Online Fundraising Ideas & Tips

The Basics For Successful Fundraising

Tell Your Story

Not sure how to start? Try answering these questions in the description of your fundraising profile page:         

  • What are you fundraising for?

  • Why is this cause important to you?

  • What difference will each donation make?

Set A Fundraising Goal

Donors want to see their friends succeed. Remember to:

  • Give updates on the status of your fundraising efforts.

  • Raise your goal once you reach it. Then, notify your donors again.

Link To Or Add Your Page To Social Media Sites

  • On Facebook, share your fundraising page

  • On Twitter, tweet about your fundraising efforts and link to your fundraiser page

  • Join our Facebook and Twitter community

Thank Your Donors will automatically send a message to your donors confirming their donation has been successful but it helps if they can get a personalized thankyou from you. A list of donor emails can be found on your supporter tab if they have chosen to divulge it. Send them a message and tell them what it means to you or how their donation is helping you.

Talk About Your Fundraising Campaign On Your Blog

A blog is a great place to update donors on your progress and a subtle way to tell blog visitors that you are accepting donations for a great cause. Learn more by checking out our blog, our YouTube channel, and follow us on Twitter. Don't forget to view our free online fundraising success stories.

Additional Fundraising Ideas

  • Personalize your page by adding pictures. Add an image that really illustrates your story.

  • Share your fundraising page with family, friends and colleagues using our social media tools. Make sure people realize how easy it is to donate online.

  • Keep sharing!  Create updates on your fundraising efforts and send links to all your contacts via email, Facebook and Twitter. Sharing your stories about challenges and milestones makes your supporters feel they are part of your fundraising efforts.

Click On The Links Below For Some Examples Of Fundraising Profiles

Mission Trip Fundraising 

Missions trip fundraising ideas that work. Raise money for mission trips.

Fundraising To Help A Neighbor 

Raise money to help a neighbor, community projects and community fundraising campaigns.

Funeral or Memorial Fundraising

Raise money for funeral costs and expenses with a memorial donation website.

Fundraising For Medical Expenses

Raise money for medical bills: Fundraising for medical bills and related medical expense.

Do you have any fundraising tips or ideas that have helped you?  Share them by emailing us or sharing it on our Facebook group.  We would love to hear them.

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Our simple yet powerful tools, along with fundraising tips and fundraising ideas, are designed to help you meet and exceed your fundraising goals for important causes. Our fundraising tips should give you an idea of what goes into a successful fundraiser.

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