Love for Rebecca and Autumn

$25,001raised of $40,000 goal

Beneficiary: Edgewood Family Benevolent Fund Organizer: Julie Gapinski/Lauren Schneider - friends of the family

On April 6, 2014, Jesse and Rebecca were on they way home from church, she was going to be induced that evening to give birth to their first child. Tragically, they were in a horrible car accident.  An off duty police officer rearended their vehicle, Jesse was killed in the accident and Rebecca was lifelined to St. Vincent and was taken into an emergency c-section.  She delivered a beautiful baby girl.  Rebecca has some injuries from the accident and the baby was taken to Riley for some specialized treatment.

This fundraiser is to raise money to cover expenses and current/future medical expenses for Rebecca and her daughter. If you don't feel comfortable donating here.  You may send a check made payable to Edgewood Baptist Church, 3743 Nichol Ave. Anderson, IN 46011. 100% of all proceeds will go to them!

We have reopened the online fundraiser.  There are still continual medical issues and expenses that are not covered.  We also have posted some new pictures of Rebecca and her daughter.  The church is taking donations as well, if you feel more comfortable with that form.
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