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Captain Reid Nannen Memorial Children's Fund

$231,771raised of $200,000 goal

Organizer: USMC VMFA(AW)-242 Beneficiary: Reid Nannen Family

Support and Honor USMC Captain Reid Nannen's Family

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Reid was a fighter pilot through and through.  He embodied all the qualities of the heroic aviators of old and was the leader of the new generation.  His love of flying was surpassed only by his love of family.  A devout father of four, his passion for family served as a gleaming example for all to emulate.  There was no better husband, father or friend.  He touched countless souls during his journey through life and the world is a better place for it.  Help us ensure his family is supported through the troubling times ahead as well as to establish a solid foundation for his children so they can continue the path he started.
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