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Whether it’s for you, a loved one or a neighbor, YouCaring makes online fundraising easy and convenient. How does crowdfunding work to raise money?

In 3 simple steps that take less than 5 minutes, we help you raise money for all types of personal and charitable causes, including:

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How is YouCaring Free for Fundraisers?

Fundraising with YouCaring is absolutely free for fundraiser organizers. There are no fees to create an online fundraiser and no fees charged by YouCaring when people donate to your fundraiser. Running an online fundraiser, with YouCaring or any other fundraising site, does require a third-party credit card processor. We give you the option of working with PayPal or WePay. Both of these processors charge similar processing fees for donations, typically 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction. Each accepts all major credit cards and even checks. For more information, please see the PayPal and WePay fee tables.


How Does YouCaring Support Itself?

YouCaring relies on the generosity of the YouCaring.com community to support our efforts in providing a free fundraising platform for those needing help with challenging life situations.  Donors who contribute to fundraisers on YouCaring have the option of providing a voluntary donation to support our operations and keep our fundraising campaigns free, easy and effective.  YouCaring is committed to helping as many people as possible and we are incredibly thankful to our donors who allow us to assist so many people every day.

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