, Andrew, who has Autism and is a very successful senior at his Private Christian School. He plans to attend College of Central Florida when he graduates and major in Equine Studies (Horse Studies). Michelle adopted a medically needy sibling group from the US Foster Care System. They are biological siblings only one year apart but never lived together until she adopted them. Her son is 6 years old, just started Kindergarten, has Arthrogryposis of his upper and lower limbs and is a double amputee with amazing Iron-Man prosthetics. He is no longer medically needy. Her daughter is 5 years old, has had numerous surgeries on her hip, has lower limb difference, wears leg braces and her canceris in remission after a year of infusions and treatments. She is also no longer medically needy.

Michelle’s parents were Foster Parents for 18 years while she was growing up and she had always known that she would adopt one day. She did adopt and is now adopting again. It is hard to adopt as a single mother from anywhere and even harder to adopt as a single mother who already has Special Needs children at home. She is adopting a beautiful three year old boy from China. He just turned three in August and she will be traveling in early Oct to bring him home.

During this journey Michelle has meet so many other adoptive families through facebookbut she has also met over 35 adoptive families in her small town. She started an adoption support group that meets monthly and is a HUGE support to all involved. These families can not wait to have Michelle’s son home in a few weeks so they can greet her at the airport, the kids can play together and grow up as great friends with great stories as to how all of their mom’s rallied together to bring them to their forever families.

Michelle works as the Children’s Minister at her church and has a large heart for children. She helps so many other families with Back to School Supplies, Thanksgiving meals, Christmas meals, Christmas gifts, Easter baskets and so much moreall year round.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 29, 2014

Posted on September 29, 2014

I bought my tickets today!!! 

Itinerary: I leave on Oct 10th at 5:20am and arrive in China on Oct 11th. I will meet Brennan on Oct 13th (when you wake up that Monday morning I will have already met him so look for pictures). I sign official adoption papers on Oct 14th. We have his Consulate appointment on Oct 20tt. Get his passport on Oct 21st. I will return on Oct 22nd at 10:35pm (I know most of you who planned to welcome us at the airport probably won't be able to because of the late time...sorry)

So much to still do!! Book round trip train tickets from Hong Kong to GZ, Hong Kong hotel, pack, etc...

We still have $10,000 to raise before we travel in 11 days!!! Please share, donate, and pray!

Posted on September 24, 2014

Posted on September 24, 2014

Friends! Please read this in it's entirety!   PLEASE SHARE!!!!!

Adoption is the heart of God. Adoption is a miracle born out of tremendous loss and suffering. Adoption is Ashes traded for a crown of beauty.

Adoption is NOT a popularity contest. Adoption is expensive. Adoption is Redemption. Adoption is WORTH it.

Michelle Barrett is all too familiar with the costs and joys of adoption. She is a single mom to six children, 4 grown and 2 littles at home that she adopted domestically. Michelle, a children's pastor in Florida, took a leap of faith when God called her to adopt a three year old special needs boy in China. He has a sensitive special need that has been surgically addressed in China, but he will require ongoing medical intervention and testing to see if the repairs were adequate. Her son seems to have declined in health from the initial reports to the final update. This boy needs to come home ASAP.

Michelle and her older children have worked tirelessly to raise the funds to bring "Brennan" home and give him the love of a family that EVERY child deserves to know. She has budgeted most of the adoption funds from her own income by scrimping, sacrificing, and doing without. In addition to paying the expenses out of pocket, they have done garage sales ($500 for the first one and $218 for the second), T-shirt sales (a design that Michelle created with her children), she has made handmade jewelry and handmade blankets with her middle daughter and sold some, an online auction ($38 for the first one and $588 for the second), a candle fundraiser ($62) a Barnraiser (Barn Dinner & Dance - there was a torrential downpour, I know because I was there), and they have sold personal items too. Even though Michelle is employed by a church, the church has not been supportive of her adoption and will not allow her to do any fundraisers there.

Michelle is like most single moms I know....strong, independent, courageous, and self-sacrificing. I know because she is a friend. She is all too familiar with giving, giving, and giving more of herself. She gives advice to struggling moms, she runs a FB travel group for those who are preparing to travel around the same time, and she organizes spreadsheets to keep everyone informed of where they are in the process.

She isn't comfortable with asking for help or accepting it. But, FRIENDS, she NEEDS our help to bring this boy home ASAP. She is supposed to leave for China in TWO weeks (October 8, 2014) and she is short on funds, despite her valiant efforts to raise the funds to bring Brennan home. She has applied for numerous grants and loans and been DENIED. She reluctantly asked for help from family and the help was there until an unexpected medical issue became a financial burden and they weren't able to honor that commitment. As a last resort, she reached out to her agency to plead for some assistance and once again she was turned away and told to find another way. She has prayed, prayed, and prayed some more....believing in faith that the money to complete his adoption would be there. But it still isn't. YET.

That is where WE get to bless her and be the hands and feet of Jesus TODAY. We know that God wants this child to have a family and grow up learning about Jesus and wearing cowboy hats and boots (Michelle lives in a cute rural town). We also know that SATAN will do anything to prevent it. Friends, GOD won! God can move this mountain, BUT WE have to step up and be His hands and feet in order to get that mountain moved. Today, the financial burden feels like a mountain to Michelle. But, WE can make it crumble and fall.

Some may ask, if Michelle cannot afford this adoption, how can she afford to raise Brennan? That is a fair question and seems to be the first question people ask. Simply, adoption from Ch*na costs about $30,000.00 to $35,000.00. How many of us have 30k sitting around that isn't earmarked for something? Not me. Michelle has paid/raised about 20k thus far and needs $9,673 for in country costs and $1950 for airfare to travel and bring Brennan home. This includes the orphanage "donation", the airfare (which is cut in half thanks to a generous friend who has offered her Buddy Passes), Consulate costs, Brennan's medical visit, Brennan's Visa, Brennan's passport, hotel, and the China adoption paperwork and notary fee. Michelle has a modest income and lives conservatively. She can afford to provide for Brennan from her income. Subsidies from her domestic adoptions allow her to provide for the children that she has previously adopted. Her older kids are self-sufficient. She only needs help with the hurdle of bringing Brennan home.

Devastated, Heartbroken, Defeated. That is how Michelle feels today. But, we have the opportunity to BLESS her and help be part of a complete MIRACLE. Friends, will you please prayerfully consider helping Michelle chip away at this mountain???? No Amount is too small to give. Please SHARE this and encourage everyone you know to just give, even if it's a small contribution.

These are the ways you can help today:

You can make a contribution to her YouCaring site -

YouCaring is the preferred way to donate because the site does not charge fees.

You can visit her Bucks for Brennan site where she is selling some jewelry, special order blankets and special order T-shirts -

If you would prefer a tax deductible way to contribute (win/win, especially if you are looking for a tax deduction this year!), you can:

Make a donation directly to Michelle’s adoption agency , BUT notate very BIG that it is for the Michelle Barrett adoption at :

Lastly, there is an account set up with Reece’s Rainbow that is also tax deductible. However, it is funded through paypal donations and there may be fees associated with using paypal.

Please pray for this family and follow their journey to Brennan at:

She has a blog that you can follow her journey to bring him home

Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus!! 

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