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Destination Imagination Globals or Bust!

$1,850raised of $3,500 goal

Organizer: Elizabeth Pellicane Beneficiary: Fluvanna County High School Rainbow Gang

Help us take the "last train to Knoxville" by helping send "The Rainbow Gang" to the Global Destination Imagination competition in Knoxville, TN in May!

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Our team of four high schoolers-- Mary, Morgan, Stephanie, and Maggie, has worked really hard to make it to the Global Destination Imagination competition in Knoxville, TN in May where we'll compete against hundreds of teams from 30 different countries. Our winning challenge involved a duct tape fundraiser so we could supply school teachers with much-needed Expo markers. (Even our Superintendent was willing to be duct taped for the cause!)

 But here's our biggest challenge yet: Raising $3,500 in only a few short weeks so we can make the trip. So thanks for anything you can contribute to help!
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by Elizabeth Pellicane
We made our goal! Thanks to your support, other donations, and fundraisers including a bake sale and selling Ben & Jerry's ice cream, we have the amount we need to go to Globals. Thankss so much your support and encouragement!

by Elizabeth Pellicane
Thank you so much to our friends, family, community and local businesses who have helped us meet our goal!  We are going to Globals!  We are so  excited to go and represent our school and our state at the Global competition.  We are all so amazed at how much support we have had in such a short period of time!  Thanks to everyone for making this happen for our team.  

by Elizabeth Pellicane
We're over a third of the way there! Thanks so much to all who have contributed. With only 10 days left until the money is due, we're scrambling to put on other fundraisers, so thank you all for anything you can do to help!

Mary, Morgan, Stephanie and Maggie

by Elizabeth Pellicane
Thank you so much everyone! We are so excited by the support of our friends, family, and community!





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