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Fundraising For Pet Expenses

At YouCaring, we know how much pets help people get through tough times. But who helps our pets when things get tough? Dogs and cats can be struck by disease or injuries, incurring medical bills that are almost as high as those of their human counterparts. Caring for animals that aren’t ours is important, too: pets can end up homeless, injured or abused, and animal shelters, protection groups and animal rescue organizations often need financial assistance, too.

Raise Money Online for Pet Medical Expenses or Animal Shelter & Rescue Organizations

Whether you need a fundraiser for the local animal shelter, help with pet expenses fundraising, or an animal rescue organization, is an ideal platform for finding assistance for your furry friend. It is easy to use, compatible with social networking sites, and best of all completely free. It only takes a few minutes to set up your pet expenses fundraiser profile, and with tips and advice from our fundraising blog, raising money for animal and pet causes can be more successful than ever before!

YouCaring can:

  1. Provide a free fundraising web page for your animal or pet-related needs
  2. Make it easy for people to donate
  3. Help you spread the word through social media

YouCaring campaigns are always 100% free: we do not charge fundraisers a percentage, or any upfront usage fees. We don't charge donors anything, either. We are funded by donations and all funds raised by users immediately go into the fundraiser's designated account and are available the same day.

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